Emotional Healing Through Breathing

Can you invoke your own anger and not react? Can you let anger flow through you and keep your peace?

So many invoke madness daily, but are so afraid to invoke their anger, sadness and play with that, but madness is encouraged to play with on a cultural level from music to entertainment, madness and weirdness is cultivated and conjured like a deity. If you could entertain your anger, sadness and play with them in the same way, let them flow through you, breathe and process them like you love them, they will no longer be so alien to you.

Let's cultivate healthy expression of anger and sadness, be open willing to learn non-violent communication and open about vulnerability, express our needs clearer, even if it is not understood or changed right away, do not give up, if people love us, eventually they will change in the face of love when you are steady in your love.

The more we clear our emotional body the more firm our love becomes and the more we keep conscious during unconscious attacks from someone's inner child in tantrum.

That is all it is, an inflamed emotional body and tormented inner child not knowing how to express feelings in a healthy way, if it can find trust and support in expressing itself, first and foremost from you, you will be able to gift this to others. We slip up a lot in the beginning and it gets better and better the more we see the results of our work and change the more we are inspired to keep working on ourselves and changing.

We can never change another, we can only change how we respond to life and others and hopefully inspire them to change in our own change as they see we have a better life now than we did before.

The better we get at entertaining our own unwanted emotions, the better we get at having room for another's unwanted emotions. This is how we get a better relationship to relating itself, by relating better to our own emotional landscapes.

If we cannot sit in our own emotions, how do we expect others to do so? If we don't truly and genuinely love our own shadows or even know them, how can we expect our partner or family members to do so? The shadow self must be healed and integrated so it no longer can control the outcome of our relationships, our families and our planet, the collective shadow self is roaming wild on all of our realities and the only way to heal it, is by starting to heal ourselves. Any ideas we have of healing the world are simply false light agendas if they do not involve physical, emotional and spiritual detoxing. That much I have learned on this path.

Spiritual sovereignty is where it's at and it starts by taking control of our own health, well being and become a co-creator, an anchor of consciousness, a catalyst for others to become their own guru, to trust their own inner compass and outer guidance systems, like synchronicity and other mystical guidance systems from higher self.

The entire universe is in conversation with you, but the question is are you listening?

It is no coincidence where you are in your life right now, it is all for a higher purpose and you can use any situation as food for your alchemy, question is what are you in need to transmute? But in order to transmute a situation, we have to transmute how we feel about it, which means processing emotions and learning how to breathe through life. The key to balance in life, is as simple as the breath. Your breath determines your lifeforce, your presence, your over all vitality can be found in the way you breath. This is your invitation to breath new life into your health, simply by breathing deeper and more consistent.

Air and water are the two things human beings seem to be most deficient in and it is simply a result of lack of awareness on a collective scale. If we can remember to breath better and drink enough water, we could revolutionize the healing industry. There is so much lifeforce awaiting you in a simple breath, but the inflamed emotional body is keeping people from breathing properly as this also means processing that big lump that lies waiting in the bottom of the abdomen.

The layers in the emotional body can be peeled off by an experienced etheric healer with awareness of the mechanics of the energy sheet bodies and the 12 chakras, without the awareness of the new energy body upgrades happening for humanity at this point in time, your results will be lacking as these dormant chakras and meridians are activating in humanity and a lot of the older energy modalities seems to not be sufficient enough to keep up with the evolution of our energy bodies and we see a lot of healers in the spiritual community weighed down from the etheric layers they take on through embodiment and many healers also getting sick and declining themselves as well. As a team we can surely say that this is the healers healer modality, as the etheric work we do will compliment and boost your reiki when we open your etheric meridians, if you are a healer yourself I highly recommend a few sessions with any of our practitioners and see for yourself the improvement of the flow of energy and the results you will see with your clients is remarkable.

I tried endless healing modalities with the 7 chakra system and had very slow progress and little results, as I was also not changing my lifestyle enough,

when I started my Meridian Energetics ® training with Mel Brand from Goldray Twin Flames I was able to finally make the changes I needed and heal a lot of my addictions, including food addiction, coffee, sugar and smoking cigarettes. you will spend a lot more time healing something that could have been removed a lot faster by someone who understands the process of embodiment and clearing etheric layers. Most of us embody as empathic healers no matter what modality we use, but most also seem to not know how to fully clear their etheric layers after embodiment. If you would like assistance with these things I highly recommend the team of Meridian Energetics Practitioners that I belong to, WE do a very thorough work on your etheric layers restoring you to your original blueprint.

You can find me and the rest of my team here: www.meridianenergetics.com

Meridian Energetics is deep intense healing at an etheric and 12 chakra level of consciousness. The modality which releases blockages and realigns the emotional, mental, physical, etheric bodies, chakras and energy field.

Many are stuck in these emotional patterns and coping mechanisms making them easy targets for control both from society and sociopaths and even programs and addictions. It becomes an endless fight to figure out what came first, the chicken or the egg and in this case it is the egg, lots of bad eggs in our bloodlines due to the unhealed hereditary energy from our ancestry over centuries and even millenia.

Once the emotional body is healed we start functioning on a whole other level, we become less prone to entertain belief systems, patterns and programs and it affects our mental state, physical state and spiritual well being.

This is why the team I belong to focus mostly on the emotional body and inner child as once they have been placed in healing, the other things like lifestyle, work and relationships seem to fall into place and heal by itself as a result of healing the emotional body. To go at the emotional body also from the physical, like our diet, detoxing and so on, seems to also produce profound results for both me and my clients. Emotional detoxing through a nice coffee enema for example has yielded loads of childhood trauma healing and integration of inflamed memories stored in our greatest processing machine. We digest life through our bellies and through our colons, it is literally how we deal with shit. Someone holding onto something will often have hemorrhoids and constipation and once it is approached also from the physical as well as the energetic level we see immediate results quite often.

If you would like help with any of these things, please write my website and schedule a session as my facebook is overflowing with messages and I don't have time for them all. Lots of free self help work up on my website, which is all the information I have used to heal myself, apart from the etheric work I do in sessions of course.

And more free material will be provided in my facebook group as well:

Ulf Haukenes - The Soul Alchemist Group

my facebook page:'

Ulf Haukenes - The Soul Alchemist

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