The Empath And Narcissist Delusion

I remember entering the spiritual community, back then most of us thought we were deities, archangels, angels and REALLY special.

Well, even if you are just as plain human as the rest of us you are still kind of special, but you may not be the second coming of Krishna or Christ or whatever you may believe yourself to be.

So many empaths in the spiritual community speak of the empath and the narcissist dynamic and it makes me laugh a little honestly after observing a very over-all narcissistic community, simply because I have never seen so much covert narcissism as among the empathic crowd and the spiritual community as after I educated myself on the narcissistic template during a very toxic soul connection. I grew up with narcissism in my family, on both sides expressed,

something I see now is very prevalent among my clients and especially within the spiritual community, we all had one or more parent with this very damaging dysfunctional trait, it is but one of the many things graduate beings

come to this planet to assist in clearing, but to clear something, we have to embody it unfortunately, so we chose the most dysfunctional families to be of the most help in clearing our planet from inside the family dynamic which then spreads out into society. The same goes for ADD, ADHD, BIPOLAR, SCHIZOPHRENIC, AUTISTIC and what have you of diagnosis these days,

with most of these symptoms being due to malnutrition over decades within our families as well ever since the rise of processed foods and chemicals in everything.

Some have grandiose beliefs, extravagantly or pretentiously imposing in appearance or style and are obvious, but then you have those less easy to spot narcissists, that hide behind a "sensitive" exterior. You see, overt narcissism often creates covert narcissists out of their victims.

Are you an empath who feels like a victim? You may not be such a victim after all, because yes, we were abused and yes it messed up entire psyche, but it is our responsibility to heal ourselves. Pointing the finger at an abuser and in many cases these covert narcissists were created by an overt narcissistic parent, so their abuser may not be the entire reason for your messed up dynamics and mental state. Still, it is our responsibility to heal ourselves and not pass on toxicity.

The Difference Between Overt And Covert Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Overt narcissism is the most obvious of narcissistic personality disorders. The overt narcissistic personality is arrogant, boastful and demanding. This narcissistic personality is often an exhibitionist, and can be offended if not fed energy and attention, or as a result of receiving criticism or slights real or imagined. The overt narcissist has rage very close to the surface and can when not getting his or her way.

Overt narcissistic personality disorder manifests as grandiose behavior, the demanding of specialized treatment, having to be known as the most valuable player, the most successful of a particular field,the most intelligent or the most aesthetically attractive. This narcissistic personality needs to be recognized for his or her special abilities and uniqueness,believing he or she is superior to others.

The overt narcissistic personality is highly exploitative and ruthless in the quest for power and control. This individual has the potential to be a public figure and secure power, money and material desires, but always at the expense of others. Many an overt narcissistic personality may not secure success, and will concoct credentials and achievements in order to gain recognition that has never been earned.

Both the overt and covert narcissist has deep feelings of unworthiness. The overt narcissist will openly intimidate, diminish and slander others because of deep jealousy and insecurities and has high levels of distrust believing other people treat him or her with the same contempt.

Let's take a deeper look at the empathic narcissist which many empaths in the spiritual community fall under, it is just as damaging as overt narcissism,

but they are far more harder to spot for an untrained eye.

The covert narcissist is the ‘shy’ narcissist, but no less dangerous and painful to become involved with. The covert narcissistic personality like the overt narcissistic personality has deep feelings of unworthiness and shame. The covert narcissist however lacks the manufactured confidence to present a grandiose false self to the world, so retreats to his inner world to live out his or her pathological fantasies.

The covert narcissist is obviously depressed and often withdrawn, and projects these feelings on to close intimates in withholding and passive aggressive ways. The covert narcissist like the overt narcissist can explode, but it takes more provocation. The covert narcissistic personality, like the over narcissist also lacks a conscience and will project his or her damaged inner self on to others by lying, manipulating, withholding or abandoning –using whatever tactic gets a reaction and hurts those closest to him or her.

The covert narcissistic personality is often anxious, pessimistic, unmotivated, and blames his or her past for insecurities and inadequacies. He or she may be great drain on a partner by being parasitical in using money, resources and energy that he or she is not self-producing.

Just like the overt, the covert narcissistic personality type is highly exploitative and believes he or she is entitled to take, but has very little interest in contributing unless there is an ulterior motive attached.

It’s important to understand that individuals with narcissistic personality disorder may be a mixture of the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ types – and may fit the descriptions of both types of narcissistic personality categories.

