Celestine serves as a divine catalyst for mankind providing your 12 chakra system with Activation Codes and activating the Cosmic Human in you.
Her light language codes and energy healing is simply out of this world and delivers meridian responses through the meridian system offering deep healing in the etheric layers of the sheath  bodies. She has a vast and extensive background in many healing modalities and spiritual practices. She has studied spirituality most of her life and experienced kundalini awakenings very early on with stronger and stronger energy each time eventually resulting in a full blown kundalini awakening.
She is also a model and as she was doing a contest for Maxim's Covergirl with vast amounts of stress, she entered another full blown Kundalini awakening in August of 2019 which catapulted her spiritual awakening process even further and she experienced an increase in her already expressed psychic abilities, healing abilities and with an even higher level of consciousness seeing her divine blueprint and true soul purpose for this lifetime, she now wishes to serve humanity and offer assistance for the ascension process and the evolution of mankind with her open heart presence. Her life has been one of endless traumas and challenges from early childhood which has made her extremely empathic and experienced at a very early age.
She also has a lot of experience working for a variety of charities with causes such as disabled children, breast cancer, veterans of war and more.
She loves to do service for the less fortunate and offers her massive heart center to the world through the many mediums she has access to and she is an amazing role model and inspiration for people of all ages. 

She is trained and certified in gong, crystal grids, restorative yoga, yin yoga, children's yoga, yoga for seniors, guided meditation, yoga nidra, breath work and kryias. She studied under Michael Aronoff and Suhk Shabad Aka Dr. Dean Telano. EYT 500 +...

She will be offering yoga classes, children's yoga and sound baths and much more on the website through you tube and in person in the time to come.

Book a Celestial Ignition TM session with her today to experience some deep ethereal energies to uplift and activate healing within you.

In Loving Service

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