The Distortion Of The Divine Embodiment

In the new age community so much corruption of the sacred is being mainstreamed. A deviancy of what is wholly and pure is being normalized and white hoods are covering dark agendas in plain site.

The whore of Babylon is not the Divine feminine.

Here we have two major archetypes : so many Lilith wannabes are trying to converge the two into one holy being. You CANNOT mix the two, one is sacred water, the other is murky tar oil.

The very trusting and innocent are at risk in this dangerous new social movement. Pure hearts that choose to see the good in everyone are the first meal choice for the hungry soul eater.

Artwork: Succubus by Vasylina

Archetypes constitute the structure of the collective unconscious - they are psychic innate dispositions to experience and represent basic human behavior and situations. Thus mother-child relationship is governed by the mother archetype. Father-child - by the father archetype. - The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious by C. G. Jung In other words, ego distortions and egoic justifications of sexual predatory energy. So to put it bluntly, She is not a goddess or deity, but a collective manifested entity, nothing more than a thoughtform.

The only meaning she has is the meaning held by the mental projector into the astral hologram. Everything only holds the meaning we give it and most have given this archetypal energy a very distorted manifestation we see on a collective basis.

What unexpected force is rising against this vampirism?

Oh we are out here.

We really don't care about being accepted or conforming.

I don't need to compromise my beliefs and pose almost nude to get you to buy my aura quartz bracelet and $10 Tarot reading.

Source will take care of me if I stay true to my convictions and true self.

The Whore of Babylon is rising to counter the Divine feminine and to drain the life force out of the Divine masculine. She looks to subjugate men and take an unbalanced throne to rule with the scepter of lust and selfishness.

There are those who will say this is slut shaming. Let me tell you what this really is. It's a call for women to rise in power using their souls and not their tits. We have elevated the term slut into a holy adjective in this community and fought to protect the right to be a whore over the right for women to teach modesty and self respect.

This is my message from Source.

You will not change my convictions. They are my very DNA.

So you out there perverting the sacred and calling it Divine so you can get laid at festivals without guilt, there's a new breed of woman countering your influence. We are not new at all though, we are very ancient.

We do not bow to the voice of the many.

We do not place our Yoni's on the buffet and call it sacred Tantric alchemy.

We hold our bodies sacred and in reverence and we do it so our children and offspring don't have to ever see our sacred parts online when they are older.

We THINK about others above our need for attention. We don't need to post ourselves in provocative poses with a shaman quote attached to get people to read our message.

Brandy Eves

We are the few. We are the rejected. We are the narrow path. We are not moved by opinions but moved by Spirit. We will usher in the Divine Feminine and make sure the distinction between whore of Babylon and holy is not lost to the hearts of the collective.

- Brandy Eves

Hyper Sexualism is destroying our intimacy. Even the so called spiritual community is riddled with these energies of blatant exhibitionistic as well as coquettish women and coy men displaying alluring seduction as vampiristic attention seeking narcissists. Craving attention because they lack true connection. True connection to self, first and foremost and so a connection to another evades them as well. Creating toxic relations with partners and

friends alike based in nothing but shallow lust and empty desire.

You very most likely have these people on your friends list on social media,

or at the rate we are seeing this explode with current freeing of the "divine" feminine in the spiritual community, actually be one of them yourself, masquerading in white robes of false light.

Polluting your own, your partner, as well as your followers unified field with sexual distortion programs from the mainstream popular culture incorporated into your sexualized spiritual and often tantric exploits.

But it is not only the feminine acting as vampires online posting coy and coquettish sexually inviting selfies and sucking the essence of their gullible followers, it is also the males. It may not always be naked skin and obvious sexual energy, it can often be daily selfies with smoky eyes, drawing in attention and energy from unsuspecting female followers.

Feeding and sustaining their radiance with the energy of uneducated victims.

Most actors and artists in the spotlight know the use of this kind of spiritual energy sustenance quite well and so when their career fades out, many of them no longer knows how to feed their own light, they have grown addicted to the spotlight, to having their light fed by the masses and once this energy no longer comes in, they don't know how to live without it anymore and many commit suicide as we know, others turn to foods, drugs and other ways of dealing with their emotionally and spiritually stunted selves.

Seeking attention is simply lack of connection, they lack connection to their true self, to their heart and spiritual center. This lack of connection produces a restless soul, where likes, comments and sexual energy from outside sources becomes a replacement for the connection they so obviously are lacking.

So the question becomes how to heal this deep need for attention and lack of connection in us? Many speak on the importance of emotional maturity and meditation, but mental maturity is severely lacking in the spiritual community and by mental maturity I am talking about high school mentality I see run rampant in our community, lack of ethics, virtue and morals, gossip, slander and it is almost like some of you still have posters on the wall of your celebrity crush. So many talk of healing the inner child, which is quite lacking I am well aware, however, healing the inner teenager, ending the celebrity crushes and getting the posters off your wall and no longer have or gravitate towards others with high school mentality is something most should consider.

WE are not 15 anymore and should have outgrown that level of immaturity by the time we have children, but so many are emotionally, mentally and spiritually immature after a life of programming and taught behavior from the mainstream popular culture of what is acceptable.

Third energy, source creative energy, is the same as sexual energy and so in other words your vitality, your very life force is being siphoned and drained by sexual energy vampires masquerading as so called spiritual teachers, healers and guides and make not mistake, even being drained can feel good, not all that feels good is good, of good nature or good intentions.

In the video above I speak more in-depth on how to cultivate this energy,

how it is you give it away unconsciously and how to stop others from taking your precious life force. It is about high time the spiritual community is educated in this as a collective, so we can see more people actually heal their own selves rather than being unconscious victims of vampirism online or otherwise in life. We can use third energy to heal or we can pass on illness,


STD's, mental illness and so on through energy work, so it becomes of utmost importance to find a mentally, emotionally and etherically balanced and healed re-templated and reprogrammed healer or you will stand to suffer the consequence of energy transference from your so called healer, we see this a lot in the spiritual community as so many of us have struggled with mental and emotional imbalance and are not quite fully healed themselves before taking on clients. This is common sense and logic and should be considered upon seeking healing, also for the healers themselves in order to be spiritually accountable.

With the onset of the internet, social media, wikipedia and others, we are entering an open source information society, where everyone will know everything about everyone. From the top to the bottom. No more corruption, no more black markets, no more falsely earned money, land or material possessions, no more hidden agendas and interests and no more getting rich off of other people's addictions. FULL TRANSPARENCY ON EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. From your local criminal "big boys" clubs, to high society fraternities, NOBODY will be safe from the ALL WATCHING EYE OF ALL THAT IS, ALL WHO ARE ONE. ONE SOURCE INFORMATION This means you better not have anything to hide in the times to come, is your intentions pure, are you authentic and transparent and most of all pure at heart with good intentions following the ancient ways, which all our indigenous cultures lived by blood? Nobody will be safe from exposure and transparency and yet everyone will be safe through exposure and transparency...

a very most delicious paradox of the new world order. Are you ready for this? To be fully exposed?

- Ulf Haukenes

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