The Alchemy Process Towards 2020

I fear not the dark feminine, I meet her in the darkness and sit with her in her storms, breathing deep. I fear not death and the void, I have died endless times unto myself and enter death time and time again, only to be reborn a better man every time. So it is I am birthed by the feminine darkness, I am liberated by my own weakness as I stand in her fury letting her burn me down to ashes and from the ashes I rise a golden phoenix. I can only stand with a woman who has faced her own shadows and who dives deep into her own oceans of emotions to retrieve the treasures hidden in the abyss of her dark void.

She is the one to birth the new and I am her midwife, holding her, giving space for her to give birth to the new world one contraction at a time through her labour of love. The masculine is the seed of the new world, she is the womb, we are here to birth the new world through us, on birth at a time and it is not one birth, but many through the ascension process. There is not one dark night of the soul, but many, we only grow to master these portals of rebirth and for each time mastering them better and better. It is alchemy after all and alchemy has no arrival point, it is an eternal process that continues through many lifetimes and even though many are here as graduate beings and advanced souls, we are never finished with the process of alchemy in these physical vessels.

So as we finalize a coagulation of one alchemical process, we go back to start and enter calcination and dissolution once more and separate spirit and matter to extract our new essence time and time again and join them back together and ferment, distill and refine ourselves before we coagulate again. Then it all starts again. Each time a renewal, a rebirth into something new, we are not here to discover who we are, we are here to create ourselves.

Reinvent ourselves time and time again. My most favorite alchemists in the public eye that has done this countless times is Madonna, David Bowie and Prince, but Madonna stands out to me in the way she has reinvented herself time and time again. She is not my favorite musician by any means, I do not listen much to her music, but I have always been fascinated by the way she would make herself a new and improved Madonna, rather than fall waste to her alchemical processes and crumble like so many do when we look at artists who struggle to recreate and reinvent themselves and fall into depression from their own death of their former selves. The death of the old you is to be grieved like a real death yes, and it should so you can heal, but don't stay there, because death, it is also to be celebrated. It is also a feast and commemoration and we celebrate what was lost and what is given as the new is birthed through the death of the old.

We are in a time of much death, many has died this past year and we have seen ourselves die alchemically speaking and we will again. It all started with me of the death of my companion and familiar Zorro in October and then I found my best friend dead on new years eve, I knew the year would be one of many deaths, yet it was also a year of many births and blessings and to learn how to stand in the middle, between a hell and the heaven that was coming being the rainbow bridge between the two polarities. Oneness does not mean the eradication of duality, that is spiritual bypassing at it's finest, we will never escape polarity as it is the very essence of the cosmos, it is dual in nature. This is why I do not specifically subscribe to the oneness belief system myself, but rather unity, which is trinity consciousness.

As in between the dual aspects of all that is, there is the center point, the void, the zero gravity which is neither polarity, but dead in the center. It is the void. We must learn to enter the void and be nothingness to be everything and as we become nothing, we become it all, we embody our essence, our soul. Our soul was birthed from the void as source energy and as we entered our human vessels became an androgyne being before we manifested either our masculine or feminine form, so within we contain our masculine and feminine energy in polarity and through our feet we pull in Gaian energy and through our crown we pull in Universal Life Force.

Our solar plexus pulls in a lot of human energy and by decreasing the solar plexus chakra in size, we can feel more of our heart center chakras and we activate the thymus and the pancreas and open the trifecta of manifestation, the dimensional chakra and the manifestation chakra so we can create the dream of the planet for ourselves and for Gaia. If we are solar plexus based we will be very matrix based individuals and be more prone to cocreate the dream of the world, popular culture and the very thing we came here to destroy. We are here to birth the new Gaia and create the Gaian Dream.

