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Twin Flames - Beyond The Belief System

Twin Flames, is a label that was forged deep in the embers of religion and brought forth through the filters, perception and limited consciousness of the collective human intelligence from under the firmament about 75 years ago and so it is a label,

most eventually let go off on this path. Many of us have experienced more than one soul to soul connection sharing the same higher self consciousness, as it truly is a multi dimensional experience of one soul and many avatars, many bodies, not just one or two.

While these avatars and bodies are spread across many dimensions, timelines, endless parallel realities and realms, once in a while, two avatars from the same soul expressed in polarity will have an encounter and activate them both to begin their soul alchemy to graduate from the school of souls and step into their divine blueprint as soul embodied.

This is the very definition of a multi-dimensional being. This is what we are.

Take it from someone almost a decade into this journey.

Few will EVER get it...


#1 they are not a "twin flame", they are simply people stuck in obsession.

Something to make sure one has looked at.

99% of the people in the twin flame forums online, are simply that.

The 1% real ones, the very rare few will eventually reach illumination on their twin flame alchemy path and understand this is a template and the template means you are experiencing yourself as being the living blueprint of alchemy and a template for sacred union in this planet. This is it.- This is also the Twin Flame Mission, something every twin flame has felt if they have reached the final stage in their alchemy, Illumination.

Once this stage is truly reached, most will remember who they are, know their soul's purpose,

their divine blueprint and feel deeply connected to who they are, to their ancestry,

their galactic selves, to the Multi-Verse. The many dimensions they can occupy with their multi dimensional consciousness. They are naturally shamanic once awakened,

they can move energy, shift vibration and change timelines by recognizing synchronicity from their higher self consciousness and by alignment to the true self navigate to a better expression of their divine blueprint and manifest and create a better life for themselves,

living true to their true selves in harmony with co-creator and the cosmic mind.

To get to Illumination one, as an awakening alchemist have to learn to let go off all conditioning, indoctrination and belief systems, habits, patterns, programs and addictions that are standing in the way of becoming your true self.

The kundalini energy keeps burning away all that is not true to the self,

new levels in perception and lucidity gradually happens over time and day by day,

little lucid moments are had more and more often, where universal truths reveal themselves until we realize cosmic consciousness.

Cosmic consciousness is being able to pierce through the veil, see the firmament at the end of the horizon, look past the firmament into infinity, look back on earth and see the difference between what belongs to earth and what is of cosmic mind.

We realize we can let go off most of the ideas we ever had,

none of which are true. I had to let go off so many belief systems, about God,

About Love, Relationships, healing, life, death, even twin flames,

very few of the beliefs I had stolen from others throughout life felt true to me anymore.

I had changed. I no longer saw myself as only a child of the cosmos, But I saw myself as The Divine Parent, first and most for myself. I felt less like God's Child, but God's brother and I realized something very profound, I now was the parent I wish I had growing up.

I had learned to nurture and discipline myself enough to increase vitality and end my self pity, my self importance and stopped sabotaging myself with destructive behaviors from my wounds. I had begun to spiritually mature to such an extent I could parent myself towards my lucidity and consciously weave my dreams. One by one becoming reality experienced.

I had now become very committed to my alchemy and to share my visions from beyond the firmament looking back on earth and creation, seeing the matrix and the divine design.

The matrix being the dream of the world, the divine design being the dream of the planet.

Once artificial, synthetic reality and one organic reality, the divine blueprint for creation. This is the ocean of the mystic, the shaman. This is the basis of perception that all the prophets and prophecies has sprung out of throughout all time. This is mysticism, this is the mystical experience. This is Cosmic Consciousness as described in every mythology and religious text ever written or shared through word. This is Cosmic Alchemy.

The other 99% are wasting time and money on something that never was a twin flame and never will be. Twin Flames have become BIG business now and so we will see this very toxic belief system based in heavy obsession and deep attachment and abandonment issues make it to mainstream consciousness as it has already done if we are to look at Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, who if you are a true "twin flame" graduate soul, you will find no resonance in their energy or consciousness that would have you believe they are twin flames.

I don't want to put anyone down or otherwise, I simply wish to help those who are on this path understand what they are experiencing. I want for them to realize it really is not about a twin or a sacred union. It is about a mission, it is about becoming your true self and sharing your light with the world.

