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Life Coaching with Ulf Haukenes And Mary Celestine

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Ulf Haukenes is a soul alchemist who has turned his life around from severe challenges of chronic illness and deadly ailments and more into a life of health, vitality and prosperity through mental, emotional and physical alchemy.

He has extensive knowledge of the use of nutrition, herbal alchemy and metaphysics that he himself has applied to his own life as well as many clients in order to transmute what has been in order to transform into what is in the blueprint of the soul in question. He is also a Somatic Plant Medicine Integration Practitioner, has extensive experience with Plant Medicine and Psychedelics and has for the past decade assisted many with etheric body aftercare from shamanic experiences and especially traumatic experiences, as these experiences often causes severe imbalances in the energy bodies.

He is now serving others to reclaim optimal health, vitality and well-being and would love to assist you in gaining control and sovereignty in health of mind, body and spirit.

Mary Celestine is a certified yoga instructor (500 hrs +),

ordained minister, certified life coach and more...

She offers tools and techniques to improve your daily life,

with a daily healing agenda and will give you a write-up of all the tools she shares with you in session, so that you can implement it in your routine and level up.


Contact us today if you have any questions at:


Blessings from Ulf Haukenes

and Mary Grey of 

White Wolf Alchemy

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