The Dark Side Of Hay House

Welcome to an enlightening journey into Hay House, what I thought to be a wonderful, spiritual publishing company with good spiritual ethics and methods of conduct, Here to assist humanity in spiritual quests and help people like me help the world and people help themselves, but I was to be proven to be wrong, but not as wrong as most authors scammed by Hay House and it's sister company, Balboa Press which is outsourced to Author Solutions, which leaves Hay House capable of rendering themselves unaccountable for the chaos and pain they obviously place on the authors they scam out of hard earned money, time and energy all under the umbrella of Balboa Press, further more outsourced to Author Solutions.

in the January 2017 I began the very cathartic, healing and at most times an excruciating process of writing my book Holistic Mental Health For The golden Age and it would prove to be a harder task than I initially had thought as it would be a journey back into all my traumas, reliving them and healing them on a much deeper level than I ever had thought it would require, yet many months later after costing me two relationships with two very amazing women, my health and a relapse into my addiction template as a means of writing, coping with my health decline which only made my health worse and healing through the process, I was left with an amazing book and a product I believe in more than anything I have ever created. I just wanted as many people as possible to read my story and be inspired to change their lives for the better.

The sales weren't really booming and it would prove to be another cause of depression and lack of faith for the community that benefits so much from my presence and material, I would prove to sell about a book a week the first 2 months of having it made available to the public. The 100 people who initially said they would buy my book were no longer anywhere to be found, most people want stuff for free, energy, wisdom, healing and help with their lives and not even very interested in investing much in themselves, they want the quick fix and pill to make it all go away, but that is not how the real world works and definitely not healing.If we aren't willing to do the actual work we will never heal, only put a band-aid on a deep wound that is bleeding out.

My book is my baby, my life's work put into book format, it is an amazing tool for self healing, a direct view into how I conducted my transpersonal alchemy into becoming a sovereign being, free of mental health issues, free of western medicine and crippling addictions, healing my childhood sexual abuse and free of all the crutches I had used to carry my wounded self through the world, even down to food and women. It is a book meant to set people free to become the version of themselves they were always meant to be and stand in their blueprint in front of the world brave enough to be all that they are, as I have done for myself and my book is a testament to how we can overcome the difficulties we face in living with deep rooted traumas and hardship and come out on top.

Since I wasn't selling as much as I expected I decided I was going to go the traditional way and try to send my material to a publisher, but unless you have an agent, the big publishing companies will not even look at your book and give you the time of day, but I found a few self publishing or as i have later come to know them, vanity publishers, one of them Balboa press which would push the book up to their mother company, Hay House Publishing, if the book was proven to be good enough. A few days later i got a call in the evening from the senior publishing agent for Balboa press, who had taken such a deep and thorough look into me and my story, even watched some of my you tube material and I was blown away by what the supposedly lovely lady from a spiritual company had to tell me about how much she saw me as Hay house next big writer and that I was not to be a Balboa Press author, but sent right up to Hay house to be placed among some of the greatest spiritual writers of our time, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch and many more were mentioned and I was to be given an author's bio next to my heroes and a salary payment of $25.000 for my amazing book, which in my eyes sounded just like what I had been manifesting and co-creating with my higher self in my meditations and it seemed like destiny had finally caught up with me and my book would get the recognition and sales I knew it deserved and reach and help the millions who need to read it.

But there was one little kink right from the start, I was to purchase a package from Balboa Press in order to get started on the process, which included an authors class, editing and my very own team to take my book to the next level.

But as the senior publisher stated, seeing as I was Hay House MAterial and not Balboa Press material, she would offer me, 50% off since I was going to be made a Hay House Author and this amount and more would be repaid to me during the process of moving me up to Hay House, well I believe so much in my book, that to invest a starter's amount for my book, didn't seem unreasonable at the time as this was Hay House we were talking about, a spiritual company after all and I was going to be selling books under their logo, with their marketing and all the promises she put in her sales pitch.

Click the images above to read other authors experiences with Balboa Press - A Division of Hayhouse.

