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We are Ulf & Mary of White Wolf Alchemy ~ 
 We offer you our vast and varied spiritual experience through wisdom gained over a lifetime of going through mystical experiences such as the dark night of the soul, kundalini awakenings, the sacred path of the beloved and alchemy.

Ulf have experienced auto immune illness, cell change (early cancer stages) and lots of hardship in life, he has studied Merdian Energetics with Mel Brand, several reiki modalities with Nic Whitty, almost a decade of experience that has lead him to become a highly qualified compassionate holistic healer and nutritional coach to assist you in your healing crisis , on your spiritual awakening path and in the new template of love and relationships on this planet, twin flames.

Mary is a certified Life Coach and Ordained Minister.
She is trained in Sound & Gong Healing, Crystal Grids, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Children's Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, breathwork and kryias. She studied under Michael Aronoff and Suhk Shabad Aka Dr. Dean Telano. EYT 500 +

We have both always had a touch of the mystical, the pull to the ethereal, the celestial and unexplainable mysteries,
made to love magic as one might say...
We have both always sought a deeper connection to the divine, to our higher self, to our blueprint.
We have found many paths and tools on our journey,
some of which we share with you in our sessions,
videos, articles and more...

We look forward to uncovering your blueprint,
so you can be in the true self shining,
doing what you love to do!
With love,
Ulf & Mary


© White Wolf Alchemy 2023, all rights reserved

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