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Somatic Plant Medicine Integration

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  • 1 h 30 min
  • 1,460 Norwegian kroner
  • Eidsfossveien 38

Service Description

• SOMATIC PLANT MEDICINE INTEGRATION • The profound healing experiences with plant medicine do not end with the ceremony. How we integrate the insights that we’ve learned in the plant medicine ceremony, the application of the tools and perspectives we receive will ultimately determine the transformation in our lives. In addition, the plant medicine experience often brings up traumatic imprints and memories from the past, and without the right awareness, understanding, and care, participants can be re-triggered and unsupported, leading to a deeper experience of re-traumatization. - Atira Tan A SPMI SESSION WITH ULF includes the modality as taught by Atira Tan, as well as Ulf's own exclusive remote 12 Chakra Energy work through etheric embodiment of the sheath bodies, developed over more than a decade of remote healing. Plants of power always comes with an exchange of power, this means that even after a positive plant medicine ceremony the unified field and etheric body often can be damaged from the exchange of power and intensity of the plant of power. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO ALWAYS SEEK QUALITY ENERGY WORK AFTER A PLANT MEDICINE CEREMONY TO REPAIR THE ENERGY BODIES AND UNIFIED FIELD. IF THE PLANT MEDICINE CEREMONY WAS TRAUMATIC THE UNIFIED FIELD OF THE PARTICIPANT WILL BE SIMILAR TO THAT OF SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN IN A CAR ACCIDENT, A SURGERY OR SEVERE TRAUMA. If in person we will also work with MERIDIAN ENERGETICS as taught by Mel Brand. A SOMATIC PLANT MEDICINE INTERGRATION session, Like Ulf's other sessions, will follow the modality protocol, but also be tailored on the spot depending on the client's specific needs, using the many different modalities and schools of thought available to Ulf. If there is a specific trauma that has showed up, we will work specifically with that trauma, If there is childhood trauma we will work through an inner child wounds healing and integration meditation as taught by Mel Brand. Ulf has a decade of experience of working specifically with childhood sexual abuse, inner child work, sexual traumas, addiction and severe traumas. • For the remainder of the year as an introductory offer, these sessions will be 50% off. From January 1st 2023 these sessions will be rated the same as the other services offered on our website with one 60 min option without energy work and one 90 min option with energy work. Artwork: Marina Hoffmann

Cancellation Policy

Unattended sessions still gets charged, cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to session.

Contact Details

  • Eidsfoss, Norge


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