Twin Flames Bringing Harmony To Gaia

Co-Creating a harmonious sacred union demands your highest awareness, your utmost presence and accountability.

It is a completely different awareness and consciousness than creating a relationship. Coming into a harmonious sacred union you have to first come through a successful hieros gamos, the divine marriage within of the masculine and feminine energies and principles. The merging of the two hemispheres in the brain creating a fully balanced, self realized individual. And when you have completed this process within, you will be able to come together with a divine partner to create a sacred union.

Becoming a lucid co-creator we learn the importance of the use of our mind and imaginative faculties. We learn how to become fully accountable for our creations and how we co-create our lives from our imagination and how we view our sacred partner has tremendous affect on how we create our sacred union.

We have to see our partner in the highest light, in their highest version of themselves to see them become their highest version of themselves. Otherwise we will produce very unfavorable outcomes.

We often come together in partnerships with our wounds, fears and patterns from previous dysfunctional relationships perpetuating and co-creating from these very same traits.

We project these experiences, wounds and expectations on to our current partner and recreate and relive the same dynamics and experiences as a result of our lack of awareness. As we come into higher awareness we start to recognize our accountability for co-creating the same experiences over and over and together we find solutions to stop the cycles of abuse and self sabotage within our partnership. This does however demand your highest awareness and deepest accountability for your own patterns and wounds, it also demands your greatest capacity for clear communication and non-violent communication together as a couple, all it takes is for one of you to be able to compromise and hold the ground for peace and amicable resolution to your current issues that are surfacing within you both. If you are in a sacred partnership, it is never just one of you that is the issue, it is always one energy presenting itself through the both of you, as if one of you heals, the other heals, this is why accountability and lucidity is so necessary to navigate as otherwise the ego and unconscious will only project and you will fail to recognize your own contribution to the issues at hand. Becoming accountable for our own wounded traits is the most beneficial thing to ever happen to us as we become spiritually mature enough to create harmony in all areas of our lives and especially within our family and partnership dynamics which ends the ancestral cycles of abuse.

Healing the inner child and loving each others inner child when it shows up is a love language all together. This means having the utmost compassion for each others childhood traumas, upbringing, wounds from past lovers and partners and any previous abuse the two of you may have experienced in the past.

If it is true love and not just wound bonding and attachment, this will not be hard at all, in fact a lot of the twin flame dynamics and signs I have known from the community the past decade now seems like complete toxic understanding from my current consciousness and point of view.

It shouldn't be so difficult to navigate these energies and create compromise if there is true love there at all. What the twin flame community has been excusing as twin flame dynamics is now to me nothing more than a highly narcissistic expression of extremely toxic love and attachment based wound bonding.

I see how spiritual accountability and spiritual maturity can create loving compromise and resolution to anything that surfaces within a sacred connection and it doesn't have to be acceptance of abuse or be so extremely difficult as the previous twin flame paradigm made it out to be. I think many have created these dynamics as a result of belief systems and lack of accountability resulting in lots of projections and poor co creation with the imaginative faculty due to lack of lucidity. Once we truly see what is going on we can nip it in the butt before it completely destroys us. Recognizing an energy of unconsciousness when it shows up in one or both partners and then taking a step back and lovingly communicate and refusing to participate in the unconscious behaviors can shift the energy within moments and bring you back to center. It is when both partners remain stubborn and refuse to compromise or swallow a few camels for the sake of peace we see these high energy connections meet their end and misfortune. If we can rid ourselves of pride and the need to be right and make a sacrifice for love, we keep this love that has come to change our lives and the course of human evolution. It is the new template for love and partnerships on the planet after all and those of us who are experiencing it are in fact pioneering for humanity in it's awareness and understanding of love and partnerships as a collective on an individual level within these sacred unions. It's a privilege as much as it is a challenge as we are in territory few men and women and have thread before us and so it's very little information to go by out there and not exactly a one size fits all kind of deal as we all have different dysfunctions, wounds and traits which makes our co-creations of these unions very unique to each set of divine partners.

But it's getting better and better as less and less sacred unions are failing to come together as a result of deep traumas, addictions and wounding and many are in fact healing themselves, their bloodlines and finding resolution and harmony within their unions and thus bringing real hands on wisdom, knowledge and tools to assist the ones who are coming together now to create their sacred union as the entire planet will now be experiencing this new template set by the original twin flames that brought this template of love and partnerships back to earth within their blueprint in their energy bodies and consciousness. That was part of the twin flame mission and that part of the mission is over, it is done, the template is set for all of humanity to experience the twin flame connection, this does not mean the mission is over entirely as the twin flame mission is as multi faceted as it is multidimensional to the core.

