Twin Flames - Depolarization Energy

In this article we are going to take a deeper look at depolarization of the masculine and feminine energy within the sacred partnerships which is the reason for most relationships failing in our day and age. Why does it happen, how does it happen and how to navigate it and come back into polarization and magnetic attraction between the partners? And even deeper, the chemical war on our endocrine system, our hormones and how it affects our masculinity and femininity.

As we all know, each human being has a charge of masculine and feminine energy running through them. It starts as the Gaian energy running up from Gaia through the soul star chakra and up the feet as one energy, then in the reproductive glands, or the sacral chakra it splits off into two energies, masculine and feminine energy. This is the union of polarity within that creates source creative energy or sexual energy charges in our bodies.

When we are in balance and healthy individuals that have healed our ancestral and cultural toxicities for a lack of a better word, these energies are in harmony and a male will radiate strong masculine energy and a female radiate strong feminine energy.

When we are wounded a male can radiate a stronger feminine charge and a female radiate a stronger masculine charge.

With the ongoing war on the genders and the family unit with feminism creating masculine charged females giving up on the family unit and focusing on their careers, the transgender agendas seeking to eradicate gender all together and with the rat race and the vast endocrine disrupting properties of our air, water, food and more we are seeing men being less and less masculine and the women being less and less feminine and popular culture increasingly making it ok and even encouraged that it is natural.

I am not in any way saying homosexuality is wrong, as even in a homosexual partnership, one partner will hold a more masculine charge and the other a more feminine charge so the partnership has balance. However, I invite you to entertain a healthy scepticism when it comes to the increase of endocrine disrupting properties in our air, water and foods and what the agenda might be? They are attacking us and the family unit in order to depopulate the human race and especially the minorities, the poor and create infertile gender free human beings incapable of reproduction, sustaining relationships, thus families and it starts at our very bodily chemistry. Even such a "harmless" thing such as birth control is actually changing the hormones of a female to such an extent she is attracted to "lesser" males which then affects who she chooses to reproduce with. Then there is the perfumes which masks the natural pheromones which also has her attracted to "lesser" males for reproduction, both of these then has her overriding natural selection and seeking the best DNA for reproduction and her hormonal cycles and natural cycles are all high jacked by unnatural chemistry creating a very imbalanced female all together. The males are being attacked in a similar way with lots of estrogen in the beer, in the plastic bottles for water, in foods, medication and more. Which creates emotional feminized males with low fertility and psychological issues. As a result of this the general population is dumbed down and the genetics of the affected ancestral bloodline not evolving optimally. This is the chemical warfare most are unconscious of is being conducted on us all.

There is without a doubt in my humble opinion a massive agenda taking place here and we have to be extremely mindful and lucid to not be affected by this war. It starts with what we put in our bodies, what we eat, drink, what medication we allow ourselves to be subject to and then it goes on to what we allow ourselves to be programmed with through mainstream media and popular culture. But it doesn't end there, we also have to understand energetics and when we are in our core energy, when we are running on masculine and feminine energy and how we create our partnerships from our polarity. The author David Deida speaks a lot about this in his work, I remember reading the book "The Way of the Superior Man" back in 2017 and it completely changed how I navigated my partnerships since then and I saw the deeper agenda behind feminism and the Goddess movement.

I am a strong supporter of the feminine rising into power, but the masculine has been equally harmed and attacked by the patriarchy and if one is to rise into power, the other needs to come along with it or we will continue to have an imbalanced and toxic society as a result of the power struggle and battle of the sexes. We need to not only come into union within, but without, in our society as well as our partnerships. We need balance restored.

What I found in my previous partnership was that every time when my partner had been to work, working with her masculine energy, she came home charged in her masculine and I instantly had problems connecting to her feminine core. I had been working with clients in my feminine energy being nurturing and doing healing sessions and daily we would have a falling out and she lost her magnetic attraction to me, which then put me in my feminine energy and we came out of balance.

If I on the other hand went for a run as she came home and she sat and meditated and connected to her feminine core before entering the house, we would find balance and stay connected and magnetized. This proved to me what David Deida was teaching worked and I began experimenting further with my charge and energy. Whenever we were depolarized we would go unconscious and the ego consciousness would take over and cause a power struggle that would last for hours, sometimes days. It was always me, the masculine who had to come back to his masculine core for there to be a hope of regaining balance and I eventually learned how to master my own masculine energy. I felt when I was using my masculine charge and when I was using my feminine charge and I learned to navigate not only my own energies, but also my partners energies.

Depolarization is the cause for most people's incapability to create healthy partnerships these days and our wounds from childhood and past relationships need to be placed into healing for us to be able to come to balance from within so we can create balance without. Once the inner child healing has begun and we have started the work of reparenting ourselves and are increasing our spiritual accountability, it is highly encouraged to initiate the work of alchemy known as Hieros Gamos.

Hieros Gamos is the marriage of Masculine and Feminine energy within which creates a union of the hemispheres in the brain and makes us more lucid.

It also increases the capacity to balance between the polarities and often activates the kundalini energy if it is dormant still. If the kundalini energy is active it will assist us in being able to handle and navigate the kundalini energy, which is the masculine and feminine charge moving through the body and creating source creative energy. This will assist us in becoming more self aware and self actualized individuals living our highest potential.

Our highest potential includes how we create our partnerships, our family unit and experience life and it starts with understanding ourselves, our energy and controlling our mind, body and spirit and understanding the war on consciousness, the war on genders and how to not lose this war and be a victorious warrior spirit embodied on the daily battlefield for our consciousness. If you need help with these issues within your partnerships, or for future partnerships I do coaching and training to make you an adept in mastering your energy.


Ulf Haukenes

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