The Living Blueprint Of Alchemy

The Living Blueprint Of Alchemy - A Study of The Twin Flame Experience By:

Ulf Haukenes - The Soul Alchemist.

Soul to Soul Connections, Twin Flames are not a relationship,

those that call it a relationship clearly have no awareness of what this truly is,

as it works to transcend everything that constitutes the traditional relationship formats where boy meets girl and they fall in love.

These connections start out on an etheric level in the higher dimensions,

before they trickle down into the physical manifestation of connectivity.

In other words, on an astral level and with synchronicity and alignment from birth on an unconscious level until the connection unfolds in the physical.

Or in terms of alchemy, As Above, So Below.

It never was and never can be a traditional relationship or even be called a relationship as it seeks to transcend and replace the old relationship format as it were on planet earth at this point in time, so humanity can undergo alchemy on an individual level and so on a collective level.

Or in terms of Alchemy, As Within, So Without.

This is how it constitutes alchemy as it holds the very definitions of alchemy as we have come to know it throughout the ages, in this ancient art & science.

It is a living blueprint, a template for the process of alchemy, the return to the innate and original blueprint of the soul, in other words Soul Alchemy.

So what is Soul Alchemy? And how to perform it consciously?

Masculine Energy is solar alchemy. Solar alchemy is the element of Gold. It is the light of day. Action. Purpose. Drive. Spirit.

Feminine Energy is lunar alchemy. Lunar alchemy is the element of Silver. It is the dark of night. In-Action. Rest. Nurture. Soul.

In my process of alchemy, mind, body and spirit,

I found an exceptional alchemist through synchronicity

that produces Oil of Gold and Oil of Silver among other products,

these both when used together significantly assisted me in balancing the corresponding chakras or in physiological terms, the corresponding glands

and thus my hormones and my conductivity of the energies produced, stored and conduced that will most definitely benefit you in this process,

I personally highly recommend Avery Hopkins of Kymia Arts and his work for any aspiring alchemist and anyone on the path of Soul Alchemy.

Working both with the clockwork of our solar system, our imaginative faculty, lucid intent and consciously using herbs and what shows up in your path through alignment as Clare Goodrick-Clarke mentions in her book, Alchemical Medicine for the 21st Century: Spagyrics for Detox, Healing, and Longevity, the herbs the alchemist needs will show up in their immediate environment through alignment with true self, once the alchemist has come to a certain level of awareness, nature will speak to him or her and a communion with both heaven and earth will be established.

As above, So below, once more.

Spagyrics is a branch of medicinal alchemy that enhances the healing properties already existing in plants. Developed by Paracelsus, the magus and alchemist of the early 16th century, spagyrics is a holistic therapy that promotes healing at all levels of the human being--body, soul, and spirit. Spagyric essences harness the dynamic life force in plants that triggers recovery from the energetic imbalance of illness. The harmonizing and balancing qualities of spagyric essences differ from other plant remedies and aromatherapy oils because they not only include the plant’s energetic information but also incorporate the salt of the plant, from which all toxic matter has been purged. The preparation of this alchemical medicine makes it possible to capture the full therapeutic spectrum of plants, including the cosmic energies they have absorbed. Excerpts from book description from

Your spirit and Your soul,

Your inner masculine and feminine can only merge within and then without through the balance of these. And as you balance them within and without through conscious efforts, the representation of your true opposite without, will eventually appear. Then and only then, will you know who is your true king and queen in your process.

You have to come into balance in your aspects of masculine and feminine expression. Let's take a look at what that means when they are in balance:

This is why so many twin flame teachers say, you won't truly know who your true twin is, until you surrender to the process,find yourself, truly start loving yourself,

produce inner radiance and start harmonizing with who you are. Nobody will be able to harmonize with you, unless you are harmonized with your true essence, the truth of who you are, and you won't recognize the true opposite, unless you are in your true self. If you don't go within to excavate the true self, heal the inner child, balance your masculine and feminine energies and physical health, you will continue to go without both true self as well as your true opposite external expression of Soul Alchemy, your soul partner. I am one to believe it should not be said by anyone, except the self who the true opposite is, as it will become increasingly clear to most who it is and who it is not, the more true self is embodied. You should be able to choose for yourself who you feel is your soul partner in God's laboratory.

If it doesn't feel right to either of them, or even just one of them.

it most likely is not a soul partner in alignment.

Alignment with true self trumps everything. Every time.

