The Emerald Formula - Alchemy Studies - The Great Work Of Dennis William Hauck

I would like to share some material by dennis william hauck, that i found in the alchemy study group a while back,that came back to me through synchronicity almost a year later...

As material often does for the alchemist and mystic. love, Ulf Haukenes -The Emerald Formula CALCINATION

CALCINATION: Element: Fire Metal: Lead Planet: Saturn Astrological symbol: Aries · Calcination means to burn or to calcify, “reduce to bone". · Characteristics: aggresive, etching, burning, Transformative, reductive, purifying and energetic... Mentally it works with the UNTRANSMUTED parts of our personalities · Mostly reshaping the mind to look through the EGO... Crushing the ego is done when we are put in a situation where we have no control. EXPL:"trial by fire" · The SECRET FIRE of the alchemist is CONCENTRATED CONSIOUSNESS. · CONSENTRATION EXPT: try to focus on one thought for as long as u can.

You’ll know you are getting better the longer you can hold a single thought. · Bodily CALCINATION can be experienced through Aerobic exercises IE running, biking, or even rapid breathing CARDIO!!!


DISSOLUTION: element: Water Metal: Tin Planet: Jupiter Astor symbol: Pisces v Dissolution means to: dissolve, you would dissolve the ashes that remained from the process of Clacination. v Characteristics of Dissolution: Ever Changing v Overall Dissolution works against the EGO using emotions. CRYING was thought to release Crystallized emotions and allowed us to heal emotionally. v Un-dissolved people are: judgmental, greed, and excessive, THEIR relations can be described as selfish. v Experiments and terms: CIBATION-the process of adding fluid to dried out material (ties into crying) Bain Marie-a double-boiler used in the lab. v BAIN-MARIE: also a type of deep breathing meditation used in alchemy. Taking in deep breaths and holding them in to "work out" tension in the body. v In this process DREAM play a big roll, begin a dream journal. SEPERATION

SEPERATION: Element: Air Metal: Iron Planet: Mars Astro Symbol: Scorpio o Separation deals with removing further impurities and empowering the true Essences. Mentally we are removing all our "Bad Habits". o People whohaven’t undergone Separation are over assertive and Controlling, refusing to Compromise o People UNDERGOING Separation are courageous and daring, often initiating major changes in the (or their) world and in the lives of the people around them. o Separation helps REMOVE false relations and works to lift you from your egotistic personality and recognize you UNBORN SELF. o Meditation experiment: "Sifting Identity"- Repeat your name and try to find its meaning to you. Enter a mental loop and "Observe you observing yourself" o Breathing exercise: Take full llooonnnggg deeeeep breaths. Fill your lungs down to the very bottom and slowly exhale to the tip top of your lungs. o Key Note: Try living on the EDGE when going through this operation. CONJUNCTION

CONJUNCTION: Element: Earth Metal: Copper Planet: Venus Astro Symbol: Taurus § Conjunction recombines the saved elements from the previous process into something NEW. § Personal Conjunction is the final stage in applied PSYCHOLOGY, the creation of integrated or whole personality. People before Conjunction are lustful and always wanton in seeking their "other half", they are jealous and possessive once they have something § People after Conjunction are appreciative of the alchemical forces at work in their relationships and careers, and tend to be kinder and more sensitive. § In this process we must find a balance between the excitement and passion of the HUNGRY FIRE of our soul and the Calm and careful satisfied WATER in our hearts. § In doing this we can Create the "OVERSELF". The OVERSELF is a thought process where we learn to keep a COOL CALM COLLECTED mind under ANY and ALL Situations. This is the goal of this process for an ALCHEMIST. § CREATING THE OVERSELF: you simply have to maintain your PRESENCE, NO MATTER what happens, no matter how confusing things get, what element is expressing itself in you, or thoughts pop up in your mind, and no matter how CRUEL others are towards you. Every situation that comes at you good or bad is a chance to develop presence of mind and create the OVERSELF. § Signs of Conjunction taking place are your growth in confidence, epuanimity, and calmness. !!!WARNING THE NEXT STEP IS POWERFUL AND DANGEROUS IF THE ALCHEMIST IS UNPREPARED!!! FERMENTATION

FERMENTATION: Element: Sulfur Metal: Mercury Planet: Mercury Astro Symbol: Leo/Capricorn · Fermentation is the process of letting something rot and be REBORN through PUTREFCATION. · Psychologically, Putrefaction is the dark night of the SOUL in which our EGO, everthing we thought was our IDENTITY, suffers a final and complete DEATH. !!IN THIS DEATH AN ALCHEMIST'S MOOD TURNS BLACK, AND THERE IS A LACK OF INTEREST TO LIVE!! Depression and anxiety may overcome you. · An Alchemist will recognize that Putrefaction was a NESCESSARY, if painful, step to enlightenment in which we realize the illusion and futility of a merely physical death. Like the white light of the other side we finally leave the darkness and our consciousness is restored on a HIGHER level. · This LIGHT comes from the SECRET FIRE sparked by a higher imagination and consciousness we all carry in us, allow this FIRE to reforge the SOUL. It will bring light to the entire world you now understand in depth. · Mediation for this process: "THE SECRET FIRE OF IMAGINATION"-Sit and relax, close your eyes and concentrate on the first image you see (don’t be concerned if it was something you had just seen or if there is nothing at all) allow this image or blackness to grow and change, simply observe it... ask a question and watch how it changes. Once you open your eyes again and report back to YOURSELF what you saw in as much detail as possible. This experiment allows your unconscious mind to surface. DISTILLATION

