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Inner Child Healing

Heal your initial abandonment wound, release the trauma and become who you were meant to be.

  • 1 uu 30 minuten
  • 1,444 Norwegian kroner

Beschrijving van de dienst

In this session we go back to the initial event of abandonment that lead you to abandon yourself throughout life, we reparent you in the memory and create a new memory of the trauma, one of you showing up for yourself. This acts as a catalyst for you to enter a process of healing. We clear the meridians, the 12 chakras and the 7 layer sheath bodies so that the energy of the trauma can leave the body. You will experience feeling held, loved, seen and heard as Ulf has a decade experience of holding you in his unified field, even in remote sessions. Are you ready to step into your divine blueprint?


Unattended sessions still gets charged, cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to session.


  • Bråtagata 50B, Eidsfoss, Norway


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