As we see in the twin flame community, due to the twin flame belief system and"signs", the many have unknowingly gotten stuck thinking catalyst expressions of their alchemy to be the true opposite, they hold on, they get stuck in their process, holding on to this expression of energy in a specific person, that for all they know, may not even be their soul partner in this process in God's laboratory. the alchemy cannot continue, unless they let go, surrender,

as in which I recommend all my clients to work on their obsession,

and remove the face, the name and the holding on to.

And to keep the focus on self, this energy within that is growing and expanding as they move through the process. As within, so without,

As Soul, So The Universe. U N I - Verse. The soul song.

The frequency of your very being on a soul level.So you must come to know who you are as a soul to perform conscious Soul Alchemy.

Alchemy is an ancient art that surpasses all common knowledge and science as the human collective has come to understand it and both religion and mythology is based in this ancient wisdom and artform once we take a closer look at Tao, The Bible and the even more ancient wisdom such as Norse, Greek, Jewish, Roman mythology and even Hinduism, we come to see that these are all alchemical texts, symbolically depicting the processes necessary to undergo conscious alchemy of mind, body and spirit.

and through further research i have discovered it hails as far back as ancient shamanism, thus all our indigenous cultures for millenia and as we see here portrayed in cave paintings found in McKee Springs Dinosaur National Monument Utah.

Let's take a deeper look into the symbolism I personally see here.

To me the smaller person to the left is tapping into the spiral of creation, man's most ancient and sacred symbol. From his vortex, the spiral of his creation he is accessing the higher self in the middle through the use of a plant ally and from the higher self accessing other multidimensional expressions of self. This is also what happens for the soul alchemist at some point in their process of alchemy and crystallization of the true self.

There is no coming to higher self consciousness,

without accessing the spiral of your creation, through meditation and communion with spirit and soul in union. In other words, entering the void,

the womb of creation, your feminine essence, which is darkness.

There and only there the masculine essence, the soul purpose, the light is also to be found and the merge into the original blueprint of your soul,

the living blueprint of alchemy.

As we come to find in Carl Gustav Jung's work, the human creations such as gods, deities, archangels, angels and demons are nothing more than archetypal mental creations, entities, thought forms and energies created mentally and projected on to their holographic reality, only made manifest through human understanding, programming and belief systems. As I cover in previous articles, we will always be proven right about a strongly held belief and understanding until we grow and evolve out of the boxes of planetary understanding and collective intellectual capacity.

“A group experience takes place on a lower level of consciousness than the experience of an individual. This is due to the fact that, when many people gather together to share one common emotion, the total psyche emerging from the group is below the level of the individual psyche. If it is a very large group, the collective psyche will be more like the psyche of an animal, which is the reason why the ethical attitude of large organizations is always doubtful. The psychology of a large crowd inevitably sinks to the level of mob psychology. If, therefore, I have a so-called collective experience as a member of a group, it takes place on a lower level of consciousness than if I had the experience by myself alone.”

― C.G. Jung, The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious

Flammarion engraving, Paris 1888, for Flammarion's 1888 L'atmosphère : météorologie populaire

The image depicts a man crawling under the edge of the sky, depicted as if it were a solid hemisphere, to look at the mysterious Empyrean beyond. The caption translates to "A medieval missionary tells that he has found the point where heaven and Earth meet.."

In other words as I have mentioned in earlier articles, everything that is taught here on planet earth is a belief system, a construct of the collective consensus throughout the ages and exists not past this planet, past the firmament.

This includes the all of the all of human doctrines, understanding, ideas, definitions, words, ideology, religion and belief systems, even astrology, the latest human design and all other human constructs and sciences, even as profound and useful these sciences, understandings and belief systems might seem to the human mind, once you are truly awakened and capable of staring past the firmament, you will be able to grasp and understand that things only hold the meaning that we assign them with our all too human capacity.

In my personal understanding, which is also human might I add, but of cosmic consciousness as I stare past the firmament in this now, only the most simplest of sciences, such as our current understanding of Physics, chemistry, biology mathematics, geometry and thereby music, sound, frequency, vibration, are what can be established as cosmic design from a human understanding,

the very languages of source creation itself. I would like to note that from my current understanding from multidimensional consciousness,

in an infinite multiverse, there are multiple points of creation, in other words, multiple source creators, or in layman terms, more than one God-source as per biblical understanding and current collective human consensus.

