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The Return To The Beloved

You are suffering because you made this path about a person. You believe the person is the key to divine love and connection, so without them in your life you think you can no longer experience connection to the divine like you did with the person. The person is neither the key nor the door.

You are. You are the key and the door is within.

Once you realise this and go in search of the connection without the name and the face, only in search of the third energy, you will find the third energy like a river within and the river that has been dammed up by your beliefs will once more flow as the levee breaks.

The divine comedy and grace reveals itself as once you are connected to source you no longer need love and you release the person from what can only be described as spiritual bondage. The twin flame belief systems of the new age community are riddled with romantic fairy tales and spiritual immaturity and leaves us in a never ending tailspin on the hamster wheel of longing, aching and pain.

It is important to remember that you are whole and holy complete all on your own and that attachment and longing for something or someone outside yourself is the essence of addiction and in this case the divine obsession that is the twin flame belief system leaves you in self sabotage through self pity and self importance, believing the person belongs to you and they have abandoned you. When in all actuality you abandoned yourself in childhood in the initial abandonment and keep abandoning yourself every time a relationship ends.

A soul to soul connection is not necessarily a promise of a pending relationship nor is it a soul contract of a forever after for all of eternity.

It is also not a demand to be with your soul connection or twin flame if you will in order to ascend or become enlightened. These are all very limiting beliefs saturated by religious connotations and new age convictions. Commit to the process of becoming spiritually mature and going in search of the divine and you will come to make source your beloved, not another person. All the mystics of the ages that came before us have all immortalised this consciousness in their writings, such as Rumi, Hafiz and many more. The beloved they speak of is the inner masculine and feminine, the anima and animus and of course source creator. They are in loving devotion to the universe itself.

Once you have been baptised by the living waters of Christ, liquid light, you will become a beacon of this consciousness and be a guiding light and force for others to find themselves in the truth of who they are, truly divine and truly connected to the eternal light within. Then and only then will you be ready to facilitate a sacred union with another graduate soul on the path of heart and only then will be mature enough to not destroy what you have been given by the divine. The mistake most make on this path is excluding the divine all together in favour of the person they believe to be their twin flame, so not only do they feel abandoned by their person, they feel godless and abandoned by the divine that they experienced in their initiation with their person. The belief then creates this experience for them as that is the power of belief,

You will see your beliefs become reality.

Once I surrendered who I believed to be my person by letting go of the name and the face, leaving me with only the energy, I became free to experience the third energy again. By letting go and emptying my cup I made it possible for my cup to be filled again. And it was filled. And it was me and the divine and this time no person could take it from me as I did not attach my mystical experience to another person. I had found enlightenment and I was experiencing mystical union with source itself.

I had become a living mystic, a Shaktipat who could activate others kundalini through connection and templating cosmic consciousness. True freedom was mine at last and it blew away all concepts of the new age and the twin flame belief systems.

I had become my own twin flame.

I was now the living blueprint of alchemy.

This is the path of the true graduate soul and it is not dependent upon another person but on your ability to reconnect to the divine and become a modern day living mystic as the beloved of Source Creator itself and it begins by going within and attuning ourselves to Source Creative Energy.

- Ulf Haukenes

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Ulf  Haukenes
Ulf Haukenes
23 Νοε 2023
Απάντηση σε

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Βαθμολογήθηκε με 5 από 5 αστέρια.

Yes this is it, sometimes we slip back into forgetting, but as we clear and evolve the remembrance can be held longer, Love you my brother!

I am leaving Mexico 1 day before Dia de los Muertos, guess who popped in my head to honor on that day??

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Mel 🩵

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Ian Featherstone
Ian Featherstone
29 Οκτ 2023

Thank you Ulf, brother

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Ulf  Haukenes
Ulf Haukenes
02 Νοε 2023
Απάντηση σε

Long time no see Ian. Thank you for reading and commenting. Hope this path is treating you well!


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