Original Music By ULV

Hi, I am ULV aka Ulf Haukenes.

I have been writing music since I was 15 years old and after many years of fighting to get back to life after 2 decades of drug addiction I have decided to create my very first official album release on Vinyl. I am thinking 200-300 editions of an Orange vinyl print, numbered as a collectors edition. I always wanted to print a vinyl album of my songs and play all the instruments myself, as a one man band. Finally I am at a place in my life, where I have both the talent and instruments/equipment needed to make this happen and I would love to have you join me on this journey of sharing music from the soul. I am inspired by all kinds of music, but I have always had my own sound, as I like to "make up" chords and use chords that are less used or that just sound different and mixing genres and styles into something new, something that may sometimes be risky, but always fun. If you would like to support me on this journey and help me release my first album I'd be ecstatic and offer you loads more music in the future. I love creating, I love giving away and the more I can receive, the more I can also give. If you happen to like this rainbow wizards musical contribution to the world, consider co-creating this record with me and be part of something bigger than the both of us, Creativity and Culture. Whether just sharing this journey with me or supporting me in any way, with any means at your disposal I thank you deeply for your time and interest.

Please share the video if you enjoyed it, so I can keep making more music and videos in the future.


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Thank you all for watching and supporting and I look forward to sharing this part of my journey with you all. A thousand thanks to the brilliant Thomas Silver R of Infinite Silver productions, without you this video would have been just me walking with my phone. THIS is SOOOO much better dear friend and it was so fun playing around with you brother.


For more about Thomas and more of his multi talented work,

see his website: http://www.infinitesilver.com/about/


Stay tuned for BEHIND THE SCENES video as well, lots of good laughs there and outtakes from our days of production. Thanks to Eidsfoss, Holmestrand and Kongsberg for housing our madness.


Blessings upon blessings all your way everyone. ULV - Ulf Haukenes

ULV is scheduled to release his first album in vinyl format, 

limited edition 300 copies on orange vinyl this year.

If you like to support him in the production, or in the printing process by donating from your heart to support his art, feel free to do so,

it is highly appreciated from my heart to yours.

If you would like to purchase his album stay tuned in this space or his facebook page for the music releases.

He is very excited to make this long living dream come to life and hope to see you claiming this collectors edition for your vinyl collection.

Blessings, Ulf Haukenes

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