every human being has their own unique energetic constitution.this subtle energy circulates life force throughout the body via three primary energetic channels that flow like rivers through primary energy centers or chakras ( states of consciousness- wheel of energy). these channels known as the Ida or feminine principle , pingala or masculine principle and, the sushumna or central channel; where kundalini flows, maintain the human body and consciousness. the energy of pure consciousness can only be fully realized within the human when these channels have a clear pathway for kundalini to flow through. if the integrity of any of the primary energy centers are compromised by blocks or imbalances, the channels too will be blocked and out of balance and kundalini will not be able to flow freely. this impedes awakening. there are three main energetic hindrances that are unique to the human experience. these blocks need to be freed within the energetic body of every individual in order for them to maintain a healthy body physically mentally,emotionally, energetically and transcend mundane consciousness.

to come into alignment with our fullest potential, humanity must first go beyond the limits of (transcend) three energetic knots ( granthi) or blocks that condition it. these energetic blocks are related to the expression of certain qualities found within the base, center and upper energy centers that run vertically through the mid-line of the body. these blocks are like check points to the energy body and serve to ensure kundalini also doesn't rise too fast.

the first block aka Brahma Granthi is found in the area of the first and second chakra

(muladhara & svadhisthana) located in the from the base of the spine to just below the holds our consciousness to the physical it is associated with the expression of our primal energies-our animal instincts ( , material world, physical pleasure, procreation, carnal desires, survival, attachment or attributes that are selfish in nature, ignorance). clearing this block and proper opening of these energy centers can free the individual from animality.

When the Brahma granthi (in the heart) is pierced through by Pranayama, then a sort of happiness is experienced in the vacuum of the heart, and the anahat sounds, like various tinkling sounds of ornaments, are heard in the body.” 

~ Hatha Yoga Pradipika

the second energetic block aka Vishnu Granthi is located in the area of the heart chakra with some schools of thought framing it as a block from solar plexus chakra through heart and to throat chakra. this is the area of personality & of ego. it is the area of conditioning, inherited ancestral traumas, clinging to personal power. it is the seat of the perception of "i"or "me".to move through this energetic knot it to is to move into the realms beyond the story of self-this energetic knot is what many have coined as a "heart centered awakening".

for a lot of souls- this is the culmination of their spiritual evolution. why? because transcending the mind is something most are not able to do and that is the last road block for kundalini- so often the raising of ones consciousness ebs and flows from heart to third eye but never fully transcends the grunthi of the third eye completely.

When the Vishnu Granthi is pierced the greatest bliss is revealed.

Then from the void the sound of the kettledrum manifests"

~  Hatha Yoga Pradipika

the third energetic block aka rudra grunthi is located in the area of the forehead or third eye chakra. this is the human identification with the mind, it is the unconscious.

when opened the individual is able to discern the phenomenal from the absolute. illusion from truth. this individual will be able to transcend the heavy anchors of the mind. lucidity is achieved and the state of pure consciousness that can not be conceptualized can be known.

“When the Rudragranthi is pierced, and the air enters the seat of the Lord (the space between the eyebrows), then the perfect sound like that of a flute is produced.” 

~ Hatha Yoga Pradipika

This is what is needed to complete the alchemy of true self, this is how we reach our true state, this is when we become authentic to who we are as a soul, unrestricted, free of pretense and masks to fit into societal and cultural roles. This is when we embrace the totality of who we are and become aligned with the higher self intelligence innate within all human beings, but dormant in most all of us and this dormancy is the reason for humanities suffering. Once we awaken all of ourselves to our divine blueprint and become free to be exactly who we were meant to be, we become spiritual beacons of light that ignite everyone we come into contact with.

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