Ulf in the forest

I am Ulf Haukenes, the soul alchemist
Ulf Haukenes offers you his vast spiritual experience through wisdom gained over a lifetime of going through mystical experiences such as the dark night of the soul, kundalini awakenings, the sacred path of the beloved and alchemy.
Ulf have experienced auto immune illness, cell change (early cancer stages) and lots of hardship in life that has lead him to become a highly qualified compassionate holistic healer and nutritional coach to assist you in your healing crisis , on your spiritual awakening and in the new template of love and relationships on this planet.

I have experienced several soul to soul connections as a multi dimensional living blueprint of alchemy. I met them all through several auspicious events and upon connecting deeper felt a deepening bond and in our connecting, sharing ourselves with one another experienced several synchronistic events that unfolds as a common mystical part of this process of alchemy. Finding childhood similarities and a thin red line that connects us through time, space by soul, dreaming of one another, speaking of each other in our poetry, in our music and in our art revealing a recognition of being bound by soul as a multidimensional expression of sacred union and having a shared calling to step into service to mankind as the embodiment of the new template of love and relationships on planet earth at this time, also known as fifth dimensional love and sacred union.

I am very blessed to say that this is my work, my mission and I look forward to sharing my love, my journey and my experiences with you all as it unfolds.

Ulf Haukenes - The Soul Alchemist

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