Soul Connections - What is their purpose?

I seem to have an unconventional and non-traditional view on twin flames, soul mates and soul connections and so I would love to share my finds and perspectives from my experiences with several soul connections over the years.

When the second Twin Flame experience came about and I loved no less and experienced no less metaphysical symptoms and transcendental love than in the initial connection, i quickly realized the belief system I had been prisoner of and it's effect on my process, but also the collective and how they experienced this kind of connection, not only from what is actually present within the connection, but how the belief system twin flames and our joint ideas of love and relationships would come to shape the entire experience.

the more these connections were free of belief systems, ideology, templates, patterns and programs and the more the emotional body was healed, the better these connections were experienced and the higher levels of third energy produced within the connection. the third energy being the unified field, the joint life force and sexual energy of the two in sacred connection.

I quickly realized that if you have one spiritually accountable being, accountable for their own health and life force while the other is not,

the one who is not accountable is lowering the potential of the third energy and also the combined energy of the two in their merging unified field.

This is why the holy grail is depicted in between the two, as this cup symbolizes the joint effort and love the two have for themselves, each other and the union. It is literally a well of energy to give and take from.

If the giving and taking is not in balance, the union will quickly soon crumble under the weight of the one who is giving more and taking less.

The two have to not only be in balance in energy in terms of vitality,

but also in terms of masculine and feminine energy in order to stay in equilibrium in the connection, polarity has to be present and to be aware of when one is in masculine and feminine energy is of utmost importance to the two in connection. This is one of the things we see imbalanced the most in the collective and one of the things most couples struggle with in union,

to maintain the balance of masculine and feminine energy, within and without. If you start seeing yourself as anything but in a balanced union, you will start to experience imbalances and the old relationship templates, where the one who loves the least is always in control and power-struggles ensue.

The more each of them is able to increase their own vitality and fight decline of the physical body, the more optimal the endocrine system works, the higher their chakra function and the better the sexual union will be, the more equipped you will be to handle upgrades for the ascension process, the more will their bodies be able to sustain and integrate, which is what these connections are for, to anchor in more third energy and heal the planet. It is both said by others who came before me and also personally witnessed and experienced by yours truly, how the third energy from these connections not only heals the two in union and their bloodline, but this energy spreads out in miles radius and heals the flora, the fauna and wildlife as well, the full effects of these connections on the planet and it's inhabitants has yet to be fully discovered as we venture out on the frontiers of this experience of embodying the living blueprint of alchemy in evolution and use these connections for what they are truly for.

In these connections we are offered more than just "the highest love available on the planet at this time", we are being offered a chance to transmute our wounds and alchemize our potential and become our highest versions of ourselves as intended by our blueprint and utilizing all our inherent traits, talents and gifts provided to us through our passions and who we simply are by no effort, demand free of the indoctrinated version of ourselves.

free of distortions and toxicities handed down to us from society, upbringing

and popular culture. Few seem to really get what these connections are for and they spend countless hours trying to make sense of someone who refuses to be in connection with them, hoping to find new ways to win them back, by manipulation, agendas and games from the old paradigm, unable to make it work the slightest in their favor, with health deteriorating and rapidly declining as a result of lack of self love and self preservation, which are two of the first natural by-products of a successful process of alchemy.

If you are consciously conducting your process as if it was a melody and learning to play along to the notes and nudges of your higher self,

you will eventually produce better health and more radiance as a natural result of your alchemy. This is not to get away from and something I see severely lacking within the twin flame community, there is not enough emphasis on the importance of the process and spiritual maturity and accountability and too much emphasis on how to get back the one that went away.

The lack of such information has for the longest time lead people astray within the community and we see more and more people setting themselves free from the belief system and embracing the actual process laid before them.

For those who are choosing to let go off the belief system and opening up to what is possible in an infinite multiverse with infinite timelines and possibilities, will come to see their greatest dreams come to fruition.

Whereas those choosing suffering still, will continue to do so until they are tired of choosing suffering. God often removes things and people we think we want in our life, only to replace them with someone more aligned with who you are becoming, but by holding onto this idea of who you are and who someone is to you, you are blocking blessings from entering your life.

A full cup cannot be filled. In letting go of holding on to an empty cup,

you will come to find a new cup full to the rim with love be handed to you.

In conclusion in my honest opinion, the purpose of these connections is to build energy together, alone and together as one, the more energy they can produce, the more vitality they can increase they greater the radiance and healing force the two will embody and radiate into their joint purpose and mission and since they often work as healers and teachers of the new earth,

the effects of their joint efforts is truly palpable in their presence and if done correctly it is evident to both the two in union and those around the increase of healing source energy it has when two conscious co-creators come together in vibrational alignment to create in this new template of love and relationships on planet earth. For those who are truly living this template,

this living blueprint of alchemy, i highly advice to look to the alchemists that came before you and learn their simple, yet hidden truths and apply them to your process, for a better and more heightened spiritual experience of this amazing potential for the highest love available to us at this time on planet earth. Make good use of your process and reap the rewards accordingly. It is not meant to be endless struggle and longing on this path,

it is meant to be expansive and bring you home to who you truly are.

the true self is awaiting us under layers of unhealed wounds in the emotional body and endless ideas and belief systems in the etheric body.

And once these are removed, a whole new world opens up to us.

A world were filling our cup and increasing vitality becomes top priority,

replacing our need for chasing "the one", as we would be a poor match for any "one" without spiritual accountability.

If you need help making the most out of your process of alchemy,

to make better sense and use of your experience,

feel free to schedule an appointment through the website.

Blessings, Ulf Haukenes- the soul alchemist Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2019,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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