Someone once told me,

The Twin Flame is not a person, it's an energy, a consciousness and you can experience it through more than one person, as it is multidimensional.

I was deeply triggered at the time as I was stuck in the belief system and obsessed with my experience and the person I was sharing it with, even though we clearly weren't good for one another. It was very toxic.

I remember Matt Kahn redefining Twin Flames as well and the entire community flipped out and lost It, I even made a video.

While he wasn't completely right,

He wasn't completely wrong either. The part he was not right about is it always being toxic and short lived and that a soul mate was better for life partners.

He did not mention the alchemy of twin flames and how once spiritually mature, such a connection can lead a partnership to a union of two people living in their blueprint.

So many have tried to make their take on this experience and try to make sense of it, but it's hard as it is evolving alongside our evolution of consciousness.

Few have yet to let go of earthly labels, definitions and belief systems and truly step outside the firmament of human consciousness. And so the belief systems live on strongly within communities that are based on obsession and attachment.

And many of them will have their own truth created through their filters and perception and their experience saturated by their belief systems.

Belief systems produce experience, something I realized in 2015 and once I let go off the idea of there only being one "twin flame" I experienced a second connection, also sharing higher self consciousness and experiencing the ethereal bubble stage of two unified fields merging into one. I was baffled and my whole twin flame journey changed. I deleted endless articles and all my videos from my outdated beliefs and old belief systems.

As a public teacher with over 200.000 hits on my website in 2014, it was quite humbling to have to admit I had been wrong and spreading misinformation to the masses, because I had been deeply twin flame programmed by the new age community prior to my profound multidimensional soul to soul connection.

The need for a Deity or for a God to redeem, love us, save us or reprimande us is a juvenile need, the need of a spiritual adolescent. It is the spiritually immature needing another parent to run to or give our power away to, as we have yet to know ourselves as the divine parent, divine mother and divine father.

Do not get me wrong. I believe in Source Creative Energy, I believe in Source intelligence, but I do not believe it to be a her or him or even a hermaphrodite being.

I do not believe God to be a being.

I believe Source is a consciousness,

an energy that permeate all living things.

I believe the infinite intelligence that lives inside me that assists me in arranging my atoms and cells perfectly is the same type of intelligence that makes the planets revolve around the sun and what makes the water nourish the soil and what makes the plants feed off the sunlight.

It is Divine design.

It is the consciousness of the cosmos. It is the cosmic mind experiencing itself as the cosmos. But seeing as there are Multiple source points in a multi verse, more than one source, there are more than one cosmic mind and more than one creator, there are source intelligences that as they may be, are all connected to one another, still seem to have a different source code or intelligence...or whatever you choose to name Source Creator(s).

just be open to there being an infinite possibilities in an infinite multi verse.

At the source of each creation, we are all creators with all of creation through lucidity.

We are no different from God, we are most definitely not separate from God, creator and creation. All of creation would not be all of creation if you were not here.

You are a custodian of Creation, you are creation, you are creator.

Without you, the universe would not be complete, the all that is the all would not be the all.

And so you come to find yourself, your place within the Cosmic Puzzle.

Your contribution to creation is your gifts, talents, traits, your infinite potential to be,

to create anything you wish to create. We all have that one soul gift that makes us more of who we truly are. Where, when we use this gift, we feel the universe functioning perfectly,

we feel transcendent joy and bliss and we become healthier, we become happier and this is why we came to this planet, this is what makes us feel alive. This is our divine blueprint.

I have come to understand that we are self dreamt beings who dreamt ourselves into existence and we are walking in a waking dream and when we sleep and dream we are visiting other realities no less real than the waking moments in our day.

Is creation nothing more than our collective dream?

Is source intelligence nothing more than our collective intelligence?

Either way, in our search for spiritual sovereignty we just eventually realize that we are what we are praying to, our higher self, our source, there is no other being beyond that answers to our prayers. We are it and therein lies our power as well.

We are Godsource, we are the creator of our destiny, misery or harmony.

I have come to know myself as the dreamer and there is nothing else dreaming me into being. This is my dream I am dreaming.

And we all have the same infinite potential to dream infinite dreams.

Can you feel the power in That?

- Ulf Haukenes


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