As Nicolas Camille Flammarion himself reveals through his works:

"What intelligent being, what being capable of responding emotionally to a beautiful sight, can look at the jagged, silvery lunar crescent trembling in the azure sky, even through the weakest of telescopes, and not be struck by it in an intensely pleasurable way, not feel cut off from everyday life here on earth and transported toward that first stop on the celestial journeys? What thoughtful soul could look at brilliant Jupiter with its four attendant satellites, or splendid Saturn encircled by its mysterious ring, or a double star glowing scarlet and sapphire in the infinity of night, and not be filled with a sense of wonder? Yes, indeed, if humankind — from humble farmers in the fields and toiling workers in the cities to teachers, people of independent means, those who have reached the pinnacle of fame or fortune, even the most frivolous of society women — if they knew what profound inner pleasure await those who gaze at the heavens, then France, nay, the whole of Europe, would be covered with telescopes instead of bayonets, thereby promoting universal happiness and peace." — Camille Flammarion, 1880

"Telefonoscope" from La Fin du Monde, 1894

"This end of the world will occur without noise, without revolution, without cataclysm. Just as a tree loses leaves in the autumn wind, so the earth will see in succession the falling and perishing all its children, and in this eternal winter, which will envelop it from then on, she can no longer hope for either a new sun or a new spring. She will purge herself of the history of the worlds. The millions or billions of centuries that she had seen will be like a day. It will be only a detail completely insignificant in the whole of the universe. Presently the earth is only an invisible point among all the stars, because, at this distance, it is lost through its infinite smallness in the vicinity of the sun, which itself is by far only a small star. In the future, when the end of things will arrive on this earth, the event will then pass completely unperceived in the universe. The stars will continue to shine after the extinction of our sun, as they already shone before our existence. When there will no longer be on the earth a sole concern to contemplate, the constellations will reign again in the noise as they reigned before the appearance of man on this tiny globule. There are stars whose light shone some millions of years before we arrived … The luminous rays that we receive actually then departed from their bosom before the time of the appearance of man on the earth. The universe is so immense that it appears immutable, and that the duration of a planet such as that of the earth is only a chapter, less than that, a phrase, less still, only a word of the universe’s history." — Camille Flammarion, La Fin du Monde

(The End of the World)

Paradiso Canto -Rosa Celeste: Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the highest Heaven, The Empyrean

To me, this is a beautiful artwork depicting a set of "twin flames", Or a better definition, Dual Flames or Conscious co-creators or my favorite "graduate beings" as termed by Mel Brand from Gold Ray Twin Flames, standing at the center of their creation, their own source of creation,

as every Person and thus, every set of Co-creators from my experience are an entire universe onto themselves as the universe truly exists from within and then without, A mental projection of co-creation, as creation to me is truly only a product from the merging of masculine and feminine energy and embodiment, The Living Blueprint Of Alchemy.

I even propose that a set of monads, supposedly 12 avatars, of graduate beings, they might even come to planet earth in assistance to the evolution of creation from their very own sources, their very own separate points of creation in the multiverse. as few as they in all actuality are, as most Twin Flame Relationships are experiencing the template that has long since now been set by the original graduate beings that came in holding The Living Blueprint Of Alchemy in the so-called three waves of volunteers of Graduate Beings that answered the Clarion call of the cosmos, for the evolution of consciousness, as mentioned by Dolores Cannon in her works, for those who are familiar with her work.

Mary Rodwell, "The Alien Lady" has taken these understandings to a whole new level through her work and you can find more on her knowledge of the three waves of volunteers by clicking the image above.

but let's get back to my personal experience and understanding of the twin flames, Or as I better understand it, The Living Blueprint Of Alchemy.

Along the way, your other monad expressions and catalysts may or may not come forth, all depending on how willing you are to let go of your current belief systems of Soul Embodiment, individuality, personality, "Twin Flames"

and Multi Dimensional reality. As Mel Brand says, remember the number 12,

12 Chakras, 12 dimensions, the 12 tribes of Israel, this number shows up a lot in ancient texts and doctrines. And 12 x 12 = 144. not necessarily 144.000 as

144 again in numerology which is 9, completion of a cycle. I grew up in apartment number 144 where we lived from I was 4 until I was 11.

Let us take a closer look at the 12 chakra system:

the 8 glands of the endocrine system and 4 organs that constitutes the 12 chakra system, which are fundamental to the upgrade from the previous 7 chakra system,

that humanity has operated from as the remaining 5 has been laying dormant,

until the Graduate Beings set the template for the 12 chakra system.

Each chakra corresponding with it's own dimension of 12.

