Our Beloved Multidimensional Guardians

My beautiful familiar and Astral buddy Zorro, at Tjøme in Vestfold Norway 2012,

using the lollipop as a microphone as we did an interview about the Dog Star,

we are both heavily affiliated with the Sirian Starsystem.

Zorro is without a doubt one of my soul mates, we dreamed each other into being. I saw a photo of him in rehab and his owner was selling him because his girlfriend didn't want him, he was being kept in a facility and as someone who has been locked up, I felt immediate compassion for this gorgeous German Shepard. I had just lost my first dog Shanti, which I had adopted from my sister as he and I developed a very special relationship during a tumultuous time in my life. He was scheduled for surgery, but his cancer had spread too far.now, with what I know now, I am certain Shanti took my illness into him and healed me from what very well could and would have been my demise had it not been for these amazing transmutation specialists that we refer to as pets. Which in fact, could not be farther from the truth, they are our healers and guardians and we are their servants for as long as they are in our possession or at least that is how it should be.

Me And Shanti, 2004 and 2006 during my 15 year long heavy drug addiction.

Here I was eating mushrooms alone on the beach by my house with Shanti assisting in guarding the portals. Shanti is a bear spirit dog, he had such calm, he could sit and listen to the birds for hours with me, he gifted me a part of myself that was latent and made me more Buddhaesque, to enjoy my own company even when doing nothing, but being, finding peace, being Shanti.

I always preferred animals over people, they always loved me, cats, dogs and children and child-like people always come up to me, they can sense I am different. The animals knows we are very high in vibration and similar to their angelic vibration, in lack of better words.

Me and Zorro in our favorite cuddle style at Tjøme 2012.

Oxytocin and our love healed us both from being traumatized puppies to become trusting lone wolves having found a pack in each other.

He was very easily startled and when he knocked over an empty milk carton and squealed I knew he had seen some hard times, nobody is that scared for nothing. he seemed to be extra scared of children and as cute as we all think our children are they can be cruel nasty buggers, especially to animals if they aren't raised right. When I met with him the first time in rehab he treated me like a long lost friend, he had chose me, when my mom was leaving the facility he jumped straight in the back of her car and was like "let's go homies!!"

I still had a few weeks left of my time at the facility and he was to stay with mom until then, he immediately found his way to my little studio room and sat there like a proud little sphinx every day until I came home. Zorro, 2010.

He was already bonkers crazy though (chuckles), my mom tried to walk him and he would chase the cars and be impossible to handle. He mirrored me as a child perfectly, In the moment, no fear kinda thing, but easily startled and a little nervous, paradoxically enough, as with everything in this multiverse.

Just when you have it figured out, you don't. I came home that spring and we started our long way back to healing together, love, nutrition and movement was all we needed to start healing deeply.

They say you shouldn't baby and humanize your pets, but they say a lot of things don't they? I believe in loving deeply, loving hard and I make no difference in human or animal, I see the personality and soul there and can't help but love what I see.

The purity, the beyond unconditional love, a love which can only be called divine. They love with all of them, from the tip of their nose to the end of their tale. They love. That is just what they do and that is why Starseeds often are surrounded by animals and have familiars throughout life.

Zorro and I have such a special connection (remember there is no death), he is still with me, astrally and interdimensionally.

Zorro and I would often lay back to back and he would ride my kundalini and we would astral travel together and he taught me how to dream together, that

if you are close and have a heart connection, You can go anywhere,

this exceeds not only gender, but species.

A guardian in all aspects, in all dimensions, this brings a whole different understanding to our relationship to having pets. WE have always domesticated certain species and sought symbiotic and intimate relationships with animals.

I firmly believe we also meet our familiars over and over in life after life as well and sometimes the same soul can incarnate to meet you in several bodies over a lifetime. There really are no limits to what our beloved guardians can do and do for us when it comes to healing, transmuting, protecting and serving us in this way and in return, the least we can do is cuddle with them as much as possible and give them lots of oxytocin to help heal them in return.

Be sure to make time to snuggle and cuddle as often as you can, it is tremendously good for you as well. Take time to learn from your pets, what are they teaching you?

For more insights watch this video guest starring Zorro the wonderful Dog.

Zorro as I mentioned was a mirror for myself, my childhood self and loving him and learning to love him better assisted me in learning to love myself and relate to my inner child better as well.

He also mirrored my illnesses, taking on my etheric wounds and assisting me in transmuting old ancestral wounds in the masculine energy.

I have seen family members and people in close proximity who all have had severe illness, the pet has either had it too or taken as much of it on as possible and left the earthly realm, like a little angelic transmutation servant, offered it's life in the highest love. In realizations I have had surrounding spiritual accountability, this has been one I have taken deeply to heart. I am not only responsible for my own health and how it affects me, but I am responsible for my own health and how it affects others energetically, especially sensitives and animals like this. We are not solid, we are energy, everything is energy and if we share too much of someone's energy without accountability and love,

we become sick, we take on their sickness and transmute with them.

Especially as living blueprints of alchemy, or volunteers, we hold this responsibility within ourselves.

While we live in a toxic world with lots of challenges and it's a matter of choosing our poisons a lot of the time,

it gets tough, but this is all the more reason to be conscious and aware of the matter of fact, that we hold a symbiotic mutual responsibility to uphold our health, well being and energy where we hold our abode.

Especially for our crystal children and animals. Be mindful of how they take on your illnesses and heal yourself and your bloodline.

It is so worth it. And find a healing buddy and exchange lots of Oxytocin,

it assists you both in transmuting together, rather than for each other.

but remember you should never get a pet if you can't take properly care of it, so learn to care for yourself and get some plants first and if they survive a year, get a pet. That's a good rule to go by. And if you can take care of a pet, you can consider a relationship.

If you can't care for yourself, plants or animals, you have no business being in a relationship.

Me and Zorro, October 2018. I love the way he looks at me. So loving deeply.

We had a rough year.

WE got attacked by a Rotweiler/amstaf mix this time last year, in which the Rotweiler attacked Zorro and bit him in the side and didn't let go.

I kicked the Rotweiler off of Zorro and it bit me hard in the leg, it was obvious it was not play this brute of a dog was wanting and I quickly got it off and hit it over the head with a 2 by 4 I found. It was in that moment I knew I had become the man I once was again, I had retrieved my fearlessness and I felt fierce. I would have fought that dog to the death for Zorro and he knew it.

When I got Zorro, I wanted a protection dog as I was living with death threats at the time, but I quickly realized I was the real beast and animal and had to retrieve this part of me for the both of us. Being a protector and guardian is something that falls very natural to us volunteers, offering our life in service or in death, come what may kind of deal. WE know there is no death.

So when Zorro now became so weak I had to carry him up and down the stairs,

I knew it was time to let go. For him. Better I suffer his loss, than he suffer more pain. on Friday october 19th he left this realm, but he is still with me, very much. Thank you Zorro , for everything and see you again whenever you want.

Your Wolf Father and Brother in Arms always. *pounds paw*

Zorro at the beach 2015, photo by Thomas Silver, Infinite Silver Photography.

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