Harmonization Of Twin Flames In Radiance

There is a way in which I have learned to trace the ego in both partners and how it quickly causes imbalance and disharmony with simply our thinking. If we think we are let's say further ahead, more evolved, better than, stronger, more equipped in total, rather than the specific thing we may be more inclined to have a better skill at, we produce disharmony and imbalance to a greater extent than what is actually real and experienced and quickly the experience of being out of harmony and imbalanced increases and we are proven right about our belief.

no matter what we believe, whether it is right or wrong, black or white, good or bad, we will produce our experience of life and this union, from our set of beliefs and belief systems.

this is always the case as that is how powerful our imaginative faculty and tri-fecta chakras (dimensional chakra, heart chakra and manifestation chakra) are in co-creating our experience with higher self and creator in creation.

It is so subtle you can hardly feel it happening until it is so wobbly you both are faced with a decision to either pull away or return to heart centered thinking and harmonize.

The thing I have found with True sacred partnership connections, is that there is never a case of one being more evolved or higher in frequency than the other, or you would not be together. if one of you had any toxic traits, the other will have these traits as well, more or less expressed. You would not attract a sacred connection already out of balance. these connections always serve us as sacred reflections, it is in the denial of our own toxicity and faults and in ideas of separation we seem to separate as a result of differences that are based in ego and lack of understanding,

which then creates difference in vibration and a split is forced to happen.

if the two were to grow apart, is due to beliefs they have rooted so deeply in they are unable to be moved by love, love will always make the two grow together.

the choosing of heart consciousness and source love vibration and creation,

will always harmonize the connection, it is only when ego is the basis of choice, beliefs and actions, we cause disharmony and if only one of them is able to choose heart, the other will quickly follow if it is a true sacred connection.

This is why you should seek to grow together, where one is lacking, the other should guide and teach and lead the way, this will happen with different things for the two in question as there is always something one of them is better at and have more skill training in and can be able to lead the way, if the other is humble enough to allow to be guided, humility will bring you both together in harmony at greater ease.

For us this does not vary a lot as we both share all skills, talents and gifts, but there are a few in which we are more gifted than the other as they simply have more training, this means with training the other one will be able to meet in the same skill and experience harmony in sharing that as well. Be gentle, compassionate and patient. this is what you both want or you would not be in union. trust!!

artwork: nazim artist 'entangled infinites'

This also has happened in belief systems for us, as we both come from different cultures and backgrounds, but also due to peer programming and belief systems we chose to believe in along the way. I will remind you that anything is a belief system, even love, spirituality, twin flames, alchemy and anything else for that matter on this planet. It only works and is true, because we believe it is true, what came first, the belief or the experience? It is often hard to tell, but a belief system often backs up the experience and strengthens it and so it is when we think and believe anything about our significant other as well. Choose positive and enhancing beliefs about one another. This will help harmonize and strengthen your cores and unified field and you will experience higher vibrational realities.

The more she trusts him to penetrate her core, the deeper she let's him come into her heart, the higher they rise in frequency, the closer they come in the merge. The jolts of light that tug their shadows and shrug of all impurities, leaves the two feeling off balance,until one or both chooses heart and a reharmonizing occurs that brings them to a new plateau. The dance of reaching new levels and ascending is caused by movement, the growth is caused by friction, like continental drift and tectonic plates, the quakes and tremors of the energy caused by the two not only creates shifts within their own experience, consciousness and reality, but the ripples are felt into the collective and the many unions work in unison together on a grid of divine lovers.

She must learn to trust him, he must learn to move with her, by following her movements, she will trust him and she will lead him into her heartwomb, the holy grail, where he will rise the arc of covenant and we have the polarity and dance of creation. This can only be done by a grail queen and a grail knight, they may not need one another to live a life in service, but to do this dance, there can be no other and so they choose heart with more ease then they ever did before, knowing it is what their soul longs for, what their heart of heart yearns for and that it is their utmost service to the all that is, coming through them and everything they want to come to them, will come through this dance, through their union, through their creation energy and for this they both must be present within heart and their polarity. They can dance between masculine and feminine energy as they are androgynous by nature and in etheric make-up, but if they play too much for too long they fall into depolarization and their attraction and magnetism loses it's power and their third energy and radiance lessens.

It is for this reason, the divine masculine must learn to cultivate his masculine energy as well as familiarize himself with his feminine, to know when he uses which and for what purposes and this takes some learning and perfecting as she must also do the same and no man and woman and no relationships are the same, so their expression changes from relationship to relationship all depending on the polarity of their energy at that point in time, however this is no relationship, something the sacred dancers soon realizes, this expression of polarity and this amount of third energy, is entirely different, as they both have never had such strong counterparts and as rare as grail queens and grail knights are, they most likely will not again...Not to this magnitude, something that will again bring up all forms of abandonment, insecurity, until they realize all they want is NOW, union is NOW and there is nothing but NOW to be had and in this NOW, they are ONE in union.

It is simple, it is what is and what is cannot not be, as what is, has always been and always will be in this now. union is now. harmony is a choice and comes from within, only to be expressed without if each cultivates harmony within and without,

as one in their unified field. communion comes from truthful communication and love, keep it simple, it is always more simple than we make it out to be.

blessings, Ulf Haukenes

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Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2020,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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