DISTILLATION: Element: Mercury Metal: Silver Planet: Moon Astro Symbol: Virgo Ø Distillation is boiling and condensing the Fermented solution. This causes the solution to rise and fall, evaporating and condensing repeatedly, and gradually increasing its concentration and purity. Ø Distillation is the separation and recombining the subtle and gross aspects of the persona, this is done to ensure there are NO impurities going into the final process. COAGULATION

COAGULATION: Element: Salt Metal: Gold Planet: Sun Astro symbol: Gemini Ø Coagulation is the congealing of a solution or substances into a semi-solid, homogenous jell or balsam this is midway between a solid and a liquid state or readily changes between the two. Ø On a personal level, Coagulation is a very flowing sensual state that has a mystical and highly creative connection to nature. The mind is fully expressed below yet firmly rooted above. Ø Coagulation id the creation of the second Body, a body coagulated of light that the great alchemist Paracelsus called the Astral Body. Ø People who have gone through the step of Coagulation are seen to have Devine presence, people may worship you but remember ALL are able to walk the path; DO NOT feed into the attention you will receive for it will bring back your EGO.

Ø Meditation: Sophic Vessel- Take a comfortable position in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed. Best time for this is after a nap for in the morning. Close your eyes and breathe in deep and slow. Progressively relax your muscles, starting at the top of your toes and moving upward until you reach the back of your neck. Observe your thoughts, emotions, and bodily tension. Ø Next remove all emotions and thoughts, creating a VOID. You should begin to feel your body vibrate and feel the ONE ONLY THING all around you. Begin to PULL its energy into you. Bring it in through the top of your head and all the way down to your base. Fell it make your body vibrate further. Begin to circulate the energy in and out of your body. Bring it ABOVE AND BELOW.

DURING MY PROCESS, HIGHER SELF GRANTED ME THE EXPERIENCE OF LIQUID LIGHT OR THE COSMIC WATERS OF CHRIST. I like to visualize pulling energy Up from Gaia and Down from the Cosmos. By visualizing water, I have produced the experience of the cosmic waters like this a couple of times. Ø During Coagulation, you must learn to control of this vibrational state and start to CRYSTALLIZE this subtle energy into a STONE-your truly independent Body. Ø NOTE: If you push yourself through this process without going through the previous process you may be kicked back to the beginning by the ONE ONLY THING. Trust me.

“I am the true green and Golden Lion without cares, In me all the secrets of the Philosophers are hidden.”

Once you have completed all the Seven Operations of the emerald formula there is an EIGHTH step. AZOTH is a return to the beginning as a Being of LIGHT. This will create a more refined stone in your soul. o Lunar Stone- Gain Control of the body. This is created your first time going through the Emerald formula o Solar Stone- Gain Control of the mind. o Stellar Stone- At this point you are free of GENETIC, ENVIROMENTAL, and ASTROLOGICAL RESTRAINTS. Created our third time going through the Emerald Formula.


"All this information is interpreted from the 1st module of the Home Alchemy Study course “Alchemistic Philosophy” Information from the group Alchemy Study on Facebook:" This is what has proved to given major results in my alchemy thus far,

for this reason I am choosing to share it with my fellow alchemy students

and spiritual seekers. Everyone should be given the opportunity to find this material if they so wish to improve the lives of themselves and others.

Much love to the author Dennis William Hauck.

Dennis William Hauck is a recognized leader in the emerging field of consciousness studies and has contributed to a number of related fields, including the history of science, mathematical logic, psychology, and the scientific study of mystical experiences. He is a popular author and lecturer working to facilitate personal, cultural, and global transformation through the ancient principles of alchemy. He teaches the universal methods of physical, psychological, and spiritual transformation to a wide variety of audiences ranging from scientists and business leaders to religious and esoteric organizations. Hauck is the founding editor of the Alchemy Journal and the founding director of the annual International Alchemy Conference. He is considered a pioneer in introducing transpersonal concepts to businesses and government agencies and worked seven years as a staff writer for Today's Supervisor, the official magazine of the 25,000-member California State Supervisor's Association. He also wrote regular columns for New Age Retailer, Perceptions Magazine, and Whole Life Times. His award-winning website ( is one of the best resources for alchemy on the Internet. The London Times called it “one of the most stunning web archives ever.” He has also created and maintains over a dozen other websites devoted to alchemy.

Also thanks to group moderator Steve Kalec and the alchemy study group for all help and assistance and many blessings to the reader, i hope you use this material well as I have and will continue to do in the times to come. If you want any assistance with you process I do coaching and energy work as stated on this website to help you thrive better during this process.

Much love, Ulf Haukenes.

February 24th, 2017

ulf haukenes - the soul alchemist © 2017,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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