The original blueprint of Gaia which can only be birthed through us if we embody our own original blueprint, this is why the alchemical axiom "Know Thyself" is such an important wisdom to embody at this point in the ascension process. You are not your identity, you are not your cultural preferences or upbringing and conditioning and as you dissolve in your alchemy process, this part of you that identifies with certain music genres, religions and anything else under the firmament of human consciousness comes to a death naturally by process, you might find yourself lost, but what is not lost cannot be found. So you must lose your mind to find it again anew. You must lose your identity to recreate yourself once more in the eyes of your source intelligence.

And you will do this, many times over as we are never really free of belief systems as long as we are here on Gaia to serve her and live out these human forms and expressions. We are held together by belief after all. What we believe we will see, so this doesn't mean that what you believe is true, what is true to you now, may not be true to you in a year. So hold nothing to be solid, truth is fluid and changes as we evolve, there is no absolute truth and that is the only absolute truth, the only constant is change and the only thing to be sure of is that you will not be the same person with the same interests and values as you evolve, you are a limitless being prone to evolve and adapt as you become more and more adept in your initiations you will let go willingly and easily and give yourself to the void to be born again a new you.

Many are now in a time of sickness, or experiencing harsh symptoms of ascension and the year of death for many of us is coming to an end as we enter 2020 in a few months time. This will be a year of renewal for some and for others it will be a year of painful hindsight, where they wish they would have done things differently and look back in pain and anger at their lack of investment in themselves and their process. But that is also a gift, a gift of realization and a chance to start their commitment to health, to well being and their alchemy. There is a gift even in the dark, even in death. Nothing is ever truly lost in alchemy, it is only transmuted and given new form. Such is the nature of the cosmos, nothing and noone truly ever dies, it all simply takes another form. And so alchemy and life is truly eternal.

We have 3 months left before we reassemble and coagulate this year of death and rebirth. There is still time to change the road you're on and make preparations for what will be the best for many and what will be the worst year for others. What is ahead for each of us can be measured by the investments already made since 2012 when we entered this acceleration. We will continue to experience a time of quickening and timelines divergence and it will be harder and harder to jump timelines in the times to come, so make sure you are aligned from within with the timeline you prefer and align and meditate as often as you can, if you do not know how to align within,more information on this can be found in my book:

Holistic Mental Health For The Golden Age.

Here I go deeper into how my process of alchemy has unfolded since 2007 and how I have successfully gone through many portals and refined both my vessel, my consciousness and also how I have embodied my warrior spirit. It is not an easy task for any of us, yet it is easier done together and in collaboration as an ascension team. Look to your team members for support and inspiration and step through the portals together and individually. Which leads me to one of my favorite quotes from one of my mentors: "Evolution waits for no man or woman and their belief systems" - Mel Brand

Time is in your hands and it is up to you to invest it wisely, start today by taking one hour to invest in your health, your peace is your greatest commodity and your vitality is your currency in which you pay with your attention. What are you paying attention to? Focus and align daily on what truly matters, let your distractions fall away as you keep your eyes on the price, your blueprint and the blueprint of Gaia. This is the task at hand. If you should find yourself distracted as we all do from time to time, gently bring yourself back to focus on what truly matters. Model: Ashleigh Noka

You are all that matters, as everything else is birthed through you. NOW is the time to realize you have no time to lose and time is of the essence, we came here to do great work, The Great Work, Alchemy. We are the ascension pioneers, the grand alchemists and it can be a wonderous and exciting time to be alive, even as we see Gaia burning, there has never been a greater need for us to step into our blueprint than now. It has never been a higher demand for the starborn to awaken and rise into all we are. I hope this inspires you to make the changes and preparations necessary, you have 3 more moon cycles to manifest the new you. I know what I will be doing the next 3 moons, I hope you do to and then I will see you there, in the new year, a new you, a new we, in Unity, as one tribe of many tribes working with Gaia to live in her blueprint as she was intended to and it all starts with you, here and now.

Her faith, is in your hands. As the living blueprint of Alchemy.

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2019,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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