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Twin Flames - There Is No Karma

One of the greatest misconceptions in the twin flame community is the belief system of karma and the idea that the twin flames have karma to resolve between them, but first of all let us clarify one thing: You cannot "owe karma" to your own soul.

That is absolutely preposterous and makes absolutely no sense.

Second of all, when we have a heart chakra awakening there is a shift in the person, in the energy field and in the timelines and destiny available to the person who has the awakening. This results in the person no longer creating drama, lessons and "karma" in their life any longer,

a lucid being in service to source, will be served by source and as a result of living in harmony with creation as a custodian of all of creation, there is no karma for a person living by and from heart. The true path of heart dissolves all previous karma and eventually sheds light on all belief systems that are created under the firmament of human consciousness as cosmic consciousness dissolves all planetary consciousness matrix, ideas, ideology, belief systems and programs.

Planetary consciousness and all it's programming simply cannot exist within the true cosmic consciousness, cosmic perception of reality simply cannot fit into the boxes and molds of man and so they dissolve much like the dissolution that Neo experiences in the movie "The Matrix".

Other belief systems such as religion, race, countries, politics, money and culture (popular culture, celebrity culture) are also belief systems that stand to dissolve during the process of Dissolution that is a natural step in the evolution of alchemy. The cosmos is alchemy, Source intelligence is alchemy, evolution itself is alchemy, the cosmic clockwork of our solar system and it's celestial objects, the sun, the moon, all of the planets, corresponds to our organs and major glands to produce a process of evolution of consciousness. Alchemist Avery Hopkins of Kymia Arts says this about Planetary Correspondence:

"As Above, So Below – One of the most famous of alchemical axioms. But, we can also translate this to: As within, so without. This relationship of inside to outside or, above to the below, is known as the Law of Correspondence. You may also hear it referred to as the doctrine of signatures. The simplest way that alchemists had to relate the inside to the outside was by pairing heavenly bodies and their associated archetypes with their corresponding centers in man, or in other realms of matter, such as the plants, animals, minerals, and metals. What does that mean? It means that anything is related to everything else. Lines can be drawn to connect any two perceived things, weaving together a fabric of reality so tightly knit that you experience it as a really real thing. Knowing the correspondence of any one thing is to capture the power of understanding, unity, and truth."

Once we understand that the entire cosmos is in support of the evolution of consciousness and we evolve our consciousness beyond the unconscious patterns, programs and belief systems of our ancestral bloodline and cultural indoctrination, we are no longer in need of the lessons and cosmic bitch-slaps from the universe to have us get our shit together, which is what many understand as karma. It is about learning to understand our behaviors and actions in such a way we stop wreaking havoc on our own and other's lives as a result of our human unconscious.

When we live in alignment with the cosmic alchemy and understand this process as evolutionary and in support of our blueprint and destiny,

we come to find that we can trust life, we can trust the universe and we are held in the light of love that facilitates an entirely new way of thinking, being and speaking, that no longer creates what the many call karma. If we can work with the cosmic clockwork and allow this process without resistance, we will find life becomes a lot easier and we flow with natural flow of the universe which will bring about our highest desires, our heart based thoughts, actions and wishes and our divine blueprint will be known to us through our talents, gifts and traits and our contentment and happiness are natural byproducts of this process. And we come to realize that the only one standing in the way of our success, is ourselves.

When we begin to co-create with creator and creation, we no longer produce "karma" from our evolved consciousness, we come to understand that it is a belief system, much like the many belief systems we stole from other people in our childhood and throughout life, we were belief thieves, as Bashar puts it. Throughout life, we stole other people's beliefs and made them our own. You might say, but Ulf, I experience Karma and can see it transpiring in my life and others lives. Well, you will always experience what you believe, believing is seeing, not the other way around. So you produce your experience of life and reality from your belief systems and perception of reality. This is one of the very first things we come to understand in our awakening, that the universe is mental.

This is the first Hermetic Principle. Cause and Effect, being the sixth principle, is however a principle many will find themselves to transcend as they learn why and how they create their cause and effect.

