The Dark Side Of Psychedelic Spirituality

We live in a society of cultural programming, or what Terrence McKenna called the collective psychosis, where children and youth are being programmed daily by the popular drug culture. Highly influential and suggestive programming making our youth think that drugs are cool, that drugs are needed in order to be creative, Hollywood making violence, drugs and toxic culture a viable commodity to sell our young, whether it is the artist who is promoting drug use through their lyrics and music or a movie producer making drug movies or the actor portraying the roles and doing drugs both on screen and off screen and often ending up in rehab or dead off stage. It doesn't really matter, they are wounded and emotionally and spiritually immature individuals that stand to be role models for the very unconscious and wounded youth of our time.

The Psychedelic Spirituality community with their veganism being the most hypocritical of all, talking about compassion for all beings and not eating meat, all the while paying the organized crime and drug organizations vast amounts of money for their drugs and using chemicals that harm our nature in it's process and kills endless people on the drug trail, children being shot in the projects, brothers and sisters dying from overdoses and failing to see the amount of blood is on their hands, from putting money into the black market. The very same black market that stands behind the pedophilia, the human trafficking, the organ trafficking and an endless amount of branches of trees in the criminal underworld. The haze that clouds their vision from their bliss seeking fake plastic spirituality as well as their constant escape from their inflamed emotional bodies and mental bodies, keeps them in spiritual as well as emotional and mental immaturity. Not really ascending at all.

The mechanics of ascension means an optimally functioning endocrine system, as the chakras are the energy centers of our most important organs and glands.

If these are in any way compromised as a result of drug abuse, they will never experience ascension as they seem to think they will. They are delusional and a community in deep need of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing and the so called healers within the community doing nothing but passing along toxic energy and templates back and forth in a futile attempt to heal themselves and the world. While I have compassion for these lost souls as I used to be one, I find it imperative that they are handed a mirror to see their reflection and maybe seek a true healer, free of addiction and toxicity, which they won't find amongst themselves if they are constantly using stimulants,

as their endocrine systems as well as their etheric bodies will be compromised and severely damaged, something I see all the time in my sessions.

Yes, if you buy drugs in the black market, I strongly suggest to you that your spirituality and integrity is as good as worthless, and your vegan ideals, nothing but a fucking delusional pipe dream that goes up in smoke with every toke and every trip on your precious psychedelic festivals.

We live in communities, where our loved ones are being killed for your addictions, the blacks killing the blacks, selling crack and cocaine and

programming one another with toxic gangster mentality that is sold and supported by the whites, Hip hop on the other hand, which is about talent, about community and consciousness, is not marketed in the same way, why?

Because they don't make as much money off of wholesome hip hop as they do from programming the youth of America and the western world with toxic gangster mentality. I know, because I was one. now who initially owned Tupac? It was interscope records, a white company, an Illuminati company, which Tupac loved as he was deeply into the occult, by the time he realized how he was nothing but a puppet to the industry, to the crooked cops and crooked gangs and the elite, he was quickly murdered before he could expose his fans to the hypocrisy and the fake persona he had created with the illuminati to sell the popular Thug Life lifestyle to the young of our planet and especially the young african americans they want to kill and keep in prisons as our governments and the elite are still as racist now as they were back in slavery times, nothing has changed much, except for the illusion of freedom under the rule of money.

They do it in the movies, the glorification of the Mafia, The glorification of the motor cycle rebel, the glorification of outlaws and criminals, being indoctrinated into the minds and hearts of our young. When i observe native americans and their over all fascination for the outlaws and motor cycle gangs, it baffles me that they fail to see that the very government they hate and stand against is the ones profiting most from their demise and is behind the import of the heroin, the opium, the cocaine and that drug culture is something that is peddled us to keep us down. There is nothing rebellious about it at all,

it is simply just sad and an unconscious trend fed us by Hollywood, the most rebellious thing you could ever do, is to be sober, to actually love yourself enough not to take stimulants to escape your reality.

Because it is only us at the bottom who suffer this unconscious trend, ending up killed, ending up in prison and as victims of addiction, it is the governments we hate and it's mafia the police and federal agents that get free as they take care of their own, nothing but another Mob, looking out for their own,

while those at the top inform their young better, they make a better effort to keep their young out of these environments, give the better educations and our young die daily at the hands of their drug culture.

Prodigy from Mobb DEep was another artist they most likely gave cancer with reverse bio feedback frequencies, you can beam people with the frequency of nutrients, with health as well as dis-sease which is something we will see a lot more of with 5G as it is a bio mechanical weapon also used in bio warfare and destroys our DNA and our cells as they mutate and become cancerous. The same could be said for the Smart-meters installed in most people's homes now to monitor their electrical usage. And with products like Siri and Alexa which are recording data in our homes to monitor us, as well as facebook and other monitoring devices made to keep us easily controlled. These machines collect data on our weaknesses as well as musical preferences and interests, all owned and stored by government branches.

Illuminati, The song and video, that had Prodigy of Mobb DEep killed,a true rebel, a true lucid consciousness wanting to escape the illuminati once he realized he was a "gangster" puppet, he still had some ways to go to truly awaken in my humble opinion, but they killed him before he could ever become fully lucid or his lyrics would not reflect and promote the drug industry as such.

There is in fact nothing rebellious or conscious about psychedelic drug culture or drug culture and your "rebellious" musicians whatsoever, unless you run your own lab, grown your own weed or pick your own mushrooms, nothing whatsoever. There is nothing rebellious about being in a gang, a club or any other anti-social machinery unless it is creating sovereignty and autonomy and freeing people from the delusions of the very drug culture and hollywood machinery keeping us all unconscious and focused on the fake illusions of the matrix, the 3D world, the very bullshit we are here to ascend from, if you truly want to be a rebel, go fucking love yourself and get your shit together and prove everyone wrong about the potential you hold.

You can set yourself free, but as long as you part-take in culture to such an extent and never stick your head out of the sand, you aren't really a free psychonaut at all, but a delusional ostrich with blood on your hands and it is about high time you go heal yourself and your bloodline, if you want to truly do the work, truly do some REAL alchemy, some REAL ascension and not just sit around imagining a delusional reality for yourself and your friends all the meanwhile spiritually bypassing and not really healing shit.

I have heard many people say they have done lots of hallucinogens and as many as 200 Ayahuasca sessions and none of these people are more enlightened than me, capable of accessing infinite intellect and none of them have been more insightful or capable of channeling source intelligence better than me so far,

they don't even see half the shit I see, as proven in my book and all my articles, work and channelings. If they did, they would be a step ahead of me and not copy me and actually bring something new to the collective table so to speak and not just be regurgitating parrots we see so much of in the spiritual community. so I see very little proof of how psychedelics has enhanced their consciousness and soul presence and most all of them want to butt heads and be a competitive acid head playing mental warfare, because they can't stand to see someone more intelligent than themselves as they are still stuck in ego, hoping to outsmart one another, break someone's psyche or better yet, make someone else go kill themselves, as they gain the power of the individual.

In my eyes, they are truly weak minds, with rotten hearts and barely contain a soul within them and to them I say, if the psychedelics didn't make you more compassionate, more connected to source than what you show me, then your use and understanding of psychedelics is but compared to a baby's in terms of consciousness and you could by all means stand to seek therapy beyond your precious psychedelics, there is nothing sage-like, wise or beautiful about you anymore, you are just another glorified junkie who has sold your soul and your heart to a heartless drug culture that is supported by our governments and C.I.A. and other paramilitary organizations as well as the criminal underworld. I for one am not a fan of either. and if you were truly lucid,

you would not be either.

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2019,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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