Are You In Control Of Your Mind?

We live in a holographic reality created by our thoughts, imagination, belief systems and ideas, this literally means that we will not only see what we believe to be true, but what we imagine to be real based on our perception of reality from indoctrination.

Our perception of reality is formed through upbringing, culture, ideology, religion etc. as soon as we learn definitions from language given to us from our parents and education.

We start forming our understanding of the world and society based on what we are told and shown. Few question their reality and even fewer challenge their belief systems and perception throughout life, phrases like "that is just how it is" shows a sign of a mind that has given up their freedom to truly think for themselves and they accept the status quo as the end all be all.

Just because it is socially accepted or everyone is doing it does not make it either okay, or normal, we only need to go as far back as Worldwar II to in order to see how indoctrination of ideology and beliefs can shape a collective of humans into not only doing horrific things to their fellow man, but how these belief systems are actual traps for the mind. We are currently living in another one of these mind traps as we are seeing George Orwells famous book 1984 truly have come to life as reality has become stranger than fiction.

The popular movie The Matrix is truly a documentary, we are being fed an illusion known as popular culture, politics and religion which are used as distractions from the truth, the true self and our soul's purpose in life, leading us away from that which truly matters, what makes your heart happy?

What fills you with peace? With joy? With love?

Our soul's blueprint is constantly being hidden beneath endless layers of indoctrination, traumas, ancestral wounds, addictions, distractions and cultural programming. Every day we are bombarded with not only information in the form of TV, Radio, Music Industry, Literature, Fashion, Billboards and Commercials, but we are also being beamed constantly with Radio frequencies, Wi-Fi signals, Bio-chemical weapons of DNA destruction and genetic mutations forming within our bodies as a result of these energies. We are at WAR, for our minds, our bodies and our souls and we are either fighting this war to win it, or losing a fading battle into decay and death with our lifestyles, lack of lucidity and lack of awareness of the war being waged on us. It is everywhere.

In our air, in our water, in our food, in our culture and the attack on our mind, body and spirit is constant and from every direction.

If you think the use of psychedelics is setting your mind free, you evidently have not heard of MK-ULTRA. The CIA released LSD to the hippies during the late 1960's to make them more easily controlled and subdued and as long as we operate within the framework of the human firmament and subscribe to popular culture, we are never truly free, but products of society.

“To control your life, control your mind. To control your mind, control your breath.” ― Stephen Richards

"In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act" is a powerful quote that says it all, the alchemy of the true self is the only thing that can truly set us free. To love ourselves so deeply and to become ourselves so fearlessly and so free of programming, that our authenticity shines a light for others to dare to be themselves as well. Those who follow the crowd can only go as far as the crowd it is said and this is so true.

If you ever wish to experience unique experiences in life, if you ever wish to experience what is in alignment with your soul, you will have to learn to love to be alone, learn to love to walk on paths less traversed and enjoy the mystery of becoming. True growth happens on the outskirts of your comfort zone and it is here we discover our soul's purpose and find our true individuality.

Your unique talents, gifts and traits are hiding under the layers of programming, conditioning and belief systems you took on and once we are free of these, we find our divine blueprint.

Our divine blueprint holds the keys to living an abundant life, in true spirituality, in freedom, in flow with the natural currents of life and the cosmos itself. But it will take some work to get there.

Nothing is truly real down here under the dome of human consciousness, it is all a construct, a fabrication, an illusion.

It is a holographic reality created by our beliefs and nobody truly lives within the same reality as we all experience reality from our own minds, no two people truly view the world the same. There is always a slight variation, due to our unique soul energy and our human conditioning. We are truly like snow flakes, similar, but never truly the same. Always with variations.

Our thoughts are not our own until we come to a certain realization, which is as follows, all definitions, labels and understanding of the world and the cosmos we possess are truly human and not universal. In whichever way we define our reality down here, is truly limited to earth and the collective consciousness of humanity. Our sciences and understanding is human and on an alien planet, in another galaxy the zodiac will be different, nobody will be a pisces or gemini, the number 2 won't be drawn like that, the letter A will not exist, the words and meanings we have assigned to our earthly experience is just that, earthly. Our popular culture is a cancer of the mind, heart and soul with its celebrities and distractions from the soul self, its relentless drug culture and addiction programming from tired and toxic celebrities, the constant bombardment of fear porn through news, the war machine and financial worries. We are paying to live on a planet we were born on, where is the logic in that? There is enough for everyone to thrive and enjoy life, but this fictive system we have constructed to create some kind of order, keeps us from the divine blueprint of Gaia and we are all stuck living within this matrix, this illusion, until we set ourselves free. Many think they are free, but they are truly not, until they realize the extent of the content which I have shared in this article. To look past the firmament and back on earth with cosmic eyes is the only way you will ever truly be free and then most of the human popular culture and its stimulation will bore you.