When we learn to work with the principles, they no longer work against us. Alchemy when understood and practiced, will generate rejuvenation, through better organ and glandular health. The luminosity of a radiant body comes from the endocrine system and using the body as an alchemical cauldron. We create gold (lucidity) from our coal (unconscious) and become free of everything that held us back and limited our lives.

In my evolution and alchemy, I have come across the teachings of many mentors and while they have all transformed my life, there is one teacher who has helped me really understand the blueprint I hold and the principles of dreamweaving,

so that I can better walk in this waking dream and create a better experience of life, toltec teacher Mark Cloudfoot Gershon , also known as Avendar Dragon is an apprentice to a Death Defier.

This is what Mark Cloudfoot Gershon says in his Toltec Teachings:


In whatever environment you find yourself in, you either grow or whither. It’s not so much the environment although some environments are better for growth than others. It’s the spirit of the individual that makes a decision not to be the effect by learning to be the cause. That is the true medium of growth.

The Gateway of Light meditation technique is one where you are simultaneously both the cause and the effect. In the human form you are mostly the effect and mostly the unknowing effect. The GOL creates an anomaly in the energy field as you shift to being both cause and effect and less unknowing effect. That anomaly is one in which the assemblage point can make an appearance. You will know it when you shift into dreaming.

Luminosity is a project. Building luminosity and growing by luminosity brings about great growth. You can build it by cause or effect. Building it by your own cause brings about a greater effect. Building it by an effect not your own brings minimal cause. Self-generation of luminosity brings about a release from humanity’s ills and is the key to thriving in evolution.

Never forget the cause that produced the effect. It’s how Warriors learn to live by intent, energy and awareness. It’s a path to the full array of sentience. As one learns to be cause, there is a gain in lucidity. As one becomes the effect, lucidity is dispersed.

In the human form we are all both cause and effect. Most times more effect than cause.

So, in the human form as one is both cause and effect, one gains energy at the expense of energy. Such is the basis of all human interaction. Energy gain and energy loss. It is otherwise known as the "riddle of energy".

In the human state of decline, more energy is lost than is gained.In the optimum state, the state of being a Sourcerer where one is more cause than effect, one gains more energy than is lost.

There is an adepts range of synchronicities. It's not just about noticing certain phenomenal occurrences that seem to repeat. It's about creating phenomenal occurrences that can be repeated. For the adept the synchronicity of brain and heart is one as is the synchronicity of cause and effect. They aren't just noticed, they are created. The human form does not accommodate stress and tension very well and that’s all there is in the afterlife. The human form does not distinguish between stress and tension that is a cause or that is an effect.

In the afterlife the stress and tension that is causal is the very substance that feeds ecstasy. You hold a dynamic tension upon an avenue of ecstatic communion and it can be experienced for millennia. This distinction between stress and tension that is causal is important. In the dream of the world it is difficult to hold such tension. It may last moments but it is a great release from tension that you are the effect of. And it’s a training field for ecstasy in the afterlife.

We are prisoners of the toxicity of our body. Or we are liberated in the cleansing of it. The body is the Alchemical Cauldron of our lifestreams. Learn to manipulate your consciousness through that enterprise.

So to bring this back to Twin Flames and the idea of Karma, that you somehow have karma to resolve between you, this is simply not true. You don't even have relationship issues, what you have is childhood issues, unresolved traumas, unhealed and maybe even unrecognized family patterns, programs and dysfunctions taken on in early childhood from the ancestral bloodline, repeating themselves in your own relationship. Finding your attachment styles and working on becoming securely attached in your relationship will be a more grounded approach than blaming Karma for your issues and problems.

Attachment style, is a spectrum and we can embody several of these symptoms throughout life and in different relationship dynamics.

In the Twin Flame community, we often hear about "The Runner And Chaser" Dynamic and if you really want to understand this dynamic,

you should learn about "The Love Addict and The Love Avoidant" And childhood traumas and inner child healing and reparenting.

These are many teachings and modalities that will assist you in becoming more Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually mature so that you can end the self sabotaging that comes from the unconscious programming and coping mechanisms that you took on from your parents and wounding.

A new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that people can actually begin to change their attachment style with working with counseling and eventually feel better about their relationships and it may not be as difficult as one would think.