And I care to mention, most all of the 12 chakra systems I find online are profoundly mistaken and inaccurate as none of these 12 chakras are to be found outside of the body, as they correspond as fore-mentioned with the glands and organs within the human physical body.

In the bible, Jesus Christ has 12 disciples or per my understanding through reading this symbolically, 12 avatars, or 12 activated glands and an activated 13th chakra, both above and below the physical body, to achieve Cosmic Christ Consciousness. In my shamanic awakening, kundalini activation or psychosis in medical terms, I felt myself connecting to the 13th chakra, just above the head and just below the feet, as this 13th chakra is both above and below

and activates The Template Of The Living Blueprint Of Alchemy. I then experienced myself connecting to the Earth STar Chakra in the very heart of this sentient consciousness we know as the planet Gaia.

I found myself fully linked to my source origin, at the center of my own creation, as an unconscious Co-Creator controlling the wheels of my creation, manifesting my own hell on earth as my belief systems were riddled with fear.

And a malnourished physical body and poorly functioning glands and organs and thus very weak energy centers for these or chakras if you will,

Which in turn resulted in Kundalini Syndrome, or in medical terms Schizophrenia, a term I find stigmatized with fear, lacking in understanding as humanities modern medical science has yet to catch up with Cosmic Consciousness and Ancient Shamanic understanding.

In the norse mythology, which is part of my planetary bloodline and thus part of my direct indigenous blood power and mission, as part of the "Twin Flame" mission is to heal, clear and revive the ancient bloodlines, this is what comes most natural to me to refer to as means of helping you understand the Twin Flame Experience as I have come to understand it myself after half a decade of researching, downloading information and upgrading my awareness of this very, very intricate and profound experience of cosmic evolution on both an individual scale as well as collective scale and not to say the least cosmic scale.

In Norse Mythology it was Freyja who taught Odin how to do shamanic work,

or as it is called in old norse "seiðr".

As Freyja possessed a form of magic the Aesir did not have: seidr; which was a powerful magic taught only to the women of the Vanir, and galdr, essentially a magic language which is all but lost. Odin, in his quest for knowledge and power, was rather keen to have Freyja as part of the peace-contract, and learned seidr and galdr from her - although the Eddas tells us he had to dress and act like a woman (being ergi - or "unmanly") in order for Freyja to teach him. The arts of seidr and galdr however must have been worth it, for the Eddas are filled of stories of powerful volva, or seers/sorceresses, who also had these gifts.

Freyja was a capable shape-shifter, turning one of her lovers into a boar to ride, or donning a cloak made of falcon feathers to allow her to fly anywhere she wished.

Seidr (pronounced “SAY-der;” Old Norse seiðr, “cord, string, snare” is a form of pre-Christian Norse magic and shamanism concerned with discerning and altering the course of destiny by re-weaving part of destiny’s web.To do this, the practitioner, with ritual distaff in hand, enters a trance (which could be accomplished through numerous means) and travels in spirit throughout the Nine Worlds accomplishing his or her intended task. This generally takes the form of a prophecy, a blessing, or a curse.

Archaeologist Neil Price has provided an excellent summary of the known uses of seidr:

There were seiðr rituals for divination and clairvoyance; for seeking out the hidden, both in the secrets of the mind and in physical locations; for healing the sick; for bringing good luck; for controlling the weather; for calling game animals and fish. Importantly, it could also be used for the opposite of these things – to curse an individual or an enterprise; to blight the land and make it barren; to induce illness; to tell false futures and thus to set their recipients on a road to disaster; to injure, maim and kill, in domestic disputes and especially in battle.

Freyja is the Vanir Goddess of Love, Death, Fertility, and Magic. While she is mostly regarded as being beautiful and a symbol of lust and sensuality, she is multi-faceted: Queen of Valkyries and harvester of the slain, teacher of seidr - a form of magic and sorcery which was predominantly practised by women. She is much more than a Goddess with perky breasts and a pretty necklace!

"Freyja is the most famous of the Goddesses. She has in heaven a dwelling which is called Fólkvangr, and when she rides to the battle, one half of the slain belong to her, and the other half to Óðinn. As is here said:"Fólkvangr it is called, And there rules Freyja.For the seats in the hall, Half of the slain, She chooses each day;The other half is Óðinn's."Her hall is Sesrúmnir, and it is large and beautiful. When she goes abroad, she drives in a wagon drawn by two cats. She lends a favourable ear to men who call upon her, and it is from her name that the title has come that noble women are called freyjur ("lady").