Even alcohol, drugs and stimulants will be increasingly boring

as you find fulfillment from embodying the cosmic mind.

A common person's interests, hobbies and consciousness tells me a lot about how far they have come in their spiritual evolution, if they have reached cosmic consciousness or not is revealed in what they speak about, what definitions, labels and belief systems they subscribe to, especially popular culture, religion and dogmas reveal to me the nature of their perception of reality and if they are truly free human beings. It is not judgement, it simply is what it is and it is observed and discerned.

To me, this is actually becoming more and more of a fun game that I play daily, in every interaction I have with other people, what seeds can I plant in someone's consciousness to catalyze their spiritual evolution so that they may become free beings.

And I have come to find it is not as much about the third eye and seeing the truth, as it is opening their heart to feeling the truth.

An opened third eye without an open heart to back it up, is useless. Many reach this level of awakening and turn to evil.

To selfish gain. To service to self and to arrogance and self importance. The path of heart is the path that has us become accountable and righteous beings, in humble service to the all, away from delusions of grandeur which we see is prevalent in the spiritual community. So many are in some kind of narcissistic spiritual game they love to portray themselves as the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene, Cleopatra, a Pharaoh or even Jesus himself. If I had a dollar for every woman in the spiritual community claiming to be Mary Magdalene I would be rich.

There are many fall pits within spiritual awakening, I remember myself to believe I was both the devil and Jesus, or Krishna in my kundalini crisis and then I realized that all the Gods of our time are truly archetypes that anyone can embody, it is energy and not personified. But it is hard to distinguish one from the other when our mental states are highly imbalanced from drugs, stimulants, medications and being malnourished from a life of western lifestyles. We need to come to a clean and balanced state before we start questioning the BIG questions so we can embody the greater beingness, the BIG answers and hold down the divine light in full cosmic consciousness. It demands a lot from our vessels.

I am here as a simple messenger to tell you, that everything you believe in is bullshit, like Lennon said, "Nothing is real, Nothing to get hung about, Strawberry fields forever". It truly isn't real, as once we change our belief systems, our realities changes to match those beliefs, someone who believes in religion will have religious experiences, someone who believes in Djeds, Djinns, Angels and Demons will experience that, someone who believes in spaceships will experience that, Someone who believes the world is flat will find proof of that and someone who believes they are channeling some kind of King or entity will experience that, will someone who does not believe in any of it, simply won't experience it at all.

This is the beauty of belief, this is the beauty of the mind and once we truly understand this, once we truly start applying this wisdom to our holographic experience of life, we are FREE.

Free to create beyond the parameters of human constructs, of pre-conceived notions, ideas and beliefs, we become spiritual autonomous and spiritually adept to such an extent we can truly create a new world, a new reality all together. This excites me on such a profound level as I am seeing how it now is affecting my life to be holding down the light of true cosmic consciousness.

I am starting to see the ripple effects of my creations to such an extent I have realized the power we all hold as humans. As leaders of the new world, here to lead with heart and authenticity from our divine blueprints. Here to truly make a change for the better.

And it is simple, it starts with first and foremost truly and deeply loving our own life, loving our talents, gifts and traits and truly loving ourselves deeply enough to dare to be all we are and all we were meant to be. In alignment with the divine plan. In alignment with the divine blueprint of Gaia. We are the medicine. We are the healing of nations, the healing of our toxic cultures, we are the healing of our planet, setting it free from destruction and decay and bringing it back into abundance and harmony. And it begins with us, it begins at home, it begins in our very own minds.

If you would like help to retrieve your divine blueprint from under the layers of human distortions in your energy body, write me,

I would love to be of service to you so you can serve the world.

- Ulf Haukenes

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2020,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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