Twin Flames 2.0 - The Evolution Of Twin Flames

Welcome to the Evolution of twin flames, The Next Stage:

Twin Flames are greatly misunderstood in the cosmopolitan sense. Twin Flames are more than soul mates in the sense of sacred lovers, they are very rare volunteer beings who chose to incarnate here to serve humanity by replacing the old templates of love. Twin Flames walk through life with a great knowing inside they are here to serve a specific purpose which drives them into exploring their creative energy from very early on at a young age. note: everyone incarnates with a purpose, but not everyone has this innate feeling, rememberance or knowing of soul purpose, as this innate feeling and sometimes knowing is very strong with twin flames from a very early age. Their mission starts in childhood by taking on the dysfunctional patterns, programs and family templates of their ancestral bloodline and society, with an innate feeling in most of them that the way people love on this planet is greatly misunderstood and toxic. This feeling usually following them throughout life as they try to love their partners with divine love and not being met in the ability to love that deep as most don't know how. This failure to being met crushes their hearts over and over throughout life until it breaks it's final strings and the heart chakra awakening happens from a catalystic encounter with a close vibrational match.

Most Twin Flames then believe this to be the one as foretold in many romantic tales and most every twin flame page out there, which are mostly written from a soul mate and romantic love perspective. Many cling and hold on to this catalyst as they think this is the twin flame, keeping them in longing, waiting and waiting for something that will never be, as it is not meant to be, as it is not the one. It simply was a catalyst meant to open their hearts, awaken to their own love and return to source love as emissaries of this new template of love and serve humanity as spiritual beacons of light. Lighting the way for a new way to live and love on planet earth in sacred partnerships. This template has now been set and the twin flames collective has now served it's purpose and the first stages of the twin flame mission on a collective scale is now finished and we are entering round 2 of what is the twin flame mission, collectively speaking.

It is not about any one set of twin flames or competition in this sense as the twin flames all work for a common agenda and many of us work together in the soul groups and clusters we belong to, not everyone is from the same source (see more than one god) and so there will be many soul groups of twin flames from different sources throughout the multiverses. those not working for this specific agenda or with an innate feeling of being on a mission might find themselves not to be twin flames. Be mindful not to see this from an elitist or separatist perspective as the twin flames certainly do not see themselves as that, but this is the truth of the matter. Not everyone is a twin flame and not everyone needs to be, now that the template is set, everyone will experience this sacred union template on planet earth. Their initial work has been done and so we can move on from the idea and belief system of twin flames as that part of the mission is over. We can start looking at this with a more simpler understanding of this concept in more relateable terms, better known as sacred union or sacred partnerships. Most who are experiencing twin flame unions at this time are in fact twin flame relationships having been bestowed this template from the twin flame collective at work. It is as simple as being embodied by twin flames and then templated with the 12 chakra template and fully activated meridians by being near or working with a set of true twin flame healers. This will in turn template you with the sacred union template. Other ways this works is in the immediate surrounding of the twin flames, in their work place, schools and so on. This is how twin flames serve humanity in silence.

Most people having awakenings due to this templating will still struggle as their lifestyles, patterns, programs and ancestral templates are causing them much strife and challenges. This is where the twin flames second part of the mission comes in, as the twin flames are also excellent conduits of the third energy and having healed their own chakras, meridians, patterns, programs and templates through their own awakening processes and soul alchemy, can now assist and serve humanity once again through their healing services. Some do this professionally, others due it simply through their beingness and other lines of work, whatever that may be. This is what we are looking at now as a collective of twin flames. This is the second part of our mission. To be the spiritual beacons we incarnated to be and step fully into spiritual accountability of mind, body and spirit.

True twin flames will eventually lose interest in toxic lifestyles through their awakening processes and shed addictive programming naturally as a great call from within calls them to step into full spiritual accountability. There is nothing found externally that satisifies them as much as the yearning to embody full spiritual accountability, this becomes their drug so to speak, so they can embody and serve and heal with the utmost purity for the ones seeking their service. as they shed more and more of the toxic programming, patterning, templating from their ancestral bloodline they get closer to what is their core wound. The core wound is shared between the twin flames and so through spiritual maturity this becomes easy to recognize within the other and projections and unhealthy relationship aspects become much easier to work through as a unit in communion. they will then be able to assist humanity with healing these core wounds as well as the programming, patterning and templating from humanities many bloodlines and society's true sickness the collective psychosis also known as mainstream conditioning and popular culture.

we are now getting down to the nitty gritty, the core of what twin flames truly are and their purpose for incarnating at this time on planet earth. it is about high time we let go of this idea of there being "the one" here on planet earth, few will get to experience this romantic idea of "the one" and by letting go off this idea, might actually come to experience the one that is right for you by being someone that is right for others, through healing one's own wounds substantially and maturing emotionally, spiritually and mentally enough to actually embody the fullness of the beloved energy to be prepared enough for the alchemical processes that comes from these sacred partnerships as nobody will be free of that. this is true alchemy after all

and the result of the living blueprint of alchemy, twin flames, returning to earth in numbers to set the template for transformational love on this planet.

in the form of catalystic experiences meant to bring you out of your mind in other words, mental, emotional and romantic ideas and experiences of love and into your heart center in order to experience spiritual ideas and experiences of love and relationships. this does not mean that they will always part ways and that the catalyst you experience cannot become a sacred partnership, quite the contrary, for those who have done the alchemical processes to even near completion will be able to step into sacred partnership and work with the sacred union template and dynamic, as we do not have to be perfect,perfectly close will do as mel brand from goldray twin flames so beautifully have stated, time and time again in his many videos. and to use another one of goldray twin flames amazing quotes:

navigate, communicate, negotiate and compromise are the simple keys in which you can facilitate this sacred union in full accountability.