To feel more connected, skip the small talk and ask these questions instead. This is the greatest work we do for ourselves and our children to not pass on our ancestral "curses" and become whole and healthy adults and offer our children a better chance at life.

If you are having a child, the best thing you can do for your child is not only to heal these things within yourself, but also study and research

There is no karma to heal or remove, no curses put on your bloodline,

the only thing you are up against is your own unconscious and the many programs and patterns you have taken on as you grew up.

What you need is full spiritual accountability for the things you need to heal and change within yourself, once you can commit to the process and go deep within your own childhood, you will heal the reasons for you sabotaging your own happiness and your relationships.

If you need help with these things we offer tools and clearing of energetic templates, traumas, etheric programs and mental patterns in the sheath bodies so that you are placed in a process of alchemy, where you start shedding these layers of energy within your energy bodies. You will feel lighter and a change even from the first session, but most often more sessions are needed due to the many layers of trauma and templates within the energy bodies. Schedule a session with us today here.

Physical Energy Layer:

Our physical body, consisting of skin, meat, blood, organs, glands and bones, is made up of entirely energy as well, with 99,99% of our bodies being the space between the atoms that make us up, we are very much condensed energy brought into matter. Everything starts in energy and once it has trickled down into the physical body and manifested as physical ailments, it can be hard to find healing for our illnesses. With energy healing we can remove the cause of the physical pain as well as removing the energy that manifests it,

so that a reoccurring illness does not return.

Etheric Energy Layer: The etheric body, from the word "ether", is the part of our energy body that stores the etheric template of our physical body and by altering the etheric programming, we can change how our physical body manifests. The etheric body can be as stubborn as a child, but when programmed regularly over time, will shift into the new programming and shed the old dysfunctional way of manifesting itself. This is why we often recommend at least a few sessions to see if the etheric body sticks to the new reprogramming.

The etheric body is the blueprint of our physical selves. This is where we can reprogram our DNA.

Emotional Energy Layer: The emotional layer of our energy body is the third layer. This is where our fears and feelings reside and if overloaded can make it hard to breath and eventually block the solar plexus, our power center, making it difficult for us to remain centered, often giving us anxiety, making us prone to addictions and bad habits. Most people that come to us for healing have an overactive solar plexus that keeps them from feeling their hearts.

Once the solar plexus is cleared, they step more into their true selves and their joy and manifest their destiny with greater ease.

Mental Energy Layer:

This is the layer that holds our mental patterns, our ideas, our ideologies, belief systems and for many of us our wounded inner child programming. When this is clogged up by non-sense and "logic", thinking and thinking, we find it hard to be creative, we find it hard to use our imagination, to meditate and remain in our peace. An overloaded mental body coupled with an inflamed emotional body is what is wreaking havoc on most people in our society today, this is the reason for a lot of abuse, addiction and wounded ego's hurting themselves and others.

Spiritual Energy Layer:

The spiritual layer of the human energy field is the layer where our higher awareness and connects us to source. This is where we store our luminosity and vitality, the more energy stored in our spiritual body the greater our radiance and the stronger our unified field is. Not only is it our connection to source, but our protection from harmful energies, if this layer is weak, we have low protection, "thin skin" so to speak and loud sounds and bright lights can be overwhelming to us. Once it is healed, we become calm, fearless and highly creative and feel deeply connected to all things.

We also offer life coaching, meditations, different techniques and tools that you can use in your daily spiritual practices and what we love to call

"The Daily Healing Agenda", a program we create with you, where you can help yourself and create a faster and lasting change in your life, than what you otherwise would. We have many satisfied clients and you can read some of our testimonials on our website here.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any experience of clearing the ancestral bloodline or the twin flame process, feel free to comment in our comment section, we love to hear of others experiences.

Blessings to you on your twin flame alchemy and ancestral healing.

It is the greatest work we can do for ourselves, our planet and our children and the love of a thousand guides us home to our healing,

if you need assistance, pray to your ancestors for strength and lucidity,

you are serving them in doing this work, thank you for your courage.


Ulf & Mary Celestine of White Wolf Alchemy

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