Love-poetry she likes well, and it is good to call on her in love affairs." "Gylfaginning - Snorri Sturluson"

Artwork: Ian Daniels

In Norse Mythology, the Father Archetype is named Odin, in other words,

Odin is the inner masculine, The Mother Archetype is named Frigg or Freyja and is in other words the inner feminine. It is said in the Norse mythology that it was Freyja who taught Odin how to travel the 9 realms of creation, which then per my intellectual faculties means that through exploring their inner world,

entering the void, my ancestors learned the arts of divination and trans-personal alchemy and found their rightful place in the cosmos and within the tribal units, through coming to know and understanding the true self .

We see this in all indigenous cultures throughout the planet's history,

they all point to a cosmic awareness of who they were in the blueprint of their soul, from the Gaelic, The native Americans, The Maians, the Inca's and so on they all had this cosmic awareness of who they were on a soul level and I have come to understand this is why The Vatican under leadership by initially the roman's,then The Spanish and English royal courts sought to attack and eradicate all these ancient cultures, their books, knowledge and even the use of their mother tongues. Forcing us to give up not only our indigenous cultures, but our wisdom, our names and even the power of sound, our soul-codes embedded within our bodies, high-jacking the very evolution of our bloodlines, our DNA which would explain the very spiritual transgression upon creation itself that can only be named as what we could call Satanic in nature, or in opposition to source creator(s) and creation itself.

Copyright Miguel Colombra

As mentioned in the Norse mythology, You had to go Hel in the underworld, in order to become whole (Hel in Norwegian means whole). As further mentioned Odin hung himself upside down on the tree Yggdrasil in order to receive the magick of the runes and their meaning, in other words he rooted himself in Heaven, with his mind in the void, the darkness, in the very roots of the world tree, Yggdrasil. And so we understand that, we have to go through hell, the dark night of the soul, in order to get to our heaven on earth, to look past the firmament as Soul Alchemists of The Living Blueprint Of Alchemy, the very blueprint of Source Creation itself.

But let us return to The Twin flames and the number 12, the 12 Avatars of the 2 Masculine and Feminine expressions of The Living Blueprint Of Alchemy.

Many of us experience one or more of these catalytic avatars or False Twins, shadow twins, the names are many in the very fearful Twin Flame belief System, in order to further catalyze us, if it has not been adequate in the prior initiations due to both divine will and free will circumstances, as nothing happens by chance really from these very intricate higher self orchestrated events from the sacred blueprints of each monad and the respective avatars in question. I firmly believe from my own experience,the true opposite will not stifle your true expression, not try to change you in any way, but effortlessly harmonize in consciousness and expression, that is, if the process of alchemy has been done consciously. Once you are radiantly expressing your original blueprint,on your own, you will harmonize with yourself, then together as one, you will harmonize on new levels, deeper than you did on your own. At this stage impurities will be gone and a crystalline expression of who you truly are will come forth.

you are stellar - by wolf-alchemy

Then begins your stellar alchemy. As Soul, So the universe. The true self has emerged. As Above, So Below.

The true king and queen. As Within, So without. And thus the rightful place in the cosmic grand design, is bestowed upon the crowned spiritual royalty,

after reaching full autonomy of their multidimensional being,

as a direct result of becoming spiritually accountable

for mind, body and spirit, the holy (read wholly) trinity

merged within and without, Masculine, Feminine and source in the center,

through their process of spiritual maturity. The halo of the saints in the ancient arts, expresses this radiance, the opened crown, the avatar self, the living blueprint of alchemy is at this point complete through the stages and will go into the first stages of alchemy again, through endless alchemical or shamanic initiations in a process that is never completed per say, as alchemy is an eternal expression of the evolution of consciousness. The process never ends, it only goes in and out of the various stages of alchemy and processes, as consciousness longs to always expand, purify and evolve into even higher and higher states.

from the same star (COM)by wolf-alchemy

We are the living blueprint of alchemy, nothing more, nothing less, not a relationship, but a universal expression of the true nature of the cosmos, which is Unity Of Polarity, masculine and feminine energy,

The Two Becoming One in source creative energy, as the very blueprint of source creation itself, is alchemy.

Blessings on your Soul Alchemy Journey

- The White Wolf -

Wolf Guardian

( my full given birth name as I as a light-baby pre-incarnation whispered in my mother's ear,


Ulf Haukenes - The Soul Alchemist

Ulf Haukenes - The Soul Alchemist © 2018,

all rights to this material to the authors, borrowed material appears with links to their respective source. No copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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