Insecure Or Impeccable Intuition?

Trust in our relationships is what many struggle with, the biggest reason for our trust lacking, is our inability to be honest, transparent, authentic and fearless in approaching our partners with our vulnerability, our intuition and so on. How can you move beyond the fear of being yourself?

What is it you fear to tell your partner the most? For me lately it was coming forth with something I saw and felt in my intuition and from experiences of former relationships with a lot of sheep in wolf clothing and the usual snakes with venomous poison inserted right into the vein of your relationship.

So many times this came from what appeared to be close friends and even what we call soul family.

Friendship and soul family doesn't always mean virtues will be present in your relations, that much is certain, most people have their own agendas for entering any friendship or relation. There is something we get from one another and that is not to deny, we form relations in order to connect through common traits, interests and so on, there is an initial attraction in friendships as well, even with straight same sex people, there is an alignment, most often from our wounds and experiences in life.

What I observed was someone who supposedly was a close friend and soul family of my partner. He continuously kept trying to get my partners attention and try to make her look his way or make me jealous. But instead of reacting, I took a step back and searched my feelings and former experiences in order to figure out a way to make it known. Some of these people even have a coaxer that is often seeming neutral, but is closer to the one manipulating and trying to help the manipulator get together with the prey. The coaxer is often unaware of being used as a tool to serve an agenda and most likely only think they are doing good.

It was so early in our relationship I was afraid to say anything in fear of being seen as insecure and jealous, as I had been named in the past with other more promiscuous and "free spirits" I had been with in the past, who obviously was still looking, afraid to be alone, looking to trade up and so on.

I quickly realized my intuition always had been point on as I always ended up being right about the people that gave me a bad gut feeling. I decided to step back and do a spell my friend had shared with me, may all be seen, by the powers of 3, so may it be, so may it be, so may it be. And I posted a few posts with the intent that he would see them through her liking my posts, making him know I saw him clear as day. He soon blocked me, making his intentions known to not only me,

but also my partner.

She experienced the same in turn recently with people I sincerely thought was close soul family, who simply turned out to be someone who was on my profile waiting on the sideline with an agenda, I kind of always had a feeling,

but seeing so clearly all the time, makes becoming cynical a real challenge and you don't want to believe most people have an agenda of their own, you wish to think that people are actually friendly because they wish you well and not because they want something from you, or make you notch in their belt of conquests.

Due to the spiritual community being full of gullible good-hearted people in search of enlightenment and true love, it is also full of predators, that should be fairly easy to understand and it is not cynicism but realism. She also wondered about how to approach this as she had also been ridiculed for her intuition in the past, but due to our transparent connecting and honest communication from the start, she felt safe enough to share what she had observed with me.

So many think their actions are hidden, that they are not seen, but once you truly are awakened and fearlessly transparent, other people who are not consciously transparent, still are completely see through to us who are consciously transparent.

Social media has come to be minefield for partnerships coming into consciousness and especially these sacred unions, as most people want a sacred union and that others have it invokes a lot of jealousy, envy and sometimes even downright evil awakened inside people. Yes, there is dirt, agendas and evil also in the so called spiritual community.

I used to be so anxious about my sacred connections when it came to this kind of sabotage online and it was prevalent in all of them, as a lot of women are downright naive due to their hearts always wanting to see the best in other people, this is a good quality most of the time, but in terms of predators and how the world really is, this can be detrimental to the course of their relationships.

There is a lack of respect in the spiritual community, not only for traditions, for cultures and substances, but most importantly other people, their lives and partnerships.

I think part of this might be due to all the substance abuse I witness going on, substances has a way to snuff out morals and ethics and virtuous living, something that is contradicting their initial search for spirituality. Spirituality is virtue more than anything. There is an energy present that has been growing since 2012 forcing people to walk their talk and it has been increasing since the eclipse. This energy is also assisting in our transparency and this year we will see a lot of masks fall in the spiritual community, we will see groups and cliques fall apart, entire communities split and a further gap between ideologies, experiences and belief systems, before they all eventually crumble into the sea of consciousness.

For the first time in my life I am not afraid of anyone "stealing" a naive and wounded woman from me, as my woman is far from naive and both our wounds rapidly healing in the face of transparency. If the collective masculine needs to be more present and more nurturing, then the collective feminine needs to be more present and less naive, the world is not as pink and fluffy as you'd like it to be and the spiritual community is still part of the rest of the world and we will see more evidence of that in the times to come, just as much as we will see more people stepping into true light, true self and spiritual virtuous living. I am not just one wolf with sharp eyes, teeth, smell and impeccable intuition, we are now two who can see intent clear as day and to trust our partner enough to show us our blindspots when we have been duped by agendas masked by loving energies.

I never go outside my partnerships anymore for advice, I don't need to, thank god, as most are not wishing you well and sometimes the closest friend can be someone who actually is in love with you, or has a crush and will do everything they can to sabotage you, so you will be who you are meant to be with, in their eyes of course. So many emotionally cheat online and in real life, sharing intimate details with a close friend rather than their partner, if people outside your relationship know more about you and your issues and partnership than your partner, you are sabotaging your own partnership, this does not count if there is abuse, then outside help is clearly needed. But I see a lot do this in a promising partnership as well and you are drilling holes in your own boat.

Intimacy is more than sex, it starts in the eyes, body language, gestures, communication and reception, you have to give of yourself in truth and honesty and you have to have space to receive your partner in truth and honesty as well, if you are playing games, hiding, manipulating, or even holding back, you will get a fast crash course in how to fail a partnership. If you can be unafraid of them leaving you in the face of your truth you have entered a dangerous place of freedom and you may just be able to make your partnership work, if any of the wounded actions I have shed light on in this article is present, you need emotional healing, mental healing in order to mature spirituality and a quick course in virtues and ethics. it astounds me that morality is one of the things that is most lacking in a community that supposedly is spiritual.

It is a good time to be alive and authentic in this new energy since the eclipse,

What is hidden will always come to light and that can either comfort you,

or distraught you, if it disturbs you, the solution is simple, become a better person, work on your toxic patterns and programs from your bloodline,

seek out experienced and well-credited energy healers that can help you.

They will have to have good experience with the etheric body, etheric templates and the meridians for these etheric templates to flow out of your body once they have been released, they will need to be cleared alongside your healer.

If you should need any help with that from an exceptionally well experienced 12 chakra system based healers, feel free to contact me or anyone on the team of etheric surgeons and healers i belong to, which you can find here at:

meridian energetics.

Blessings, Ulf Haukenes - The Soul Alchemist

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2019,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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