Twin Flames - As The Template Evolves

As the template evolves many of us come to find the old twin flame belief system as first presented by Elizabeth Claire Prophet in the 1960's and again by teachers such as Liora with the consecutive twin flame stages, to be changing as our experiences are shattering the old belief system, especially the one of there only being one twin as even twins in harmonious union have now had a third "twin" enter the union of the two twins which is posing new challenges for their navigation of their union in question.

The lucrative romantic notions of there being a one true love and it being a sure shot if they only reach union with self, now completely shattered as not even twin flames in union are safe of their union being challenged by a third party, a third expression of the same soul.

So what now? Do we keep the label Twin Flames as it was coined by a highly religiously indoctrinated twin flame in it's time half a century ago, or do we call it tri-flames or quadruple flames as there are people who have had more than even 3 Avatars with the same blueprint, from the same soul come into play and assist in the evolution of the evolving twins, or graduate soul as I prefer to call it which was coined by Mel BRand and Nicole Hibbs from GoldRay Twin Flames.

Let's use the terminology Graduate Soul, as that is what we truly are, not simply cosmic lovers or soul mates, but volunteer souls that have done the ascension process before and returned to earth to assist humanity.

It is said you need to be with the twin and in harmonious union in order to ascend, which is simply not true, if that were the case, the 99,99 % of the rest of humanity which are not twin flames would not ascend and about 80% of twin flames will never ascend again, as that is the percentage of twin flames unable to come together for a multitude of variety of reasons due to unconsciousness, programming, patterns, templating and most of all indoctrination and environment. The challenges twin flames pose are many and above all hard, it is no easy task to navigate the energies of a sacred union even for the most evolved of us, it demands great presence and a tremendous amount of spiritual tools, maturity and consciousness.

And the lack of consciousness and maturity being the number one reason for the entire community to even let go off the twin and surrender to their own path, irregardless of the twin flames return or not.

They are failing to see this as a process, a process of alchemy first and foremost.

I dive a lot deeper into these things in my work and videos and previous articles will show you my process of twin flame alchemy.

You can find my videos on you tube and on facebook, where I do live streams to assist the ones who are willing to have their belief systems shattered reach a deeper understanding and grow. I also highly recommend my mentors Goldray Twin Flames material, as it is by far the most evolved twin flame teachers, having been in union for 20 years and working with thousands of people.

The universe is paradoxical in nature, so there is no one absolute truths, for every one truth, there is always the opposite truth as well, it depends on the perspective and our evolution of consciousness, but we live in a universe of polarity as a cosmic law. And we live in creation, at the forefront of evolution, so truth will also evolve as our consciousness and understanding evolves as well. In a hundred years many things we have come to understand and accept today will no longer be true, as both science and spirituality now is merging and opening up a whole new realm of possibility and comprehension.

With our belief systems evolving as we evolve and shed more and more of our outdated dinosaur beliefs, we come to replace one belief for a new belief and our knowing changing with it as well. We all knew the earth was flat until Galileo presented his new "theory" of the earth being round. I will not go into the new flat earth theory based in christianity's misunderstanding of the firmament which is mentioned thoroughly in many other articles and throughout my work, please come out of the dark ages and shed these belief systems given to us by the vatican in the middle ages. We do not need to subscribe to the demonic fear inducing beliefs of a church that wishes to keep us in fear so we don't raise our vibrations and rise against the tyrannic governments of our respective countries.

For a deeper study into my well documented process of alchemy, check my many other articles and videos.

Blessings, your host and guide, Ulf Haukenes.

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2019,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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