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The Twin Flame Mission - Spiritual Beacons Of Light

The Twin Flame Mission begins in childhood by taking on all dysfunctional ancestral patterns, programs, templates, belief systems, ideologies and doctrines. They are often aware of what is not functioning within their family unit and society, culture at large and will be more spiritually mature than their parents as a child, being a parent to one or both parents in terms of containment of emotional regulation and awareness.
As they mature and enter adolescence they form their own unified field and begin templating humanity with their graduate consciousness, as they can see what is not working in society, culture and will seek to find solutions to improve their surroundings. Many get lost to alcohol and drug addiction at this time due to all the trauma and dysfunctions they had to deal with and take on in their family unit. If they do not make it out of addiction and clear their addiction templates, even food, coffee and tobacco addictions will maintain the addiction template and vitality will be lost and their light quotients suffer as a result of addiction. Their unified field will grow weaker and weaker until they will be pulled apart as decay will not be supported in a graduate soul connection. If you want to party and bullshit, you will lose your twin flame union.

This is why we have to do the inner child work and really commit to our spiritual accountability, otherwise we will not be prepared for our transition away from this place again, there is no ascension happening by having a typical death with extreme loss of vitality and a decayed body, unconscious and suffering, to complete our ascension process we are to leave this world with massive light quotients, an optimally functioning endocrine system, fully conscious, lucid and aware, embodying the divine blueprint to its fullest potential. You can book Inner Child Sessions with Ulf here,
or you can book Rebirthing Sessions with Mary here.
INNER CHILD Healing and Integration is 1 session a week for a month. Rebirthing Sessions with Mary is 1 session a week for a month. Both come as package deals of 4 sessions in total for the price of 3.

At 21 and 28 following the Saturn cycles of every 7 years, they will experience kundalini activations where their 12 chakra system comes fully online and they begin the part of the mission that entails templating humanity through their immediate surroundings with a 12 chakra system, as they previously have been operating from a 7 chakra system. Preparing humanity for the evolution into Homo Luminous, Galactic humans with cosmic consciousness. This 12 chakra system is all within the body, if the 12 chakra system you operate with has 7 chakras inside the body and 5 chakras outside the body, it is incomplete and flawed. The 12 chakra system corresponds with the endocrine system and you can read more about that in another article here.

At the time they are activated with another Graduate Soul of resonant soul frequency, they begin the process of Sacred Union Alchemy and the part of the mission that entails templating humanity with Sacred Union or in other words a Spiritually Mature Partnership as humanity has been operating with the traditional relationship template and all its toxicities like codependency, obsession, addiction, loss of vitality and the typical
"I would die" for you romantic programming based in lack of self love to such an extent it more often than not even carries suicidal ideations. Twin Flames can NEVER be in a relationship, any teacher who calls it a twin flame relationship has NO IDEA what they are talking about. It has to be a different template of love and relationships, it cannot be a relationship template as we know it on planet earth. Twin Flames experience UNION and can only create a union together, or they will fail.

The Twin Flame Initiation sets forth the kundalini energy which in turn catapults the two into an exalted state of consciousness that places them at the source of creation where they experience mystical union with God Source together in an etheric bubble of light.
But as the alchemy tells us, as above so below, in other words,
what goes up, must come down. And down they fall into power struggles, into drama and unconsciousness, displaying all their wounding, their dysfunctional ancestral patterns, cultural programs and societal templates, addictions, habits and so on, in complete darkness.

hades and persephone 1 by sandara on DeviantArt
Together they enter the underworld fully embodying the archetypes of Hades and Persephone, they are now Initiates of the flame, activated as The Living Blueprint Of Alchemy, but the process has only begun.
They are not in union yet, not within and not together, as the alchemy states, As within, So without and so they have to make it back to heaven, back to that exalted state of consciousness alone.

As separation is an important stage of alchemy, the impurities from ancestral patterning, programming and cultural programming has to be purified so that they can elevate in vibration and consciousness back to the source of creation. If they don't understand that this is a process and not a relationship they can suffer this part of the process and not make it back to the true self, the exaltation they initially experienced.
They focus too much on the other as the key to union, not realizing that letting go off all attachments and going in search of the divine alone is the true key that unlocks everything they wish to have. They are only as powerful together as they each are alone, meaning they have to have found their essence and healed themselves enough to know themselves deeply, to know and use their talents, gifts and traits to create and sustain the third energy. If there is too much drama and toxicity, they will both be drained of vitality and third energy and eventually be pulled apart so they can mature spiritually before coming together again. If they are already somewhat spiritually mature upon meeting and the inner child is in healing, they may be able to sustain the connection without separation, but the work has to be done together as well. Spiritual maturity and spiritual accountability has to be at the center of this connection or it will not be possible to sustain and harmonize,
as the unified field will be depleted of light and connection be severed.

The union within has to happen before they can come together to facilitate sacred union. This will unlock their divine blueprint and the alchemy of the true self and they will find themselves at the source of creation once more, often alone and then the longing, the need for the other disappears and they thrive on their own. Some fortunate souls realize their multidimensional consciousness and the understanding of being a graduate soul and what that entails and the many avatars they have access to and are able to connect with to create magic.
These beings more often than not let go off the Twin Flame label entirely as they experience its flawed nature as a belief system nothing like the actual experience they are having. They have escaped the firmament of human beliefs and found freedom in cosmic consciousness.

The last part of the mission is The alchemy of the True Self, having removed all the distortions in their unified field and revealed their divine blueprint, they are now shining in their radiance and illumination stages being spiritual beacons for humanity. This is not the final stage by any means as they are now in the process of alchemy continuously for the rest of their lives as adepts of the process and spiritual alchemy. They are now in service through their blueprint and consciousness.
Here each Graduate soul's mission may differ a little depending on blueprint and their talents, gifts and traits. But the essence of their mission and their templates will mostly be the same, to serve in radiance and illumination, anchoring cosmic consciousness onto the planetary grid and displaying their true self free and harmonized,
in inner union and outer union, a unified being in sacred union with another unified being. This is the graduate soul mission.

If you don't feel a call to being of service or healing yourself and the world, you are probably not a twin flame or graduate soul, as it is in their very blueprint to be of service, it is in their essence and every fiber of their being to take this energy, their talents, gifts and traits and give them back to source in service, it is who they are as a soul. That is why you can often find them working as nurses, doctors, massage therapists, elderly care and alternative health practitioners and so on, the most important thing for them to learn is how to clean their energy bodies, how to maintain etheric integrity or they will often become sick themselves from all the energy they take on to transmute. Transmutation of energy is a skill that often has to be taught and this is where Meridian Energetics came in like a knight in shining armor for me personally after having been a highly sensitive empath and Reiki Healer for years, I had begun noticing how I was getting worse myself as a result of taking on to much energy into my unified field. Once I begun my Meridian Energetics training and Inner Child Work, I noticed such palpable shifts within all layers of my being I have not gone to another healer for healing since, I have become fully sovereign. At some point you will have to become spiritually sovereign as well,
it is part of the graduate consciousness to become fully sovereign in mind, body and spirit, no longer outsourcing our needs in any way. If you need assistance on this path I would love to be of service to you as that is part of my divine blueprint and mission here. Blessings, Ulf Haukenes


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