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White Wolf Alchemy is your place for holistic spiritual healing and spiritual growth, mystical experiences as you are experiencing the process of spiritual awakening, the Twin Flames process,

or as we call it, The living blueprint of alchemy.

The process of spiritual alchemy...

We look forward to being of service to you,

from our hearts to yours,

Ulf Haukenes of White Wolf Alchemy

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Lily Cat Schnell -


Really beautiful experience. I felt truly cared for and seen. I wish I could have recorded the session because Ulf and Mary are so beautiful and pure and their words a gift to listen to not to mention the value of the knowledge and experience they are coming from. I’m grateful for the session notes afterwards which will be helpful in maintaining the alchemy experienced. I noticed an immediate beautiful connection to my third eye and vision. It lifted my spirit I can say for sure. I also am noticing an immediate shift in my universe and am curious to see how this plays out. I would recommend Ulf and Mary to any one especially those who are looking for a genuine level up from experienced beings who just genuinely allow source to flow through them with a pure heart. I am thankful.

On a side note , quantum mechanics changed the worlds paradigm in a big way because it told us that energetic fields interact in a non local way. Among other revelations. This kind of energetics is definitely a testament to the magic of the unified field reality . Beautiful stuff.

Denise Gushue - 

I would like to thank Ulf and Mary for the session I had with them. They gave me direction and tools to help me process some deep rooted patterns. It was also confirmation that I am on the right path of coming into my wholeness and acceptance of that wholeness, that is me.
Thank you.


Sharon Miller - 


It was beautiful to work and connect with you both. I'm practicing and already benefiting from the tools you having lovingly bestowed. So much gratitude for sharing your soul gifts Mary and Ulf.


Ma Tu Ra - 

I could not recommend this Rawthentic warriors brother work more than the darkness of night has stars. for he has been and admired do much through life and has come through what many would not of survived. his teaching and knowledge surpass the very foundations of time. If you truly open up to that which he has to share and offer, your hearts and souls will truly expand and listen for knowledge in action is that which creates wisdom.

Zemonk Kosho - 

Ulf holds an incredible wisdom and knowledge about spiritual alchemy. Also a great healer that helped me many times, beyond what one can imagine.

Brandon Warnement - 

It was good to reconnect with my good brother Ulf, and his new addition/ partner in crime Mary Celestine they where radiating very nicely, making me sweat ahaha, but with there knowledge, inner standing the helped out a lot, gave me some pointers cleared out some things that I knew was there but wasn't sure what it was, and gave me some vital tools to use to further progress me in my journey, if you book a session I know you'll love these two, they help you see what yah need right now to progress,open yourself up to a whole new world of healing, hold onto your seat for a ride ha!

Lauren Kiela Love -


Authentic, punctual, effective & transformative - 


Rachel Anderson - 


Once I came across Ulf’s articles & videos I was very intrigued & learned a lot from his awareness! You can tell right from the get go that he’s real and will tell you nothing but the truth. Working with Ulf was an amazing experience & he really helped shed some light on my own personal work that needs to be done. After working with Ulf, I felt great and ready to tackle my obstacles. Doing the inner work needed to heal yourself and create the life you want is not easy!! He’s an awesome person to have in your corner and hold you accountable. He offers authentic valuable insight that is extremely helpful. I guarantee that if you’re ready to change your life he’ll help you see the world & yourself differently!!



Kimberly Combs -  


Ulf is amazingly intuitive and understanding. He listened to all of my concerns and helped me understand where my blocks were coming from. After a healing session, he gave me the tools I needed to work with on my own time and they really do work. It has been a very freeing experience. I feel more open in my heart center, clear headed, and a stronger connection with my partner.

Alchemy is a tough yet rewarding road to travel. I recently experienced some bumps in my path and a recent return to my beloved career path as a nurse. Transmuting the energy of the sick had really begun to weigh my soul down. I met with Ulf for a clearing session and received great tips on how to clear myself as needed. Not only is Ulf a powerful etheric surgeon, he is also a fellow traveler on this path who gets how tough it can be. He's very real and honest, but also kind, compassionate and understanding....because he walks beside us as a brother and friend. Thank you so much, Ulf!!!! Highly recommend!

Kristen Dicker - 


I am very impressed with Ulf and how intuitive he is. He listens well, responds appropriately, and stays completely focused on the client. He has a lot of experience to draw on and can relate well to a person's pain. He can feel where energy is trapped and move it. I felt a lot of inner shifting occurring just hours after the session. I will be going back for some more because I can tell this is going to complement my healing very well. I HIGHLY recommend you give him a try. I am a true skeptic and Ulf really is powerful!

Jade F. Stone - 


Compassionate, patient, understanding, a fun healer and guide that I love working with. He does wonders for all his clients!

Craig Cox - 


Ok I have been working with Ulf for a little over 2 months now it's been really fun and has helped me so much. Within the first 2 sessions all my blocks were gone and I felt so much better more clear focused and grounded. Before the sessions I felt kinda lost and confused about things I was learning on top of just feeling down and sad and through working with Ulf I felt like me again. He answered a lot of questions I had and reconfirmed some of the things I felt and it has helped me a lot I'm so grateful he has came into my life I consider him family and learning from has been so much fun he has been teaching me reiki 1and 2 as well as other things he has also hooked me up with other mentors the have also helped me a lot I would recommend him to anyone on this type of journey. Love you Ulf it has been so much fun working with you brother. 

Ronda Starkey -


I have been working a lot on my energy/inner self. I had a session with Ulf so he could connect with my energy and work on my meridians. He was amazing!! I was able to see the energy and the points he was working on. I had been working on healing my ankle and he picked up on that right away. I had told him nothing about it! He was able to clear the blockage left in that area. He also picked up on my right knee that sometimes give me pain. He cleared my knee of all blockages and I now have no pain at all!!! He was also able to validate that the healing I was doing on myself was also working. I could feel my energy being cleared and healed as he worked on me. A day or 2 after my session I would see him in my dream state. It's as if he was checking in on me!! I also want to say that I can be very introverted and talking to new people on Skype/phone can make me nervous but talking to Ulf was like talking to a old friend! He made me feel very much at ease. I will have another session with him in the future and I definitely recommend everyone having a session with him!!!!! 


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