Twin Flames - The New Partnership Template

The greatest thing we can do in partnership is learn to understand that women are ruled by estrogen and men are ruled by testosterone. To have compassion for each other's driving forces. We already know men have to learn how to handle a woman's emotional landscape as there are endless teachings about this topic for men concerning mastery when dealing with a woman's fluctuating mood and overwhelming emotions. Men on the other hand have little material about their driving forces and how a woman can master the male cycles.

A hormonally balanced spiritual man is driven by his spiritual progression, his soul purpose and his sexuality. If he is not feeling fulfilled in either 3 his mood will be affected. A spiritual man gets aroused by his and her success. By their progression mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, But most of all sexually. The better he can please her, the deeper they can connect on a spiritual sexual level, the more he will invest in himself and the partnership. The more fulfilled he is, the more this will reflect in his partner, the less fulfilled he is in his work and spiritual progression, the lower his libido. The more fulfilled he is, the higher his libido and the the more he will want to connect in sacred sexuality and cultivate divine connection in their intimacy.

He loves to serve his purpose, but more than anything he loves to serve his woman, In devotion, as if he finds the divine the strongest when serving his partner.

This is how he feels love in it's highest expression, not necessarily sex, but acts of love and sensuality, deep, deep love. He finds himself on the path of the beloved, In which he has found Godsource within himself, he feels Godsource in all things and he feels Godsource the most within his beloved partner.

A service to source through service to the partner, to the world through his purpose and his mission. A spiritual man is a man on a mission. A mission to love deeply. His own life, his place in life and the great mystery. He is a mystic, like the ancient mystics and his reverence for the mystical is only met by his reverence for the female. He is a devotee of the feminine. A spiritual man is very in touch with his sensuality and is very intimate with himself as he has integrated his feminine and self care through embodying the divine mother. His divine father energy gives him drive, motivation, discipline and a tenacious way of showing up in his own life.

He has mastered both his sun and moon energy and is graduating in stellar alchemy learning to navigate the planetary energies of the cosmic clockwork that is our solar system producing alchemy and evolution.

He is in alignment with his evolution as a soul. He has the warrior spirit and is a peaceful warrior as he knows the battle is within. It's compassion for the evolving masculine and evolving feminine we need, as we are learning how to master embodying both the divine mother and divine father as a unified being after millennia of human beings living as emotionally and spiritually immature beings.

This is where the true spiritual work lies, To become emotionally and spiritually mature. There is no other work to be done and so spiritual accountability is now mankind's final frontier and if you are doing this work you are at the frontier of evolution itself.

Finding great joy in being accountable And progressing will make this path easier. And whether you are a man or woman, We are rewriting what it means, All of us becoming something new, So stop comparing the old ideas of what it means to be masculine and feminine with how it feels natural to express it now as we are evolving. We must allow men to feel their feelings and become more in touch with their own feminine so they can become whole. We must allow women the same and learn to hold space and accept one another.

Both men and women now express hardness in their hearts and inability to be vulnerable due to the programming of society.

We must all learn to be more soft and gentle and able to be vulnerable enough to remain open. When we are open we experience life as more flowing, when we are closed up and hard, life feels like a fight, stagnate and slow. It's the wounded masculine energies within both men and women that causes a lot of hardship in the world. Emotional unavailability keeps our heart centers closed and by allowing ourselves and one another to be in touch with our feelings in a healthy way we will heal. We will feel better when we allow ourselves to feel. To feel deeply is to love deeply and the spiritual man feels deeply. When we love and feel deeply we become vulnerable and this cracks our hearts open.

Pain is the doorway to the path of heart, feeling our pain instead of distracting ourselves from it, makes us softer and more empathic. Feeling our pain heals us in layers and we eventually integrate a more and more healed inner child. As a result we achieve spiritual maturity and spiritual accountability as our wounded inner child is no longer in running the show with an infected ego in charge of our emotional landscape and we stop self sabotaging our lives and relationships.

We will still feel and feel deeper than ever and an emotionally available man is not like the hardened masculine most men think of as masculine these days. He will cry with you, He will express his feelings and be present with his own feelings and know how to process and transmute them. He must be allowed to feel if you want a man that lives by his heart with purpose and passion. He will love you deeper than you have ever been loved and he will not lack presence or spine and he will offer you accountability as well as he wants to walk his talk with you and when he fails to walk his talk he will hold himself accountable and work on himself alongside you.

He will not allow himself to be stuck in addiction, patterns and cycles and will do everything he can to break cycles and family patterns inherited by the bloodline. This is the work of the new partnerships and unions we see on planet earth. This is what we all are up against as our collective consciousness is being forced to evolve. This is what we all have to support one another in in our partnerships, if you can do this for yourself and hold space for your partner as they do it for themselves, We will heal the world. So if his woman can have space for his deep feelings as well, as he dives deeper in himself and his love, She will experience a passionate and free man, A man this planet has not seen anything like in history, as he is becoming more than simply a man, he is becoming whole.

Oh, this man is not perfect, but he is trying perfectly hard to do his best and do better and better, for his own relationships, his relationship to himself and for his experience of life to be better. He seeks out mentors and guides and healing modalities in order to heal himself. He doesn't stop trying to improve himself, he will eventually get there because he refuses to give up on himself.

- Ulf Haukenes

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