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sacred partnership coaching

Sacred Partnership Coaching + Meridian Energetics ®

1 session a week for a month 
4 sessions in total for the price of 3 

Only $444.
You will learn how to create healthy partnerships, 
how to become accountable and spiritually mature

and you will receive healing of all 5 energy bodies, 

12 chakra's and etheric meridians for optimal flow of energy

and ultimate experience of life.

this is twin flame alchemy at work.

Not just for couples, Also for singles 

Meridian Energetics ® - A healing modality for the new earth man and woman.
With the changes in spiritual evolution and the new energies coming in we are all being upgraded in our DNA on a daily basis. The dormant meridian system in the etheric body is awakening and the 12 chakra system is being activated. 
When there are imbalances in the body they are directly linked to the energies within the local chakras and meridians. When this energy blockage is removed and balance of masc/fem flow in the body restored our imbalances slowly and surely start shedding in layers.
Meridian Energetics ® is a fully holistic energy healing modality that includes the 12 chakra system to restore optimal endocrine health as the 12 chakras the energy centers of the various glands and organs in the body and promotes full holistic balance in the physical body as well as in the energy bodies.
Everything is energy and if we can get our own energy into balance our whole life comes into balance and harmony. 
Meridian Energetics ® restores balance in all the sheet bodies,
Your masc/fem balance,
It highly supports your endocrine system and hormone levels. 
It removes layers within the emotional body and pain body so we stop hurting so much. 
It helps us deal with triggers better, especially when accompanied by a heart center meditation.
And most importantly for me was that it strengthens your connection to higher self more than any other modality I have used or tried so that we can be more in alignment with our own divine intelligence.
The results I've seen in my own life as well as In my family and clients are astounding. Anything from gradual improvement over time due to many layers or miraculous transformations within short time.
Here the clients commitment to their own health and process comes in as well.
It all depends on how much of a drastic change you are willing to make to have your life back.
As Meridian Energetics also includes the meridians in the etheric body to restore optimal balance of masculine and feminine energy, it is not only a unique healing modality for optimal holistic balance, but also a revolutionary tool for the new template of sacred partnerships on this planet.


Meridian Energetics® can make possible changes at any of these levels.

Physical Changes
weight loss
increased circulation
increased energy increased metabolism
cleansing &detoxification
improved immune response
to help break the cycle of self-perpetuated illness & suffering


Emotional Changes
reduce stress & anxiety
to allow you forgiveness
to help strengthen self esteem
to help instill strengthen or awaken more trust in life
to help you have the courage to maintain an open heart
to help reduce rage, anger, & frustration from being abuse or controlled

Mental Changes
a more relaxed & positive attitude
higher self awareness & creativity
creating healthier patterns of thinking
greater degree of clarity, focus and discipline
to help overcome procrastination

Social Changes
improves communication & relationship skills
helps release past failures or attachments
helps protect oneself from possible malevolent &ambient negativity
to help overcome invalidation from others
to help transform feelings of shyness, ineptness or social unease
helps break the attractor field which draws troubled men or women.



Much Love Ulf Haukenes & Mary Celestine

of White Wolf Alchemy

© White Wolf Alchemy 2023 ,all rights reserved.

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