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Ulf Haukenes
Ulf at his workspace
I, Ulf Haukenes am an intuitive healer and etheric surgeon. My life has been one long journey of trauma and challenges throughout from early childhood where I was bullied and beat up on a daily basis growing up in a  bad neighborhood and with my parents constantly fighting it made me not feel safe inside or outside the home. I had my third eye awakening at the age of 18 where I quickly realized the state of the world and human evolution and it's lack of spiritual awareness, followed by long term depression with increasing challenges to my mental, physical and spiritual well-being. I experienced cell change (early cancer stages) after years of drug-use and misdiagnosed treatment from western medicine my mind, body and spirit was very toxic. I had a kundalini awakening in 2007 which lead me to experience a deep crisis which almost ended my life.  The following years I spent in isolation learning how to deal with my increased empathic nature, where I experienced embodying other people's pains and ailments, feeling what they were feeling and feeling where their pains were in my own body. I had been told I would become a great healer by a counselor many years prior while in therapy for my childhood traumas and drug abuse and I felt this deep calling to hone my abilities and learn how to use them first on myself and my loved ones.
My higher self also adviced me to change my lifestyle, get off my medication and increase exercise and change my diet to more fruit and vegetables.
Within 3 months of making this change I would experience profound changes to my mental, physical and spiritual well-being.
Higher self also told me that this would be my path and supported me in putting the right people and places in my path to get me to where I needed to be in divine timing.

Upon meeting a soul brother in rehabilitation I discovered I had the ability to activate people's hands and open their hand meridians and understood that I was meant to be an activator and facilitator of this energy that came through me. We had a very profound spiritual experience together, as soon as I opened his hands, chi energy started pouring out of our hands like running water out of a faucet. And I told him then about my soul purpose and how I felt I was not from this planet and ever since I held this truth to be my own and to speak it to those whose eyes are open to see, ears are open to hear and hearts are open to receive. Upon awakening further the last few years I have realized that I and others like me are the living blueprint of alchemy, meaning we can take other people's sickness and ailments into our own bodies and transmute them for them.
Twin Flames are exceptionally excellent at doing this as it is in their blueprint to do so and will do this no matter where they are, no matter the occupation they choose, they take on energy from people and places,
in order to transmute these energies wherever they are.
The cleaner their own energy sheet bodies are, the quicker and deeper they can assist and facilitate alchemy for others.

Since I started out as a Reiki practitioner in 2013 I have had more than a 1000 clients come to me for energy work and assistance with health, nutrition and life changes. Since january 2017  my energy has changed and become a lot stronger, something my clients are reporting back to us with deeper clearings and better results than ever before.
These sacred unions have a tendency to increase the third energy through their radiance and harmony making the two in union look younger, more radiant and have their abilities amplified as they harmonize and rise in energy together. They are the living blueprint of alchemy and serves as a consciousness hub for templating, patterning and programming of the new energy coming in to planet earth at this time. Anchoring the new template of love and relationships on this planet, the crystalline consciousness of the 12th dimension and down and re-patterning and re-programming of the old dysfunctional templates, patterns and programs from their ancestral bloodlines as well as serving others in clearing the same through their third energy and twin flame consciousness.
This is my work, my passion, my mission and my life.

In loving service, 
Ulf Haukenes

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