The Twin Flame Mission started the moment we entered the womb, taking on the energetics and consciousness from our respective bloodlines. We could only heal what we took on after all and so we incarnated into the heaviest ancestral lineages with the most dysfunctions and challenges available to us so we could heal humanity as deeply as possible one bloodline at a time. We heal the collective of humanity by healing ourselves. We cannot heal or awaken anyone else, we can only heal and awaken all of ourselves and then serve as spiritually mature beacons of light for the others and that is how we will heal the world, not by force, but by grace and loving guidance back to the light by holding down the light for others to see that it is possible, to inspire and lead the way by being, not by force, but our presence and soul essence.

The twin flame mission is about standing in our divine blueprint, being our true selves, free of toxicity and ancestral wounding, it's about true spiritual autonomy and freedom to be all we were meant to be by divine design. It may be hard work to get there, free of everything of the past, but to be ourselves should become effortless once we have excavated the true self. It should not take effort or be construed or fabricated in any way, then it is not the true self and definitely not blueprint. Something still needs healing if that is the case as standing in our divine blueprint once in deep healing and balanced to the core, should feel natural, it should flow with ease and feel free, it is the ultimate level of freedom to be able to be who you truly are, unafraid, unaltered.

As real as you can be, as true to yourself and your own nature as you can be, only becoming more of your true self every day.

Authenticity inspires others to be their true selves as well, it holds the door open for others to enter through and dare to be all they can be. Authenticity is one of the greatest gifts we can bestow others and it's as simple as being ourselves. To create harmony in our partnerships, our lives as well as the world we need to be authentic, trying to be someone or something we are not creates disharmony within our very being bringing us out of alignment with not only ourselves, but our path in life and our divine blueprint. This is why so many people are stuck in narcissism and abusive patterns and cycles looping endlessly in unconscious behaviors as they are not loving themselves enough to dare to be who they truly are. They are pretending to be someone they are not because they have yet to come to love their own consciousness, their own essence and feel comfortable enough in their own skin. If we can help people come to this place of radical self acceptance, we will usher in a new level of consciousness on planet earth, free people of their addictions they perpetuate as a result of lack of connection to the true self. Nobody wants to be an addict, nobody wants to be disconnected from spirit and who they truly are and connection to self and spirit is the remedy to any and all addictions, habits and self sabotaging nature.

In other words, connection to the true self and spirit is what will create harmony in all aspects of our lives, living in our divine blueprint is what will create harmony within our partnerships. Having soul purpose, feeling like we belong in the great puzzle of life, knowing our place in the vast cosmos is the remedy to any and all disharmony in our lives.

We begin to truly love our lives, to love ourselves deeply and our capacity to love others increases substantially,

our compassion, our presence, our awareness and consciousness expands and as harmonious beings generating peace and comfort rather than unease and discomfort become able to create harmonious partnerships and experience love on a whole other level.

This is the greatest gift we as original twin flames are giving the world in my humble opinion, not necessarily the sacred union template as many would believe, but by being the living blueprint for alchemy, activating people's alchemy process and igniting their true selves, making them grow into authentic beings that will experience harmony within themselves and true love of self.

In a world that teaches us to hate ourselves, loving ourselves is the greatest revolutionary act, That is the most beautiful thing we as graduate beings have to offer humanity. The alchemy of true self. The return to blueprint, the return to innocence.

This is my innate talent, gift and trait in my divine blueprint, to be able to restore people to their original blueprint, this is my mission and my work. If you would like energetic assistance to become everything you were meant to be, free of dysfunctional traits, addictions, habits and the things holding you back in life, write my website and schedule a session with me. The living blueprint of alchemy is my divine blueprint and my sessions of soul alchemy, individually tailored to your specific needs will make it easier for your to create harmony in your life as a result of the alignment with your true self from within. A life in authenticity, free of disease, free of toxicity and drama awaits you. Peace, harmony and happiness is only a commitment away, commit to work with me and do the work that is needed and your divine blueprint, your soul purpose and destiny will be revealed little by little as we remove the layers of all that is not true to your true self. It will not happen over night, it is a process and commitment and will take all your best efforts and honesty first and foremost with yourself. If you aren't ready to be honest with yourself about where you are lacking, where you need to commit deeper, if you aren't willing to be accountable you will not see much results.

But if you are willing to be accountable and do what needs be done and make the changes necessary, you will see the life you wish to live, open up and blossom, like petals on a flower and like the Lotus you will blossom from the mud of unconsciousness into full on lucidity and experience the magic of life as it was meant to.

I welcome you to step into your divine blueprint with me.

Blessings, Ulf Haukenes of White Wolf Alchemy

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