What the Divine Masculine really look for in a woman

I heard a woman today mention she found it hard to compete with the more prolific and Exhibitionistic women on social platforms fighting for mens attention in hopes of experiencing a true connection. well, it had me thinking...

Why would you want to compete with the promiscuous targeted demograph? Those are not the men you want to attract anyways. those are not the gentle giant warrior king you all profess longing for. You need to change the arena in which you are choosing to look for love. Try attracting men with your consciousness, the matching consciousness will find you in alignment when you are in your truth. Speak your truth, live your truth and communicate from heart and soul. Most try to be something they are not to attract someone who is not meant for them, ending up changing themselves and/or changing the other, failing to love both themselves and the other unconditionally. To love yourself is to stay true to yourself. Not go against who you are as a soul. Don't change yourself for love, true love will change you anyways, for the better, always. if you let it, if you let go with grace and allow in faith, surrender to love, to pain, to change. True love changes you.

Opposites may often attract and be filled with sexual friction and short lived adventures, but when like attracts like, deeper than superficial attraction, we get to see how truly beautiful we are, to our core, in our essence, as everything we love in them, is to be found within. A new level of loving another opens up. A gateway to a deeper intimacy than the primal attraction, yet not lacking in primal passion and certainly not heavenly ecstasy as they join in higher self union, mentally, emotionally, physically, etherically , spiritually and astrally, it is an intimacy that supersedes any other on the planet at this time. And the purer we are in all these energy bodies as well as our physical body (which is also an energy body made up of flowing atoms and molecules), we get to experience higher levels of intimacy.

This is a love that happens to you, through you, through alignment, not by force or games, or seduction. In other words, to attract someone in alignment with who we truly are, for the purpose of a spiritual union, we have to be true to our own true nature. Our essence, free of gameplaying and artificial constructs of self and even seduction with the intent of having a need met or another selfish act of love. People are more than beings to be used for your pleasure and only once you start respecting people in this way, will you yourself be respected in that way, the universe gives us the same lesson over and over, until we get the message and change.

My greatest gifts were the things that were not loved unconditionally by my former partners, they showed me what I had to love unconditionally within myself. Those places were I was abandoned in abandoning myself, were the places I needed to show up for myself and stop abandoning myself. We all need to show up more for ourselves and this energy lately has really been pushing us all into our truth, aligning the private, the public and the personal into one holistic expression of who we are, as authentic as we have ever been, it is scary beautiful and we are fortunate to live in such a time of increasing transparency, lucidity and expansion of compassionate consciousness on this planet. And so it is I wish to extend this compassion into our sexuality, into our intimacy, as a collective as well, let's collectively heal our sexuality, be mindful of how we use our sexual energy, it is our very life force after all.

If someone can manipulate your sexual energy, trigger you, or hook you in, they can control you. And when sex is used to seduce like this and especially when it is used to control another individual or more, it disconnects us from experiencing true intimacy. we are very often seeing it accompanied by psychopathic tendencies and narcissistic abuse, in other words, we are being collectively abused by a narcissistic, sexually toxic, pedophile pop culture with highly religious and ritualistic undertones. They are controlling us through our sexual energy, making our pre-teens and lower sexualized through music and entertainment, over sexualizing their entire reality. Porn and toxic sexuality everywhere you look. Why do you think that is? To control us. Where are you giving away your power? Your lifeforce? If someone can manipulate you, they can control you. Remember that.

more of these things and other societal programs and illusions in my upcoming book. So stay tuned in this space and hit the subscribe button as we will continue to

explore the evolution of the masculine from a masculine perspective in this sacred space, we invite you to interact with us and create a dialogue as we express and reinvent what the true masculine is becoming in the evolution of man.

much love Ulf Haukenes, the soul alchemist. authors recommendation: a recommended read to understand the art of seduction and sexual manipulation would be robert greene's art of seduction.

The Art of Seduction is an indispensable primer of persuasion and offers the best lessons on how to take what you want from whomever you want or how to prevent yourself from being taken. click on the link above for the book or the photo below for the audiobook.

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