The Evolution of Twin Flames 3.0 - The Living Blueprint Of Alchemy

The Evolution Of Twin Flames 3.0 In the early 1960's a lady in the new age community released information pertaining to the experience as well as the belief system surrounding what is known on planet earth as "twin flames". The woman channeler gave forth lots of information that later came to be adapted and rewritten by countless other new age guru's, channelers and other so called "twin flames". The woman was of christian faith and so her channelings containing lots of accurate information, also contained an endless stream of indoctrination and belief systems within her channelings. Ideas and belief systems that to most "twin flames" now are outdated and outgrown as most twin flames have even outgrown the label twin flames itself, many simply using it so that they can find the others and the others find you.

Beyond planet earth these earthly words "twin flames" have no meaning, "twin flames" are not called "twin flames" beyond this planet, as soon as you leave the stratosphere you will have to get a whole other understanding of what it is you are. So who are you? Don't tell me what you do, who you love or any label you may slap on yourself to better your human existence. Show me who you are, show me your gifts, your talents, your kindness, your compassion and your true self, free of the wounded child, free of illusions of identity, of competition and separation mindset, free of words, free of labels, who are you? artwork: cosmic_love_by_kaiser_mony-da82qeu

This idea and belief system of twin flames however seemed to also seep into the experience of the twin flames themselves, for many for a very long time, meaning they created their experiences also from their belief systems, especially those who already had the idea of twin flames presented to them and especially within the spiritual community. We started out with this idea of twin flames all originating from the one true god, with jesus and mary magdelene adaptations incorporated into this spiritual experience of the template of sacred union. Many heavy and limiting ideas from religious indoctrination weighing down this limitless experience and making many manifest their unions and co-creating their unions and missions from said belief systems and indoctrinations, making a lot of messes within the spiritual community for those coming after to clean up. Many seem to think that the first wave and second wave paved the way for the later wave(s), but from my observations, they made more of a mess than anything else, lots of sticks thrown into the wheels of unsuspecting spiritual adolescents. superfluous wrongful information written from very earthbound filters supposedly channeled has been a problem within the spiritual community for decades behind us and it is coming closer and closer to an end as the true cosmic consciousness is at the edge of it's human experience now truly having shed and burned away all that has been programmed and embedded upon incarnation.

We later on came to hear how they shared the one higher self, that they were one soul in two bodies and if they did not make the union work, they would not ascend together, their mission failed as their union failed. There were still however 144.000 of them, as mentioned in the bible and also since 12x12=144, (the twelve tribes of israel) quabbalist doctrines can then also be added to the twin flame religious band wagon. 144.000 supposedly coming into planet earth in waves, 3 waves to be specific according to the new age indoctrination, something that is more likely and a less fixed number, i personally feel we may be looking at more than 144.000 and this is more of a symbolical number making us look to the tree of life and the alchemy of numbers.

(1+4+4=9= completition)

The first wave came in the 1940's to 1950's, the second from 1960 to 1980 and the third wave in the 90's and early millenium. These beings were also dubbed graduate beings, which is a term I grew in resonance with in my journey. As we had already graduated before and returned in order to provide a service of what we had graduated within, soul evolution and successful alchemical processes. Bringing the physical vessel with us upon the time of death, like many sages and alchemists have throughout history.

If one truly is a so called twin flame, one knows that one has done this game before and returning to do it again, we have already ascended and are only here to assist others in doing it again, meaning we cannot fail, there is no backsies on becoming ascended, not even upon incarnating on to this dense planet. You cannot become "un-ascended" even upon incarnating with spiritual amnesia, once you are an ascended being you remain that, you just have to shed the layers of all that is not you in order to be that which you are at the core of your being, the true self, the avatar being. Once we truly remember who we are and embody the avatar without human toxicity added to us from planet earth, we are as pure as when we came in.

This is why we seek to perform the alchemy, this is why so many of us feel lead to purify our mind, body and spirit, in order to return to our true state, our original self, our soul self, creating gold out of lead, creating the sourcerer's stone, the emerald heart. What we are truly seeing is people "channeling" through impure very human filters, indoctrination and belief systems originating from planet earth and planet earth only, meaning it is not cosmic consciousness and as humanity evolves, so will the information coming through channels. Someone channeling from source now, will not channel the same information as someone who channeled from source 50 years ago, or even a few years ago as evolution is speeding up fast and "twin flames" are shedding belief systems, indoctrination and so on faster than ever before, as shedding layers of falsehood is part of their mission and work here on planet earth. For many this has resulted in not only shedding religious indoctrination and new age belief systems, but also the belief system of twin flames itself.

