Conscious Dream Weavers Dream On

sacred connections more often than not from my experience starts out as a dream they both dream into reality, it is their greatest dream from the point of creation where they are now, we also align with soul connections based on our own self perception, self esteem and level of consciousness. It is always about alignment of 2 co-creators of similar blueprint and soul monad, same over soul and sometimes even the same higher self it seems. the telepathy, synchronicity and astral connection is always strong and the more we detox and heal ourselves, the stronger we become, the stronger the connections become.

it is not without reason I speak so much of the importance of spiritual accountability and especially health. the are of utmost importance if you want to get as much as you can out of your sacred connection experience and life.

life is calling to you, to become a co-creator of a new earth, a better world to live in and it starts with the man in the mirror, as michael jackson sang.

so i am doing just that, changing myself and hoping it will inspire others to also choose a path of heart and becoming a more whole and present being.

but let's talk less about health, i talk about that enough. let's talk about the connection and how i experience it, i know many of you will resonate.

The level of connection to higher self is determined by the crown chakra, but also the connection to the heart center. The heart center is the most important chakra of the 12 in your chakra system within the body as that is the center of your torus field from which you make yourself manifest out a singularity in your heart. You are just like the planet, the sun, the solar system and the galaxy in this sense.

The intensity of the connection is as Mel Brand says, predetermined by teenage traumas and programs, patterns and templates. We see a deep connecting in the trauma wounds, which amplifies the bonding, as well as everything else. Everything is amplified in these connections. The more the emotional body is healed, the less the two in connection will experience triggers and the high intensity fall-outs that so many of us have experienced.

If the two dreamers remember to continuously dream the dream into existence daily, that they are co-creating this union from a dream level down , or astral level if you will, but also the imaginative faculty which is just as important, how we daydream, how we view the other sacred partner, what we expect, what we fear, what we love, what we hope and wish for, all of these things will manifest as energy within the connection.

If one of the sacred partners sees themselves to be above or below in the union, it will cause imbalance on the scale, the weight of them both so to speak has to be equal and is of course also simply created from mind. Ego can play tricks on us and tests along the way will show you whether or not you are worthy of keeping the connection as well, that which is not handed over, that which is not in service, will soon come to find challenges escalate. Equilibrium and center is extremely important to maintain within and also with the sacred partner. You came together as one and only in the belief that you are no longer one, will you no longer be one. the unified field is created from your own alignment with self, but also through alignment with partner, which can be done on a conscious level, but takes some mastery to uphold. but if you don't at first succeed, test yourself of and try again, as the late Aaliyah sang.

You are co-creators of a union,you are not in a relationship.

Sacred partnerships, that is the template we embody,

this template is the living blueprint of alchemy.

which means, your connection will undergo a process of alchemy,

all the historically well-documented stages of alchemy, '

individually and together not always the same lessons,

-but the same energy and challenges is present within their shared unified field,

this is how further healing on both sides of the bloodline also occurs,

the templates, patterns and programs are equally to be found and once more accountability and transparency will serve as two of your best tools

through what is cleared from the process you undergo.

something that becomes very apparent in the family dynamics,

once the energy bodies are healed and the templates start dissolving,

we see a shift where also family members start awakening and healing.

The only things you need to fear are the fears you have brought with you,

share these within the connection together, this also serves as an intimate bond and will heal you both. Sharing our hardship as much as our love and laughter breeds trust and intimacy as well. But what seems to bond the two in sacred connection the most, is the synchronicity they both experience of similarity on the path throughout life. From childhood, music, movies, wounds, lessons and talents, gifts, traits and sometimes, but not always, appearance. But the more they merge in the etheric body, they most often seem to always look more and more like one another.

Meditation and mindfullness practices will come to be a necessity for the two in connection to maintain balance, center and co-creation on course as they daily manifest their union into fruition through dreams, physical co-creation, sexual alchemy-sex magick, through thoughts, words and actions and also from the state of their physical health. The healthier we are, the better our chakras operate and the better we manifest our unions. Chakra health is endocrine health and the overall state of your organs and glands will determine the height of your sexual force, sexual energy is life force after all and how well your glands and organs are will determine how well your chakras are and vice versa. Even though everything starts as energy, the physical state of the organ will also affect it's energy center or chakra. And so you will have a holistic diagnose to work with from the chakras that are out of balance. Cannot fix one, without fixing the other, so the physical state eventually will become a very natural choice to heal and restore balance to once you are in connection to higher self and experiencing the exalted states of consciousness you will not want to destroy this holy vessel you are inhabiting. For a while you might experience cognitive dissonance doing things you know you should not be doing, but those will fall away as you mature spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Healing the energy bodies is also of utmost importance, so that you can both remain in union, but also so you can be clean transmutation portals for the people of planet earth. The cleaner you are, the better you will be able to serve your mission and heal and transmute, but also imprint on creation, through your co-creative faculties. Everything that is not healed will always surface in these connections as that is one of the highest purposes of this union, to clear and heal the bloodline. Once the union starts clearing, both families start experiencing profound changes and in many cases even miraculous healings from the energy within the union. Family that have not spoken together in years often come together again, or an even further bonding and healing and clearing of unresolved traumas somehow.

This is what these connections are for, to serve as the living blueprint of alchemy, for themselves, as they wanted to come serve and play, But also for their bloodlines, the earth and to set a new template for the etheric body for planet earth, this template of 12 chakra's to replace the old 7 chakra system, to open dormant meridians in order to activate the energy bodies even further and the template of sacred partnerships that are dreamt into reality from an astral level. These kind of connections will be the future of mankind, so everyone will experience these connections in the time to come, which makes those of us who walked through the portals first, as the living blueprint of alchemy, of great use to the collective also in the times to come as many will need help to learn how to navigate this new love and relationship template on planet earth.

And if the dreamers remember to keep dreaming consciously together, they will keep on dreaming their shared hopes and dreams into being through their physical health and over-all vibration, their heart center, their imaginative faculty and the astral or dream state if you will, both consciously and unconsciously as higher self is orchestrating these sacred connections

of two dream weavers coming together, two awakening co-creators that have earned a deep connection through their self work and sacrifice.

there is always a vast amount of soul work behind the people who experience these connections, that is obvious to those who have experienced it.

we all resonate deeply in having had very challenging lives most of us,

with an occasional exception to the rule here and there.

we are the dreamers. you know you dream you reality to life.

why not make it an adventure, learn about love as much as you can,

when it comes, let it, when it goes, let it, but don't stop loving when they leave,

keep loving, learn to love yourself, know yourself, lose yourself and find yourself, play with your reality, have fun, be the magician you came here to be,

you have so much co-creative juices flowing in you, just waiting to burst out and be part of the changing force that is gonna revolutionize our planet into a golden dawn of humanity, as we pull the trajectory away from the timeline of the dream of the world and it's soul sucking traps that steal our vitality and onto the harmonic timeline of the dream of the planet where we will reach for immortality.


Conscious dream weavers, weaving a divine tapestry together from the astral down.... Dream on.

ulf haukenes - the soul alchemist

Eidsfoss, Vestfold, Norway


Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2019,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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