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One Minute Meditations

"When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a candle in a windless place."- Bhagavad Gita

art by Paulo Zerbato

what is meditation?

Meditation is a practice that utilizes various techniques to achieve a state of focus, lucid awareness & emotional equilibrium. the application of meditation can take on many forms- mindfulness meditation,mantra meditation,focused meditation, Dynamic movement meditation, transcendental meditation,yoga nidra, open monitoring, loving-kindness meditation,zen meditation, clear- seeing, visualization meditation, guided mediation ect... for some however a meditative state is the direct result of deep presence when one walks in nature,gardens, draws, or dances to their favorite song- the same states of consciousness can be achieved.


so why meditate?

Meditation has been associated with many mental & emotional benefits including stress reduction, improved thinking habits ( positive thinking & outlook), improved emotional state(mood- increased serotonin), enhanced self awareness, mental stamina, increased attention span, clarity & age defying effects on the brain. Mediation has also been associated with reduced blood pressure, calming effect on nervous system, immune boosting, improved circulation, lower heart rate, greater pain tolerance, decreased pms symptoms, better sleep ect... spiritually meditation increases psychic abilities, improves heart- mind connection, cleanses the body of negativity, builds magnetic field & life force, activates & moves kundalini shakti and strengthens ones connection to higher states of consciousness.

art by logan walden

the bottom line...

Mediation enables one to embody their greatest potential physically mentally & emotionally. it enables one to "LIVE" and experience the fullness of each moment. It brings the unconscious to light and allows one to navigate life more consciously- not on auto pilot- it builds aptitude and opens the door to a quality of life that has seem to evade humanity in its totality as of yet. imagine a you with reduced stress, increased over-all physical health, emotional equilibrium, better productivity. a you who is less reactive and moves from a space of purer intention and purposeful momentum. imagine a you who lucid and in your power.

but wait! you have no time or you don't know where to start...


awaken a state of inner harmony, greater clarity & lucidity & health with these one minute techniques:

-take a deep breath at every red light

- bring awareness to breath observing as it flows in and out of nose ( conscious breathing)

-make a wish- inhale & hold the breath at top of inhalation for a count of three, repeat a wish in your minds eye three times, exhale slowly release ( do this 3X)

-repeat the mantra "peace, begins, with, me" as you alternate bringing the thumb to (pointer, middle, ring & pinkY finger) as you say each word

-.body scan: inhale & exhale while focusing on these points: posterior to crown, crown of the head, anterior to crown, space between the eye brows, right temple, left temple, back of the neck, trachea, heart, navel, bladder, clitoris or testicles, anus)

-close eyes & draw gaze while eyes are closed up to the space between the eye brows- sit in stillness and breathe naturally as you focus upon this point for one minute

- inhale and breath 1/3 of the way into belly- 1/3 of the way into the sides of the body, 1/3 breath into the chest- exhale slowly release and relax body...repeat

enjoy <3

white wolf alchemy offers free meditations via zoom for all clients and subscribers-


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