Twin Flames - The Bubble Love Phase

Twin Flames or Ascension Partners is a state of experiencing mystical love beyond what is known as traditional relationships. The two partners upon energetic and soul recognition enters a stage called the bubble love phase. It's a mystical state of experiencing elevated states of love in higher vibrational dimensions where the two feel deeply connected in all the 7 energy bodies and all the 12 chakras. It's one of the most mystical experiences available to mankind at this time. For those who have experienced it will even say it supersedes psychedelic experiences and some even get psychotic due to the heightened kundalini activations. Synchronicity becomes quite overwhelming and the universe is truly speaking to the lovers and loud. Some even run from the connection in order to turn it off or to get away from the connection but it is something that doesn't turn off or go away unless there is abuse or other energies that makes the connection null and void. It's a connection that doesn't survive well with negative energy, it becomes impossible to lie, cheat or otherwise play games as the psychic connection and the divine nature of the bond does not support lower consciousness.

It's a euphoric bliss like state where the two feel like they live in their own dimension and many get sad when the stage ends as what comes up must come down. I however am of the belief that it can be made to last but it is depending on the spiritual maturity of the two in union. Any healing done prior to connecting will only come to serve you. A strong daily spiritual practice is advised.

Upon recognition of the same energetic signature within each of them, the 2 twin flames enter a Multidimensional space in mystical union which is specific to the two with source holding the two in union as one. There is literally nothing else existing in this space than the two and source, all that is, in communion and constant communication with the twin flames.

Downloads of epic proportions, symbols and signs, endless synchronicity and means of connecting the two on a deep level creating a bond stretching vast distances and into infinity. In the beginning it can be overwhelming with constant communication from higher self and source as much as it is fun and exciting, but as soon as you accept this new reality and shift in perception and surrender to the process the better it will be to move through. "The mystic swims in the same waters the psychotic drowns in" and this mystical connection of divine love is not for the faint of heart. It's a reason twin flames are called graduate beings. They are truly graduating soul school in their current avatars and returning to source as one. And in this state or prior to entering the bubble love phase their whole life goes through what is known as a tower moment in tarot.

Pivotal life changes are often a pre cursor to entering this mystical union for the purpose of removing any distractions or options that might deter them from stepping into soul purpose and fulfill their missions. This can also be scary and sometimes depressing as the old you dies and a new you is born. The maturity of their egos determine how well they will handle this ego death.

But fear not, abundance and profound blessings soon make their way into the union where the two are supported by all of creation in coming together and creating their union and mission. They are in service to source after all and while many heard the call, few were chosen and source will support them in their choice to serve as one. The use of creative energy and talents will only increase their prosperity as well as healing and strengthen their bond. Source creative energy heals after all. Being creative strengthens the connection and the use of source creative energy will heal the connection, so I strongly advice to be creative, dance, sing, play and make love and move and use the energy to benefit you both in this sacred cosmic dance.

Twin Flames or Ascension Partners is not your average relationship. It is mission based and bigger than the both of you. And by sacrificing the lower human nature and regular human life you will be granted higher human nature and something greater than regular human life. You will be offered a chance to be everything you want and hold in your infinite potential and playing small or remaining in who you once were will be an impossible feature. But what is given from Source as a result of service to source and your divine beloved will be better than your wildest dreams.

But beware, without a solid spiritual foundation within yourselves and a daily spiritual practice you will not be able to face the challenges you will face within yourselves or together. Dark forces seek to keep these partners apart and only light and service to the light will make you able to withstand the storms and defeat the darkness.

Daily mediation practices and daily healing and clearing of your unified field is necessary in order to remain balanced and without having your shared unified field contaminated by the toxicity of daily interaction with the world. This planet is full of distractions from self and from the path of heart and your alignment with heart and lucidity is all that can keep you intact on a daily basis. The last thing I would recommend is to care for the endocrine system and boost your organs and glands as they are your 12 chakra system in which you align with self and each other. The better your endocrine health is the better your sacred union will feel and work out for the benefit of yourself and the world in your mission, we are not here for ourselves, but to serve Gaia in the ascension process. The better your health and physique, the stronger you both will be as warriors of love and the more light you will be able to anchor. Stay healthy and balanced and center yourselves within yourself and learn to master your masculine and feminine energies, so you know when and how to use them to balance yourself and together.