They were increasingly hasty in their approach and seemed to want to make sure things went along fast in order for me to sell the book. A few days later I received three e-mails wanting me to hurry up and sign the contract.

I read through it and there were a few points that stood out to me, I realized I wasn't going to be receiving much royalties, but with the payment of $25.000 I was promised, who cared right? I got to the bottom of the contract, saw no fine print and decided to sign it. As soon as I had signed I felt hesitant and regret,

I went to check out Balboa on facebook and found a couple of authors complaining about them, I had noticed Author Solutions had sent me the documents and felt iffy about a third party already involved in this process.

I had been so excited about the beautiful promises made and the fact that it was Hay House that I didn't stop to think that they could be scammers.

I started googling Balboa Press and immediately found link upon link with blogs and websites and authors complaining and gathering in a class act lawsuit dating years back, even back to when Louise hay was still among us.

Making Louise Hay herself obviously deeply aware of the scamming process conducted under her logo, her name and division of Hay House and all the very disappointed and angry authors making legal claims for their money back, which instantly had me lose all respect for the woman herself as well as her publishing. If this was the case, even if it was true they wanted me on HAy House Publishing, I for certain no longer wanted to be published or even associated with such a company fundamentally lacking in ethics and integrity.

I immediately shut down my cards connected to the transactions, wrote them an e-mail notifying of my retrieval of the contract and making all contracts null and void made under my name and to be repaid my $300 investment into their company and that I as a Norwegian citizen will receive a free attorney if I was to need one to pursue this any further and if they were to have any issues they would be sure to hear from me again. My Hay House ride was officially over.

Here is what Victoria Strauss has to say on her website, there is more if you click on the warning sign above: "I think that some due diligence was lacking here. The author says she didn't realize Balboa Press was associated with ASI; however, if you Google "Balboa Press," my blog post about Balboa and ASI comes up on the first search page, along with a review by Mick Rooney of The Independent Publishing Magazine that mentions ASI in the first paragraph. The information is definitely out there for those who seek it.The author is correct, though, in saying that the Balboa Press website is not transparent about the connection. ASI is mentioned, but the mention is deeply buried in a place where most people are not likely to look. To the casual visitor or aspiring self-publisher, there's nothing to suggest that Balboa isn't run by Hay House; indeed, everything on the website is geared to encourage visitors to believe it is."

So it is easy for people to make the association of Hay House to Spirituality and integrity, which is far from the case. If you are considering publishing, please click all the links added in this article to get a in-depth view at the many pitfalls of self publishing and publishers nightmares and if you have any integrity and love books, self help authors and have any spiritual bones in your body, you will boycott Hay House with us and hold Hay House accountable for the endless transgressions towards the authors they have tormented.

Many well wishes to anyone affected by Hay House and I am grateful for the many brave authors and blogs that made me pull out before they robbed me blind. For me this was a one week, $313 long nightmare that could have ended in a $1000 years long dispute for my soul mission and purpose and with my book and my writing becoming a sour affair all together.

Thanks to you I got out and it is with my integrity and truth seeking I wish to inform the entire spiritual community of Hay House and it's affiliates lack of integrity and ask that you all boycott Hay House and it's writers, any writer with integrity in their body knowing this would leave Hay House immediately and this may explain parts of why Doreen Virtue has claimed all her work for Satan's work and stepped out of the new age machinery that owns her legacy.

Bless you each and every one for serving the light and truth and please, share this article far and wide, let's expose these people for who they are.

I can only hope the authors I have admired for so long also leaves this company or holds it to the ethical and spiritual standards they themselves profess to hold, as so far they have all lost all my admiration and respect unless they jump ship.

I will sell my book myself, market it myself and do what is needed to get my book out to the people who need it and would benefit from it.

Thank you to those who have read it and especially those leaving me reviews,

you are my true family and my people. I love you dearly...

Thank you for reading and for your support. Now please SHARE!!!

With Love, in light and truth,

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy Publishing

Norway, February 18th - 2019 Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2019,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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