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Meridian Energetics ® - The Key To Healing With Higher Self

In this article we will look at the etheric body and how it is the key to healing deep enough to return to our natural state, our original blueprint, our true self. The Etheric body is comprised of The Auric layers or sheath bodies as my mentor calls them, which I prefer to use.

The Sheath bodies we will focus on here, as they are the only ones we need to work with in order to experience fundamental change, consist of:

The physical body

The Etheric body

The Emotional Body

the mental Body

The pain Body

The astral Body

These make up your etheric structure as well as each layer affecting the way we materialize or look if you will. Healing the layers of trauma, pain, abuse, blockages and energies keeping us vibrating at a low frequency, will elevate our vibration, when the thoughts and feelings we have of ourselves changes,

our appearance also changes, with our lucid perception of who we really are.

As we come closer and closer to the core, removing layers in my sessions with meridian energetics and the alchemy I provide as a soul alchemist, you come closer and closer to the core of who you are, the true self emerges.

The Etheric Body stores ancestral memories, soul memories, etheric templates, patterns, programs and "implants" made from your indoctrination such as family, friends, peers and the most heavy programming machine of all, massmedia and popular culture.

And will affect many of your chakras for various reasons all depending on which chakra it affects. f.ex a Porn program will affect the to base chakras, but also disconnect you from your heart. A drug program will affect you all depending on your drug of choice and how that/those drug(s) affect your endocrine system and separate organs differently depending on drug.

The emotional body stores all emotional templates, patterns, programs, trauma and the energy that is stored there will block the solar plexus chakra and make it hard to breathe deep. it also the one that is accountable for keeping us spiritually immature and in reaction mode, it is the one that can either make us a toddler or a sage, all depending on our etheric health.

The mental Body stores all mental templates, patterns, programs, trauma and the energy that is stored there will block the third eye and the crown from being able to connect upwards into the soul star chakra and align with higher self.

The mental body stores etheric "implanted" thoughtforms from indoctrination such as family, friends, peers and the most heavy programming machine of all, massmedia and popular culture. Healing your mental body is something we hear very little of in this crazy community (the little focus on it shows).

We rather like to embrace the weird, crazy and psychotic, however to also be grounded and have a healthy mental body is even more attractive then your now all too trendy and even toxic collective infatuation with weird and crazy.

We need more grounded and healed individuals in the spiritual community for it is not long until the wayshowers will have to take care of a world in spiritual crisis. So get your shit together and get to work, we will be needed.

The Pain body stores ancestral templates, patterns, programs, trauma as well as your own of course as it always is, and the energy that is stored there will be felt in the various chakras and meridians where the traumas relate to.

The wounded masculine will f.ex show up as pain in the right knee and the pain there is not just yours, but also your ancestral bloodline and sometimes we clear these as soul clusters and many soul avatars sharing the same wound from one higher self.

As a result of removing the ancestral and societal debris in our etheric structure, our astral body and MerKabAh is activated and we have begun developing our lightbody. We become spiritual beacons of light,

embodying the higher self consciousness. Awakened Avatars.

It is important to note:

Anatomically, each Chakra directly corresponds with an endocrine gland.

So an imbalanced chakra, will produce a low functioning gland/organ

and vice versa,

this is why I strongly urge my clients to also boost endocrine system, detox, remove endocrine disruptors from your kitchen and bath etc.

And exercise, eat REAL clean and move those lymphs.

In my sessions the most important systems are:

The Prana Energy System (breathing Chi) The Meridian system

The Chakra system

The Endocrine system (foods, herbs, healing the chakras, Exercise)

The Lymphatic system (Exercise, Detox, Fruits)

In my honest opinion as a licensed holistic teacher and healer,

If any of the above are not focused on with your healer I would seek another healer.

Why choose to heal with Meridian Energetics® and Alchemy?

Click on the picture above for the Meridian Energetics® you tube channel.

Your willpower, your strength, determination and lucidity are enhanced through the removal of societal and ancestral programming, patterning, templating all stored within your sheath bodies. once these are cleared out,

you experience less of what is not you and more of what is the real you,

underneath all those decades of being imprinted, programmed and made into something that is not you. If you are tired of being a product of your environment there is no doubt healing the sheet bodies and balancing your chakras, meridians and physical vessel is going to give you the best life you ever had. I speak from personal experience. as you will see below.

This was once me, in 2007. 11 years ago, I was once one very mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually imbalanced individual, i tried just about every promise and every modality and just never seemed to find the solution. I became a reiki master teacher in order to heal myself as much as I could, meanwhile helping others heal as I had a gift of being able to embody people through the ethers, whether online or thinking hard of them, or they thinking hard of me, or simply touching them and I had all their pains energetically transfered into me for the purpose of transmutation.

This is me 60 pounds heavier, visiting friends in the Gran canaries in 2016 before going fruitarian for many months...I since implemented more foods.

I was being initiated by spirit to become what I call, the living blueprint of alchemy, a living transmutation portal and templater, a healer that templates other people to become healers, to become the living blueprint of alchemy.

Some call this "twin flames", some call this phenomenon by many definitions,

by I see it now in a completely different light. The Opal children, comes often as two, but now there are many coming in, who are "twin flames" or Opal children, Opal children play best with other Opal children and opal children hold the living blueprint of alchemy within their etheric structure.

This etheric structure consist of 12 chakra's instead of 7 and the dormant meridians in mankind are active or activated in the opal children for the purpose of setting forth the living blueprint of alchemy here on planet earth.

The divine marriage is set to happen within and without for all of mankind,

which will also mean a spiritual crisis for the entire planet as more and more people become templated with the Opal Children's template for the living blueprint of alchemy. This is the dark side of the "twin flame" phenomenon.

However, the light side of the "twin flame" phenomenon is however that everyone will receive their alchemy process and the divine union within,

where they will also then in turn experience the divine union without.

This is natural law, this is the unified dance of duality, about as close to "oneness" and everyone being one as we as human beings can experience.

You see if there is more than one source we are not all spiritually one or one consciousness fractalized into and out of one another.

Unified duality will always exist within and without.

This is the very basis of our healing work, to balance the masculine and feminine energies flowing through the chakras, the meridians and the etheric body.(please note that this is not the meridians of chinese medicine, but the meridians in the etheric body which is a completely different system.)

With the use of the Meridian Energetics® you are in other words restored to blueprint, your own unique innate talents, gifts, traits and soul purpose will blossom forth as a result of removing the "curses" and "hereditary DNA" of our bloodlines, which is simply nothing more than handed down energy, stored in you, through templating, programming, patterning and can be restored to it's original DNA blueprint which is FREE of your ancestral damaged DNA as DNA will naturally restore itself to perfection if we deprogram our etheric bodies.

Programming the DNA is done with photons from the sun as well as higher self orchestrated upgrades, but higher self cannot always help us, as we have relinquished our god given birth right our own souls blueprint and given it up for an education and a job and in turn suffering at the loss of our soul's joy and our connection to higher self and our purpose for being.

This is my interview for the Meridian Energetics® team presentations:

You can find more videos of the other practitioners and the founders Mel Brand & Nicole Hibbs if you click the Meridian Energetics® Logo above.

Are you ready to take the next step towards living from blueprint?

Then you know where to find us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ulf Haukenes of White Wolf Alchemy & Proud Member of the

Meridian Energetics® Team, Come join our facebook group

to learn more about us and this unique energy healing modality.

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