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White Wolf Alchemy,

is Ulf Haukenes & Mary Grey in global service offering Sacred Union coaching, Life coaching, Spiritual counseling, Yoga, Shamanic Work, Herbal Alchemy, Meridian Energetics, Etheric Surgery, Sound Healing, Meditations...

and lots of articles on spiritual topics.

White Wolf Alchemy is your place for holistic spiritual healing and spiritual growth, mystical experiences as you are experiencing the process of spiritual awakening, the Twin Flames process,
or as we call it, The living blueprint of alchemy.

The process of spiritual alchemy...

We look forward to being of service to you,

from our hearts to yours,

Ulf Haukenes and Mary Grey
of White Wolf Alchemy

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Holistic Mental Health For The Golden Age: Self help book

BOOK cover from amazon


In Stock.

List Price: $22.22

Save: $7.12 (32%)

In 2002, Ulf Haukenes entered a severe depression with anxiety due to several years of using party drugs and experimenting with his consciousness.

He was put on several psychotropic medications to try to balance his mental states. However, these medications would only prove to make his condition worse and in 2006 he eventually had a kundalini awakening resulting in psychosis or in spiritual terms, kundalini syndrome.

In the 4 years after he would be in and out of mental facilities, put on several experimental drugs which eventually lead him to try to heal himself.

This is his remarkable story back to mental health guided by his higher self, through a holistic approach which eventually lead him to be a very successful global healer.

Join him on his website for continuous updates, articles, music, videos and his forum where you can share, ask questions and receive assistance with holistic health, alchemy and spiritual matters.

White Wolf Alchemy is his company and website.


This book is an authentic portrayal of one man’s awakening and the healing process that followed. He gives poignant descriptions of his experiences dealing with dysfunctional family templates and the steps he took to overcome these patterns. The author offers advice to those on their own spiritual journey – among those most helpful are lifestyle changes he incorporated that may assist others in their own process.

From the moment I started this book I was hooked. I found it to inspire me in many life changing ways. I've already transformed a couple of things in my life just from the beginning of it. Its life altering and Ulf is as real to you in it as one gets. I loved reading this and finding the parts of my life that I had already healed myself and was quite unaware of before reading it. This book also showed me the tweaks I need to make on myself. We are all working to better ourselves and getting information like this is better than any drug to one who is striving for a perfect state of mind, body, and spirit.

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