The 12 Chakra System - Evolution Of Mankind Into Galactic Humans

There are many 12 chakra systems online and most all of them are misinformation, like most information in the spiritual community. The 12 chakra system is the energy centers of the 8 major glands and the 5 major organs that make up the endocrine system within the body, so any 12 chakra system with chakras outside of the body are not correct. Which is about 95 % of the systems found online.

There are more chakras outside of the body, but unless we know, understand and activate the 12 within the body first we will not be prepared for the activity happening when we activate the 13th chakra, the soul star chakra above and below the feet. The next chakra we need to connect to and activate then is the earth star chakra, the heart of Gaia.

The sun and all the planets are also our chakras as we are the solar system in micro and macro. As above so below as the famous alchemical axiom states. But in order to ascend balanced and in a healthy fashion we shall for now focus on the 12 within the body which needs to be balanced and activated in order to step into our next evolution as humans in order to become galactic humans.

Most people on the spiritual path are impatient and misinformed and addicted to stimulants which compromise the endocrine system and their ascension process such as sugar, coffee and cannabis among many other endocrine disruptors in our water, food, the air and products in our popular culture consumption such as plastic bottles and more.

They rush into their spiritual evolution trying to reach and embody states of being and consciousness they simply aren't ready for and as a result end up semi psychotic and on medications from the doctor that further more disrupts the endocrine system. There is a massive shift taking place now where people are no longer able to continue doing what they are used to out of habit and addiction.

Many are finding themselves increasingly sensitive to foods, to stimulants and their surroundings as a result of their spiritual evolution and are being forced to make a lifestyle change so they can evolve into cosmic consciousness as galactic humans. If you are one of these beings you are at the frontier of human evolution.

The 12 chakra system is as explained the energy centers of the endocrine system. So balancing and boosting our organs and glands with adaptogenic herbs and nutrient dense foods will speed up our spiritual evolution in a healthy fashion way more than any psychedelics, stimulants or even kundalini yoga.

In fact the use of any of these spiritual tools and keys without a healthy balanced endocrine system can in fact result in a kundalini awakening gone very wrong and cause kundalini syndrome or "psychosis" in medical terms which we see a lot of in society now as many humans are having a shamanic awakening.

Many of them are being put on medication that further stunts and disrupts their spiritual evolution and declines their health mind, body and spirit. We are looking at a pharmaceutical industry getting rich off of people's lack of understanding of spiritual evolution and shamanic awakening.

The entire planet will undergo a shamanic awakening in the years to come and it is becoming imperative to release this information to the masses on a grand scale to save them from not only big pharma but also save them from themselves as many awakening people are lost to stimulant abuse and thinking they are awakened when in fact they are barely scratching the surface of cosmic consciousness.

This is reflected in the massive amount of misinformation and the many endless belief systems keeping people trapped in loops which are nearly impossible to get out off unless they question their current beliefs and set themselves free from religious and spiritual dogma. The many are in fact lost and have yet to step outside the firmament of human consciousness.

So many starseeds are lost in drug culture and popular culture which is just one of the many agendas of dumbing down by the powers at be. The illusion of enlightenment is thick and dense and their behavior and interests reflect a spiritually immature consciousness. There are those of us who refuse to give up on the starseeds as we see what needs to be done but has yet to be done as many as fooling themselves.

We have to step out of the dream of the world and into the dream of the planet and if we are to awaken fully.

How can we awaken ourselves fully?

We do that through stepping outside the firmament of human consciousness. The bible mentions the firmament which has been misunderstood by the flat earth society as an actual dome. This is not what is meant in the bible, which if we look at it with alchemical eyes and read symbolically and not literally will make a lot more sense to us.

I am not religious, but I am an Alchemist who recognize the bible as a phenomenal alchemical text that can serve us in our spiritual evolution. So let's look at it from the understanding of alchemy.

The firmament is the collective consciousness of humanity with all its definitions, labels and belief systems.

It's the collective human dome, that serves as a ceiling for the planetary consciousness and it's an etheric and astral dome. This is why it states in the bible that below the firmament and above the firmament were waters. Water is emotion and our emotions and thoughts create our experience in the physical plane and the astral plane.

"The widely circulated woodcut of a man poking his head through the firmament of a flat Earth to view the mechanics of the spheres, executed in the style of the 16th century cannot be traced to an earlier source than Camille Flammarion's L'Atmosphère: Météorologie Populaire (Paris, 1888, p. 163) [38]. The woodcut illustrates the statement in the text that a medieval missionary claimed that "he reached the horizon where the Earth and the heavens met", an anecdote that may be traced back to Voltaire, but not to any known medieval source. In its original form, the woodcut included a decorative border that places it in the 19th century; in later publications, some claiming that the woodcut did, in fact, date to the 16th century, the border was removed. Flammarion, according to anecdotal evidence, had commissioned the woodcut himself. In any case, no source of the image earlier than Flammarion's book is known."

The firmament is like a bubble we need to burst in order to reach cosmic consciousness and most spiritual people claiming cosmic consciousness have yet to burst this bubble and let go off their human toys in the collective sandbox and step out of the playground and reach spiritual adulthood.

The collective need for a deity and mother/father God with a big G reflects the spiritual adolescence in the spiritual community and on the planet at large. As a collective we still want and need a divine parent to hold us accountable and to keep us safe from the perceived evil and dangers of this world.

But we need to become our own divine parent and embody the divine mother and divine father energies within ourselves so we can become spiritually mature and accountable beings that no longer sabotage ourselves, destroying the planet and our own lives individually and as a collective.

The state of the world and our planets current health is a reflection of our own state of being and health. We keep trying to awaken the others not realizing we can only awaken all of ourselves and be examples of embodied avatar consciousness.

In order to embody the divine mother and divine father consciousness as fully activated avatars we need to perform the act of Hieros Gamos, the marriage of the feminine and masculine energies within us and merge the two hemispheres of the brain and mental body. The left side being our masculine side and the right side being our feminine which is opposite of the physical body.

The 7 hermetic laws must be understood in order to perform a balanced process of alchemy. When we merge the opposites and become a whole and embodied divine parent to ourselves we are no longer prone to addictions and destructive habits and environments. We parent ourselves with the highest accountability. This is divine love. This is holy matrimony.

The marriage of opposites will ascend us into higher dimensions and states of consciousness where we become self actualized humans stepping into our divine blueprint and soul assignment and serve source as our true self and I turn source will serve us to assist us in our mission and divine assignments.

This is what I call the alchemy of true self. It demands authenticity and letting go off all false ideas, identity and notions of who we are as a human and allow our soul self to step through and create ourselves from our highest vision of who we are into our highest version of ourselves.

This is what the alchemists call The Great Work. It is not an easy feature to perform and will take years of practice, study and effort on your part as you seek to evolve yourself and become the ultimate version of yourself free of human patterning, programming and conditioning. It's a daily spiritual practice you will have to commit yourself to and is not for the faint of heart.

But it's beautiful on the other side of the firmament. A mystical river of source intelligence flowing like an endless stream through your life and consciousness blessing you and everyone you come into contact with. The embodied avatar state is the greatest blessing you can seek for yourself and the world and it's a gift that keeps on giving.

- Ulf Haukenes

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2020,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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