When physical attraction and sexual tension is no longer enough to awaken your interest. You have experienced soul connection and soul connection goes beyond anything you have ever felt. It is rare. it's special. Sacred even. Your cells long to be embodied from within by another. Your body reacts differently to a soul to soul alignment. Your chakras align and alchemy transpires. You are both forever altered by the encounter. It's a deep recognition and a deep love. It's a love that goes beyond traditional relationships.

You connect in all the 7 energy bodies. The 7 subtle bodies work like the vehicles of your soul. You first meet and start connecting in layer after layer.

The Etheric Body – First Layer

The Emotional Body – Second Layer

The Mental Body – Third Layer

The Astral Level – Fourth Layer

The Etheric Template Body – Fifth Layer

The Celestial Body – Sixth Layer

The Casual Body or Ketheric Template – Seventh Layer.

When these energy bodies connect, merge and meld they start to facilitate a shared unified field which enhances both individuals experience of life. Some may even say the two have Halos. They are experiencing spiritual illumination as a result of this love. This love is alchemy. Once you have experienced this level of spiritual love, it becomes impossible to go back to regular relationships and a simple mental, emotional and physical connection. If the spiritual element does not kick in at some point. You will feel hungry for that missing element.

If we are gifted this kind of love it is because we have earned it, at some point along the way we did something right. We evolved to such a place within our heart center's and consciousness that we would be able to receive this type of connection. It's sacred and it's alchemy and it will be the new template for all to experience love at this time as humanity is ready for a quantum leap in learning about love. This is the sacred union template and it is the most beautiful experience available to mankind at this time.

Your twin flame will hold aspects of every partner you ever had. This is due to them holding every archetype within them as a graduate being. They embody the entire tarot deck once they are spiritually mature. They have completed the circle. This also holds another purpose, that anything that has not been healed and any partner that has not yet been forgiven must be in order to fully love the twin standing before you.

Or we will project our unhealed wounds from former partners on to our twin flame. Being honest about how we feel and that they remind us of them will only bring you closer and be able to heal that which has not yet been healed prior to meeting.You may also see family members and friends reflected in the twin flame for the same reasons. You are one soul and so also share the same soul family.

Don't let fear or pride get in the way of healing yourself and your union. There is beauty to be found by revealing your traumas and connecting deeper bonding through the healing experience. Be vulnerable and honest and you will experience only beauty. The more mature you both can be in this process the better.

Doing energy work together as well is advised and encouraged as it will clear the energy a lot faster and keep you stable and connected through the transitions. You are returning to your true self free of patterns and programs so be compassionate toward yourself and each other. It may take some time to clear but love heals all wounds if you surrender to love and the union.

Most twin flames don't make it to union still due to overwhelming challenges and lack of experience in healing themselves. There is however a very good chance to make it through the process and merge as one if you have any former training and experience with healing, mindfulness, spiritual tools and practices of any kind. If you have met your twin flame just recently and you wish to have what it takes to make it through the process I highly recommend to study energy healing and alchemy. It will make you more adept to navigate the challenges you are facing. Meridian Energetics is the most useful modality I have found so far on this path.

Twin Flame Sexuality is different than soul mate sexuality. It serves a higher purpose, when twin flames experience sexuality they pour vast amounts of light onto the global grid. The light they generate from their fully activated 12 chakras and unified field and merging light bodies span out for miles and heal flora, fauna and people for many miles radius. Also serving to boost and accelerate the spiritual evolution of mankind.

Another aspect of the twin flame sexuality in the beginning is how it purifies and heals the two in union, so anything that is not yet healed within them will be brought to the surface for transmutation so it can be fully healed and they can serve as the light transmitters they are intended to by divine design blueprint.

Being a twin flame or ascension partners is a tremendous responsibility as well as a divine gift.

The healthier the two in union are and the more balanced their hormones and endocrine system is the more light they will be able to generate and the greater effect their union will have on the surrounding nature and wildlife and population. In other words spiritual accountability is of utmost importance and to understand the implications of their mission and purpose as a unit.

Their union is a service to source and so source will serve the union. The more the two serve themselves and love themselves and care for themselves and one another, the more they will be able to manifest and Co create with source. As above so below, as within so without and as soul so the Universe. Meaning anything they create has to start from within and it all starts with good health.

The two have to be in full awareness of themselves and what their individual and joint purpose is. They have to work together to achieve their full potential and retrieve all their light in order to serve as best they can. Twin flame sexuality like the twin flame connection is Multidimensional and shape shifting into other aspects of self can happen. They are vibrational beings who will change appearance according to mood and changes in time lines and more. Don't be too attached to form, tune more into the energy.

- Ulf Haukenes

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