Twin Flames - The Power Struggle

The famous alchemical axiom, As Above, So Below,

simply means, What goes up must come down.

What is created in the higher dimensions first, will also have to be created in the lower, to be sustained. And the twin flame union being a union of alchemy, we will see the stages of alchemy best described as the axiom goes, as we experience momentary exaltation in the initiation of the sacred union. We see the divine and the potential of the union and we feel blessed by the connection. But as human ego patterns and programs are dismantled and brought to the surface the feeling of wanting to run appears often in both, and a fear of losing the love is experienced by both, yet as it is expressed in polarity one pushes and one pulls. Instead of using the old chaser and runner labels, we will replace them here with, the masculine and feminine principles, which is the masculine giving the union direction and the feminine giving the union balance. This is not always expressed by the gender designated to the energy, but will often switch all depending on who carries the most of each energy as we all have masculine and feminine energy within us. Learning about the difference in ourselves when these energies are expressed is vital to balance, as the rest of the alchemy axiom goes ; as within and so without, so as we create balance within,

we find balance without, within the union as well as life.

But there is another energy present, than the masculine and feminine energy within both and between the two in union.

Source Creative Energy and it is stronger between the two of them, than they ever have experienced on their own or with another. This is because their energies are so similar, the energy is amplified and increases in intensity the higher they rise as one.

The intensity of the third energy being channeled through them both simply overrides their mental, emotional and spiritual faculties and this often initiates a separation if they are not able to balance and be mature in their interactions. And so most often, the search begins for answers and the connection to the divine, the self and lastly the beloved happens often with grueling pain for both. Is this a stage that always needs to happen? Does these connections always have to end in misery? No, I don't believe that.


I believe with the right spiritual tools and level of spiritual accountability and spiritual maturity we can choose to open up, navigate what comes up and create a safe space to compromise how to proceed. To initiate the next part of the alchemy. To bring forth what is within to the without. To realize the soul is the universe and as limitless co-creators create not only union, but the shared mission as well as their wildest dreams. I truly believe the co-creative capacity of a set of true twin flames once activated and integrated into embodiment is the energy and consciousness that is meant to not only change the world, but influence even galactic history. Our greatest challenge is our humanity, our patterns and programs from our ancestral bloodline as well as popular culture.

This is a connection that does not survive unless the spiritual faculties are discovered and utilized.

A set of twin flames that never meditates will most likely never reach true union with higher self and reach full soul potential individually or together, it demands a great deal of presence and awareness to be able to sustain this blessing from source creator, which has to be given back to source in service,

it's a love that expands as it is shared with the world as it is the template for the new sacred partnership on planet earth.

If it is kept to ourselves, it withers and weakens, if it is given back to source in service to humanity, or sharing our light, our talents, gifts and traits and creative expansion, it expands and a conglomeration of energy, light and blessings is felt in the shared unified field of the two sacred partners. It is a gift that keeps on giving and it grows the more we give it and the love between the two grows and thrives as a result of being creative and in expansion.

Twin Flames or Ascension Partners, aren't like the regular relationship dynamics, so our ideas of love, relationships and spirituality will be challenged and in need of revision and evolution and evolution waits for no man, woman, or their belief systems. If we are incapable of upgrading our consciousness to fathom this sacred union and it's implications, we often lose this blessing that has bestowed upon us and many revert back to old ways, old habits, addictions and former partners as that feels safer and more comfortable than the growth pains that come from having to embody this new energy and consciousness. So how can we support our own spiritual evolution in order to be able to sustain this new level of awareness and being, how can we assist our own minds, bodies and spirits to make this union and it's intense energies easier to navigate?

We have found breath work and energy work to be our two most important tools to be able to navigate the intense third energy and the challenges we face in our sacred partnership, the days that are not invested in with our tools become increasingly overwhelming and almost impossible to navigate. And the days where we exercise, eat healthy and do our spiritual tools and routines, we thrive and raise our vibration and experience a new level of bonding. Celestine has studied several modalities over the years and offers coaching in Pranayama Breathing Techniques and Meditation here: Book With Celestine.

I can truly say in my experience that this has to be seen as a spiritual partnership, based in spiritual principles and practice. One reminder I give myself every day, as I wake up, is how rare this connection is and how few gets to experience this level of love and connection as a true twin flame or graduate soul. Yes, everyone will experience the template set, but not even 1% of the planet will get to experience being the template carrier, the living blueprint of alchemy, the living blueprint for sacred union. I believe this connection can be experienced a lot less painful than most make it out to be, but they are stubborn and unaware of what this is, how to navigate it and to find the right tools and resources necessary to make it easier on themselves.

I am extremely grateful I found a mentor to help me make my journey easier with the right energy healing modality that would support the 12 chakra system, the meridians and the energy sheath bodies so that I could heal myself enough to be able to spiritually mature.

The inner child healing completely transformed my life and as a result I was able to get out of a really toxic connection and start my love alchemy of true self, my self love increased tenfold in just a matter of weeks. I was a changed man, a mature man and a man who could navigate not only his own emotions, but the emotions and triggers of others to a much greater extent.

I am not perfect in any means, I am still human and I get triggered, but in a way that I can, if I hold myself together, make sure I do not go into the temper tantrums I once did with my partners in the past. It takes a lot more for me to get angry now and as long as I keep up with my spiritual practice and tools,

I experience life and love in a much more balanced and peaceful way. If you are experiencing hardship on this path I strongly recommend finding a mentor to coach you about the energy, the dynamics and alchemy of True Twin Flames. If you are experiencing this template in any form you will benefit from coaching and energy work and make this ride easier on yourself and your ascension partner. If you would like our assistance with your spiritual path, or the sacred union path, you can book with one of us or both of us here: Book Online.

Blessings from Ulf & Celestine of White Wolf Alchemy

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2020,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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