Becoming A New You

You are changing and guess what, people don't like it, most people are afraid of change. Even those closest to you will resist your happiness, because they have gotten so used to you being sad, they could relate to you when you were miserable. Now that they can't relate to you anymore it scares them, it shows them they too have to change and as I said, most people fear change, they don't want to change.

They don't want you to be happy, it was easier when you were sad as they didn't have anything to measure up to. Your anger comforted them as they too are angry, your misery comforted them as they too are miserable, but once you reach for a new you, improved, better off and choosing happiness and yourself, they find they do not know you anymore, they will try their best to push you, irritate you, trigger you and some will even try to sabotage for you, to turn you back into to the old version of you.

And as you change and choose you more you will come to find you cannot choose the same people around you that you used to allow in your life, as they are no longer healthy for you and in alignment with who you are becoming and who you want to be. People will come into alignment with you now that are a representation of the person you used to be as well as the person you are and who you are becoming, to know the difference is detrimental to your own growth and the people you choose to have in your life are the people you become like.

Letting go of friendships that keep you in the old you is of utmost importance, keeping people around out of sentimentality and "love" is simply not self love and you will come to find great lessons associated with keeping people around out of sentimentality and ideas of love. If you truly love yourself and them, you will let them stay where they are and move up to the next level without their weight dragging at your feet like heavy shackles keeping you aligned with a you that you no longer are and reality you no longer wish to be part of. This can sometimes even be family and our closest friends and to make these choices for yourself over ideas of love will determine whether or not you will get to go where you want to go and be who you want to be.

Not everyone can come with you into your new and improved version of you and the life that you have built for yourself from the rubble of the old you. Not everyone will be a healthy choice to have alongside you in the becoming you have long since entered and to choose healthy people in your inner circle and daily life is true self love. Tests will appear to allow you to test yourself and the people who honor your newfound worth, yes, you just raised your price, the price you have to pay if you should fail will also be increased as you have a lot more to lose now should you fall. People with nothing to lose health wise, happiness wise are down right dangerous to keep around and their lack of conscious healthy choices for themselves will be a risk to your choices and your life.

The people who are not healthy to themselves mind, body and spirit, will not be healthy for you and they will have to be let go off, you can inspire them from the side lines and some who used to be close friends are now secretly hating on the new you. Strengthen your intuition and stick your tentacles out to feel out everyone in your life as often as you can, some people will be drilling holes in your relationship when you aren't looking and it will sink your ship and drown your happiness slowly and surely. Don't let them, it is better to sail alone for a while, then to sail with a ship full of mutineers.

Remember you are the captain of your life and you set sail where it is you wish and you hold the compass and the seas and winds are all now in your favor, don't let your crew shipwreck your life. Take charge and let some people walk the plank, it is sink or swim now, do or die, you or them.

If you become the old you with someone, they need to go, it is not room for them where you are going, they will only slow you down and give you lessons upon lessons in who it is you do not wish to be anymore.

You cannot have both the old you and the new you, the old you don't fit the mold anymore and the new you will not be possible to obtain with the formats of the old you. It is time to make a choice, for your own sake, for the dreams you hold in your heart, for the new you that you are creating. So you can stay where you used to be with the people you used to be there with or you can make moves towards the new you with the people that are meant to come along and the new people awaiting you, but not everyone is coming, not everyone wishes to come and so it is time to drop sentimentality and choose yourself, this is self love, this is the result of growth.

Choose well, choose life, choose you, you are worth it.

- Ulf Haukenes - The Soul Alchemist

Artwork: "Sailing Takes Me Away" by Fabio Napoleoni.

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2019,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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