Not everything from the 5th dimension and up is easily put into motion in the 3rd dimension with 3rd density. So heightened awareness and a complete understanding of how this energy works is important to be able to step into 4th density and this can only happen through shedding the dense beliefs, ideologies and indoctrinations you hold and express in your mental, phsycial and emotional body. understanding the concepts as well as a fundemental understanding of metaphysics, energy, relationship dynamics and how to maintain balance in the union is demanded from both twins. You cannot navigate without a heightened consciousness or without knowing yourself and the energy you are working with, it is like a ship without a rudder. Compassionate Communication comes naturally with self awareness and self love through self observation and it is necessary to achieve this and especially self love in order not to fall into any self critical or judgemental traps. Be honest with yourself and observant of how you speak and interact with yourself as well as others. When it comes to negotiation you have to understand that you do not own this other person, even if they are connected to you on a soul-level, there is always free will and they have their own destined path, next to yours as well as the ability to rewrite their stars so to speak at any given time should they find it preferable.

if they do not awaken to their heart consciousness in which case many experience the runner due to spiritual immaturity, the choice of free will must then be honored whether you believe yoruself to be twin flames or not.

The chaser and runner dynamic is a simple energetic thing as well, so with having understood how energy works, you can understand the reason for experiencing the runner and to some extent navigate the union through energy away from the toxic and exhausting push and pull dynamic and work on loving yourself.

some are experincing this dynamic due to the push and pull between actual twins and some are simply experiencing this due to no longer being a vibrational match and in many cases i have seen, due to extreme toxicities within both partners.

many who are in fact believeing themselves to experience a twin flame runner are in fact not experiencing a twin flame at all, but simply experiencing a catalystic experience gone so sour it is impossible to achieve any partnership whatsoever,

due to not having healed themselves and their respective bloodline well enough.

in these extremly toxic expressions of "love" it is best to move on and focus on one's own healing and process of soul alchemy and you will be able to experience the template of sacred partnerships at a later time, once you are more healed.

trying to find your twin flame or factilitate this kind of partnership without the spiritual maturity required will be a futile attempt and only cause you more harm and wasted time. true twin flames meet when they are meant to anyways, not sooner,

so you might as well already now simply focus on yourself and your self love.

divine timing is a major part of this template, whether one is a twin flame or not. and most twin flames have now found one another and if you haven't found them by now, don't worry, you will experience the template of sacred partnership set by twin flames, as that is the reality of what twin flames are and their mission here.

at all times you will have to surrender everything to God/Source and have complete trust in your divine blueprint as it is necessary to ease up the dynamics, whether your twin physically runs or not or simply pulls away when the energy gets to be too intense, you have to trust the process you are undergoing. in all cases of this dynamic it is best to let go of control and in full expression of this dynamic, it is best to let go of the need to be with this partner all together, as surrender will be needed for your own spiritual development and soul alchemy. by understanding how to facilitate balance, this dynamic will be eliminated. An inner knowing of all will be fine if one is authentic and honest in complete vulnerability...As for compromise, I find it best in being attentive and conscious of the other persons energy, wants, needs and being in complete honesty with what we both are feeling and going through as both seem to be feeling and going through the same things at the same time due to sharing their core wound and then compromise accordingly.

The sacred intimacy in a union is what creates the third energy and accelerates the expansion of the sacred lover's consciousness and I am not just talking about sex, explore intimate communication, being vulnerable and raw will only come to serve you and also help you with working on your ego. The ego tends to lie and loves to be the trickster if not fully balanced and again we are talking energy.Balance the ego through humility and sacrifice, sacrifices must be made from both partners and you will find yourselves in total devotion and service to one another. Nothing becomes a chore for the other, think of it once more in terms of energy, what you do for them you do for yourself as well, as you are in union. So it will come to serve you to serve your partner as well. The more you put into the union, the more you will get from it however getting simply seems to vanish in the joy of giving as you literally feel like you are giving to yourself, as it is energy and energy must always return to balance through equlibrium somehow. This is the result of true spiritual maturity, our 12 Keys to a successful Sacred Union: Self Awareness - analyzing your wounds and templates, patterns and programs. Self Love - being fully accountable for health of mind, body and spirit. Honesty - always telling the truth without fear of abandonment. Trust - always trust yourself and your partners heart to do the right thing. respect - always respect your own and your partners wants, needs and boundaries.

Integrity - always do the right thing, even when noone is watching. accountability - always do what you say you will do (see self love). Vulnerability - be willing to open fully up to your partner at all times. Surrender - hand everything you cannot control over to source and trust the process. Sacrifice - be willing to make earthly sacrifices in order to heavenly rewarded. Humility - set your ego aside and realize you are not here only for you. Intimacy - communicate from heart and be present with your partner, intimacy is meant to transcend the bedroom and it will in turn also make connecting in love making a tantric exploration unlike anything you have ever experienced.​ This is Twin Flames 2.0 - the next stage in the evolution of twin flames all rights to this material to the authors, no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.

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