Dear Awakening Feminine

Dear awakening feminine. This is the new masculine writing to you. We come showing heart. We are not afraid to show our true intention. We want all of you. We want what you hide. We see you. We can sense your confusion. Your fear. Your fascination. Your wondering what this different masculine presence is? Why we don't move, talk, think or even feel like the old masculine. You don't quite know how to read us, even though we are an open book. You don't quite know how to feel us, even though we are energetically flowing through you. We see you unlike you have ever been seen, we meet you in your core self unlike you have ever been met. We hold your heart with relentless presence and deep tender care. Yet we are also not afraid to show our passion, our fire and our deep desire to dominate you in your feminine and fuck your brains out once you surrender to us and open like a flower in full bloom. But unlike the old masculine paradigm, we won't force ourselves on you in an attempt to have our way with you. We flow. We wait. For the perfect moment. A green light. But once we get that green light, our tenderness will become full on masculine direction, as we know what we want, but we need you to know what you want. We need you to allow us in without masculine force overriding your will. We will take action. But it will be subtle and gentle, as we are gentlemen. The beast is still well and alive within us, but it has been tamed so to not cause further harm and trauma to the divine feminine. But once you show us just a tiny little hint that you want us, the beast will awaken and ravish you with all the masculine presence that is embodied mind, body and spirit.

At times we may feel like a sister in your presence, nurturing, caring, gentle and sweet. At times we will feel like the calm, rooted mission minded masculine with direction a sun simply shining on your petals. Waiting for you to open like a flower so we can send in the bees. You wonder if you can trust us, if we will take you deep enough. You wonder if we are strong enough to deal with your chaos. And yes, unlike the men in your past, we have learned to navigate our own feminine energy, we have wed the two polarities within. And when your feminine emotions get the better of you and chaos rules you inside out, we will be a calm to your storm unlike anything you have ever experienced. Because we know we can live with or without you. We know after the storm, there will be sun. As we are the sun to your moon, the calm in the storm. We wish to be with you, not because we need you, but because we want you and that scares you. We cannot be controlled, we are as wild as you, yet you need not control us, we control ourselves and while this may take some getting used to. Learn to trust us and play with us to learn how this new masculine moves differently. Let it be exciting. Let it become play. Have fun in this new paradigm of masculine and feminine as we all become one within.

We are curious about the new feminine emerging inside you and we want her to be set free from aeons of patriarchal tyranny and abuse of both our genders. We want to meet you in the field of love and play with our newfound selves, our newborn sexuality, our complete devotion for the feminine soul with our masculine spirit. We want you to welcome us home, if you don't, you might regret it. There may not be another for some time as we are far and few in between for now until more awaken, both divine masculine and divine feminine alike as rare as priceless gems. So when you are offered a chance to dive deeper with any one of us in the realms of the awakened, take it and don't look back. It might change you forever and maybe that is exactly what is so terrifying. Once you let us in, you will never be the same ever again. Don't let it scare you from experiencing the highest expressions of love known to man. Don't let it hold you back from diving deep in the depths of oceans of love. You were born for this. This is what you came here for, to be broken open by love again and again until you were shattered and then love some more as you gather all the pieces of your heart bleeding on the floor. To be human is to love, even when it is too much. That is the nature of true love. To love bleeding, gushing, gasping for breath and wonder in mystery what comes next... Isn't it beautiful? Aren't you the slightest bit curious? We are entering a brave new world, will you be brave enough? Do you have what it takes to stand in your love and show the world your heart? I think you do. I believe in you... I have no choice but to us. As you are also inside me dear feminine. And I believe in all I am and all you are. Will you believe in us? As we believe in you? Bring the goddess movement with you. Take your sisters with you and meet us on the bridge to heaven. It is time. For divine union. As within, so without. It is time for heaven on earth. As above, so below. Let what is inside you come forth. As soul, so the universe. And so it is and so it shall be. Amen and Awomen. The two have become ONE. Love from the Awakening Masculine...

My love is bold, wild and untamed like wild fire roaming the dry forests of my heart. My love consumes me and burns me down to a pile of ashes over and over as I go back to start. Each time purified like alchemy, Each time cracked open and turned golden like a work of art. Each time setting a new course, Setting sail on a roaring ocean, With no map and no chart. My love is intensely present, Alluring and attentive, Nourishing and inventive. I'll find new ways to love you, You never even thought possible in the many ways I love to give. You will open and blossom, You will tear down your walls and you will deeply love to live. My passion for your pleasure will have us finding treasure where no man has gone before me in the many ways I live to give.

My love is not for the timid, the comfortable, The weak, the small, The carefree or careless. My love is for the madly passionate, the teary eyed poets, The dirty artists, the ones in a hearty mess. My love is for all night lovers, For sweet gentle cuddlefuckers, For kitchen fellatios, bathroom quickies and cunnilingus breakfasts. My love is wild, free and roaming, climbing trees, running naked through the woods, skinny dipping in the lakes, my love is wickedly naughty and never rests. My love I'd love to lay my head on your chest and learn the beat of your heart so I can dance to it's rhythms and learn the notes of your heart. My love I'd love to make you laugh so hard you'd soil yourself and beg me to stop but really not as we fall to the floor and make love once more. My love I'd love to make you dinner and sit in your silence as I breathe you in and when we are full I'll eat you for dessert and leave you shaking in bed. My love is wild and free like you and me and wild it will remain as a love like this cannot be contained and needs to be spilled all over the place and I'd love to start with you my grace and kiss that gorgeous angel face.

- Ulf Haukenes

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2019,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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