" One Soul In Two Bodies" is a very minimalistic and limiting disneyesque romantic idea about a multidimensional expression of the living blueprint of alchemy. That is what "twin flames" are after all, holding the template for the alchemical wedding within them in their DNA and the blueprint for alchemy, transmutation and clearing of impurity to create a golden consciousness free of lead and base metals. Basic primitive human toxicity, programming, indoctrination, ideas, belief systems, ancestral patterning and traumas handed down through generation after generation, millenia upon millenia back in earth time. What we will come to find in the future of twin flames, is that this belief system will crumble as the experience and true expression of the blueprint of alchemy evolves, as that is what it always has sought to do and will continue to do.

Many will find themselves to become dinosaurs in their evolution if they do not seek to think in new ways and evolve alongside the very blueprint that is at the forefront of human evolution and what humans are capable of in metaphysical terms, not only when it comes to ideas concerning love and relationships, but also when it comes to healing, spirituality and many many other things that the "twin flames" hold within their areas of expertise and evolution. We hold these keys to evolution within our own selves, within the evolution of our thoughts, imagination and creative expansions. Thinking in creative ways and finding new and improved ways of being human and more importantly performing great alchemy for ourselves individually, within our sacred unions and also humanity and even the expression of the living blueprint of alchemy on a cosmic scale.

We are supposed to lead humanity into a new era, helping them become accepted into the cosmic awareness and be granted seats alongside galactic councils and be part of the cosmic evolution, but so far this is not seeming very likely due to the neanderthals not even able to not kill their neighbors, how is our cosmic neighbors supposed to place trust and faith in us? The ushering in of galactic accept is far ahead in time as humanity is far to locked in belief systems, separation mindset, warfare and lack of spiritual accountability to even be considered evolved enough to be part of any evolution on a cosmic scale. We may just go into the history books as those primitive apes on that gorgeous jewel in the milky way that bombed themselves into oblivion, unless the evolution of consciousness finds a new way, something we as individuals as well as a collective is responsible for carrying out.

So how are we seeking to become spiritually accountable as individuals and how can we do just that? And what is it to be accountable for? Our own part of creation, our mind, body and spirit first and foremost as we co- create this planet and it's consciousness either consciously or unconsciously. We can be the change we wish to see in others, we can share the information that will improve the lives of our brothers and sisters and hold the templates, embody the blueprint fully and template as many as we can with words of change, encouragement and new ideas and set people free from their belief system prisons.

We can hold the door open and be guardians of the gates like we were meant to and let everyone know of this unified field we inhabit and co-create and together we might just usher in a new dawn as prophesized after all. Tending to our own unified field, being accountable for our own energy, our own thoughts, words and actions is hard work, but it is far from impossible. I had never thought I would be able to come this close to my true state of being, free of so many addictions and limitations placed on me from birth due to ancestral and global programming, but the awakening process never ends once you cultivate it every day. You just keep awakening to higher states of consciousness and new and improved versions of yourself in jolts and leaps due to the friction produced by the cosmic clockwork and alchemy.

Pushing everything that is not you to the surface for purification and transmutation so that you can become the true you. You can work with it, or you can resist it, only pro-longing your alchemy process and causing damage to your mind, body and spirit in endless cycles and loops. Or you can sit down and roll your sleeves up and take action, work with the evolution and reap countless rewards from your spiritual progression.

It is all up to you, but beliefs and doctrines will not get you there, neither will all the ascension news and updates of the spiritual community, neither will anyone hand it to you, or grant it to you, it is something you and you alone will have to work for, invest your time and energy into and then and only then, will you have what you seek. you cannot blame karma as a heart centered being does no longer have or produce karma with their zero-point energy in their unified field, it has become a conscious co-creator and will eventually become accountable for mind, body and spirit. so this fully activated and awakening being does not blame demons, darkness and other dark age belief systems for it's mishaps, it realizes these energies and thoughtforms were handed down through their respective bloodlines and clears them from their own being, thus setting their bloodlines free. there is no other work ultimately then that one the self and in unison working with the shared energy of their unified field, it is one energy expressing itself between the two and they both have to be accountable for the energy they are co-creating and experiencing.

and if you are truly of cosmic consciousness, whether we live, whether we die, whether the earth mission is successful or not, whether your union and mission works out and you live "happily ever after" and all the other romantisized beliefs surrounding twin flames do not happen for you, if you truly are of cosmic consciousness, then none of this will even matter to you.

As you came here to play with your consciousness, to be the living blueprint of alchemy and template others, you came here to have fun and enjoy the shit show of the galaxy from the front seat as the driver avatar and not the victim passenger and hopefully help someone other than yourselves along the way have a shot at ascending. then you will remember who you are and remember that none of this, nothing of this truly matters and it is all a cosmic game and you came here, because you knew how to play the game and you wanted to forget it and remember once again, that you knew how to master it. nothing more, nothing less. so many are stuck suffering due to their ideas, beliefs and lack of understanding of what this truly is, limiting themselves in what could be a limitless expansive experience of becoming a conscious co-creator, will they realize they are their very own greatest obstacle and eventually get out of their own way?

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2019,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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