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I use my own remote healing modality which has elements of Meridian Energetics which is a hands on healing modality.
I embody your energy body remotely and work on the many layers of your sheat bodies. The Mental body, The Emotional Body, The Pain Body, The Sexual Body and The Physical Body. It is something I have always been able to do, which made my Reiki healing more powerful than simple Reiki back in my day of working with Reiki.

But after working with Mel Brand my own modality of remote healing blossomed into a new awareness of etheric surgery. This energy healing modality includes the 12 chakra system from Meridian Energetics, to restore optimal endocrine health as the 12 chakras the energy centers of the various glands and organs in the body and promotes full holistic balance in the physical body as well as in the energy bodies. As it also includes the meridians in the etheric body to restore optimal balance of masculine and feminine energy, it is not only a unique healing modality for optimal holistic balance, but also a revolutionary tool for the new template of sacred partnerships on this planet.

What you can expect from my sessions of Remote Etheric Surgery:

Physical Changes
weight loss
increased circulation
increased energy increased metabolism
cleansing &detoxification
improved immune response
to help break the cycle of self-perpetuated illness & suffering

Emotional Changes
reduce stress & anxiety
to allow you forgiveness
to help strengthen self esteem
to help instill strengthen or awaken more trust in life
to help you have the courage to maintain an open heart
to help reduce rage, anger, & frustration from being abuse or controlled
Mental Changes
a more relaxed & positive attitude
higher self awareness & creativity
creating healthier patterns of thinking
greater degree of clarity, focus and discipline
to help overcome procrastination

Social Changes
improves communication & relationship skills
helps release past failures or attachments
helps protect oneself from possible malevolent &ambient negativity
to help overcome invalidation from others
to help transform feelings of shyness, ineptness or social unease
helps break the attractor field which draws troubled men or women.

NB. This is NOT Meridian Energetics, but different techniques made from the same understanding of etheric energy as the modality designed by Mel Brand from Gold Ray Twin Flames.


Remote Etheric Surgery

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