From Soul To Body To Embodied Soul

As souls we float in the center of the source we belong to, we do not all originate from the same source, or even the same universe, as there are multiple sources in an infinite multitude of infinities in the endless multiverse.

Once you grasp this concept you will come to find the popular new age saying, "we are all one" and from the same source, to be a complete fallacy and a belief system. Oneness as such becomes completely null and void by understanding.

however we can choose unity, in our common humanity, but it is still a challenge for most and nobody is entitled to be one with any one other than themselves and few are even capable of that feature as we witness even in our spiritual community, let alone on the planet at large. But even though our journey's don't start in the same point of origin or even the same multiverse, they start out the same, with a choice to add another avatar to our multidimensional expression in the infinite now, the eternal moment.

From the cosmic womb of creation, we choose to dream ourselves into being, that is unless we are caught in the reincarnation trap which keep so many souls locked down here on earth, due to belief system and doctrines of the new age.

(I'd rather call it Multi-dimensional Avatar Expansion, as it fits a lot better.)

But for many of the crystal child souls coming in now and the volunteers that came before them who are conscious self- manifested dream weavers and graduate beings, they at some point dreamt themselves into being, by visiting suitable parents, scouting them and choosing the most suitable parents for their avatar to learn the lessons they needed, but most of all to free entire bloodlines of dysfunctions, traumas, abuse, addictions and other not so favorable soul tasks with the purpose of not only setting their bloodlines free,

but to have the extended graduating soul lessons needed for completion of soul school graduation and to assist those who choose to graduate with them in their graduation, be it soul family, blood family, soul group and so on.

Before entering Earth's firmament we agree to have our soul memory wiped clean heavily assisted through thorough indoctrination by everything under the firmament of human construct such as ideas, ideology, belief systems, religion, mainstream culture, peer pressure and patterning, programming and templating. Even the bible itself mentions the firmament as it is an alchemical text, however it is not referring to a flat earth, but to the belief systems of mankind, even the very religion itself belongs to, by an honest reader, able to read the bible symbolically, the bible can become an honest book, alchemical in it's nature. but mankind is still very much forcing it into literal linear thinking, which in turn has it's entire purpose evade them all together.

Jesus Christ himself, was an alchemist, a lucid cosmic consciousness able to look past the firmament and not just the sun of God(s), as we all are.

The very things that you believe in so strongly you will defend it with blood, tooth and nail is the very things that are keeping you from rising into true cosmic consciousness. Even the angels, the ascended masters and the deities created here on earth, are nothing but archetypal constructs dreamt into being by the collective consciousness. Angels and Ascended Masters were created by man, Man dreamed man into existence, this is true sovereignty.

The Principle of Mentalism embodies the idea that "All is Mind." Everything that happens has to be a result of a mental state which precedes it. For anything to exist, thoughts had to form first, which then form physical reality or manifestation. Therefor, these beings need a dreamer to be dreamt into being,

unlike you who are a dreamer and dreamt yourself into being from the source of your creation. We are all infinite consciousness experiencing ourselves as multidimensional beings, Multiplied by multiple multitudes of infinities.

The elements are not the same as source, they are building blocks in the house of creation. In other words they are outsourced from creation, so I can play with them, I am not creator, I am co-creator, from a point of creation I would call my source creator and anyone else who originates from that source creator.

My etheric meridians are energy ducts in my etheric structure, my emotions the energy that moves by thought through these meridians, my movements are from my mental faculty expressed in my physical body, my inclinations come from certain patterns, programs, templates and occasionally blueprint in the etheric body, mental body and spiritual body, my desires are a mix of all of the above. My growth and evolution is per blueprint, my source originated, might not be the same as yours.

Masculine and Feminine are the blueprint of creation, nothing exists without this polarity expression and the zero-point or source spark between them.

I would not be here without them, neither would anything else in creation. I am sure there is a place in the all where the 3 are merged into one singularity as everything is probable and conceivable, however I have not been to such a place that I consciously know of as of yet. But I am sure I will at some point just be nothingness, neither masculine or feminine expression of energy. Just a goop of non-energy, non-flow, non-form. I would not know, as of yet as I have not been in such non-form that I remember and I will not speak on anything I have yet to experience, or understand through my own experience of being. I limit my expressions to what I have or what I am experiencing.

All I know for sure is I am constantly giving birth to a dream as a cosmic dreamer, daily and I can either choose to participate in the dream of the world under guidelines from everything under the firmament or I can participate in the dream of the planet, the harmonious blueprint of Gaia or as a third option, which I really love, to bring the dream of the planet with me into the dream of the world and show people a different dream than the one they are dreaming.

In conclusion,

I don't know if I am experiencing what I am experiencing because I believe in it, or if I am believing what I believe because I am experiencing it. That is the point I have come to in my experience of how belief shapes reality and my experience of reality. All I know is I am in control of myself and my reality through experimenting with my experience and my beliefs.

There is no oneness in my experience.That is a belief.

There are no ascended masters in my experience, that is also a belief.

There are no angels or demons in my experience, that is also a belief.

There are no deities or beings in control of my reality, that is also a belief,

that keeps us from reaching spiritual sovereignty.

There are no ideas, ideologies, beliefs, systems, religions, doctrines left that by my understanding did not originate under the firmament of human consciousness here on earth, so everything has become more or less tools to play with consciously (or these tools can play you in your unconsciousness)

And I choose to play with them in my third dimensional reality.

Whether it be alchemy, astrology, twin flames or anything for that matter, there is nothing left to defend, nothing left to fight for, nothing worth dying for, except my own vitality and my own dream,

which are the only two things I will go to war for, as we have entered a realm where there is a war for our consciousness and if we do not become spiritual warriors with a good strong back bone and a sound mind,

we are losing a battle we will have a hard time with coming to terms with.

If you are afraid to die, you are already dead.

"Protect your spirit, because you are in the place where spirits get eaten."​​

- John Trudell

Are you ready to go to war for your very spirit? I hope so, for your sake.

With Love,

Ulf Haukenes - The Soul Alchemist Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2019,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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