If you even go to look up if you might be a narcissist, you aren't completely lost, there is still hope as most narcissists won't even entertain the idea of them being dysfunctional, it is always everybody else's fault. But if you don't check to see, you never really know and those who refuse to even look at themselves with scrutiny, most certainly are in many cases full blown and long gone without any hope for them, their partner or family to find healing as long as there is contact.

No contact is often the best way to deal with these toxicities.

So are these toxic dysfunctions and diagnosis solely passed on from templating, patterning, programming and not to forget wounding, or are there more factors at play attacking our bloodlines from external forces as well?

As you know if you have read any of my other work, you will know that I don't see DNA as the BIG culprit of hereditary illnesses, but the energy that creates illness is passed on, your DNA is immaculate and can be reprogrammed and restored with energy healing, nutrient dense foods and spiritual practice.

I know this article in no way will make me popular among the spiritual community, but I did not enter the spiritual community for some popularity contest, I entered it as I was experiencing things no other community could help me make sense of, however the spiritual community is rich in delusions,

toxic belief system traps, outdated ideologies, mental imbalance in need of being rectified with nutrition and not further imbalanced by "medication".

All imbalances and overwhelming symptoms can be lessened with a nutrient dense diet, emotional detoxing, enemas and so on will help to release the emotional/physical toxicity stored within the fat-cells, the gut, the organs and the emotional body. Excess use of alcohol, drugs and even food and other people, music, tv and distractions and coping mechanisms all work to keep you in this state of emotional and mental imbalance. a detox from all toxins will help you to release a lot of the mental, emotional and physical imbalances that you have taken on in your time here on earth.

I am without a doubt certain of a link between all these ailments, dysfunctions and imbalances not only be part of our templating, patterning and programming from our bloodline, but also from our society, lifestyle and malnutrition over generations. During both the 1st and the 2nd world war,

food was scarce and nutrients increasingly hard to come by not only due to the war but also due to the increase in factory production of food.

Many would have poor diets, imbalanced endocrine systems, clogged lymphatic systems and a whole body in hormonal imbalance, lacking many many vital natural occurring chemicals and nutrients in their system.

Increasing infertility, lowered libido, lowered consciousness over-all and then making babies with a body suffering from mild to severe malnutrition,

we become what eat and our babies are made from what we eat and don't eat.

The father gifting a sick seed, to a sick womb, producing a sick child,

it becomes pretty apparent once you look at it like that why we live in a world with increasing illness, just as much as all the other factors in our society,

like Genetically modified foods, food-like products that are mostly plastic.

We need nutrient dense foods to regenerate, rejuvenate but also to function optimally.

What you eat you become is not just some catchphrase, your cells in your body is either made up of real food, or fake food-like products. Every pre-made bag, every processed item, is only serving to keep you imbalanced in mind, body and spirit. Have you noticed how those who are mentally imbalanced or a toxic personality and energy about them also have a poor diet?

I am sure they without a doubt also have parasites living inside them, as do about 80% of the population at this point due to misinformation, mis-education from doctors and "scholars"and downright ignorance and cognitive dissonance. on top of a poor lifestyle, most are also on prescription drugs,

increasing their symptoms in a rapidly declining state,

so you have an imbalanced gland? Let's pump you full of more hormones, the same ones we injected your cow with that then enters the meat, milk and cheese you get, along with antibiotics we gave it so it would produce more "healthy" milk. And we wonder why we are mentally, emotionally and physically imbalanced as a collective?

True spiritual maturity produces accountability.

Everything is your responsibility to heal, you cannot give away autonomy of your vessel to another human being, you have to know your body, understand how your eating is wreaking havoc on your entire body, your well.being, your life, your relationships and last but not least the planet at large.

Our healing does not start with another, no amount of doctor visits or even visits to your holistic healer is going to reverse your decaying body if you don't stop putting decaying substances in your body, there simply will be little to no healing progress unless you change your lifestyle.

So now that you understand that lifestyle is a great indicator for your over-all imbalances, I know you may be thinking, can the narcissist heal? The answer is yes, BUT only if they are willing to be accountable,

only if they are willing to work on their patterns and seek professional help,

something most narcissists however will refuse to do, even the empathic narcissist, as they see themselves as a victim and not an abuser it often takes deep spiritual awakenings and painful soul searching to truly see one's self.

But without cognitive therapy, Dialectic behavioral therapy and a good etheric surgeon these templates, patterns and programs will live on in you and your bloodline sadly.

I hope this article found you enlightened and that you can use this information to better your life, should you need any help with these things,

feel free to write me and schedule an appointment and we will start clearing out the etheric templates of your bloodline. If you have any experience with these things personally I would love to hear from you in the comment section below, I reply to all comments I can.

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