Know Thyself


how about we start small …


As we evolve we are faced with adversities which seem in some moments insurmountable and impossible to overcome. Cognitive dissonance arises and we may find ourselves in a state of unrest both internally and externally as we are called to grow and examine our life and our relationships to both ourselves and other: while all the while function to maintain status quo. Often during these times of great transformation we may go through periods of loneliness, anxiety, depression and a disconnect to the people and places around us. We experience an internal disconnect to the self which for many is too complex and difficult to truly understand.

So why is it we face such adversities?


I think…

Without such hardships one would never question this great statement “know thyself” in fact it is our luxuries and comfortable lives that take us away from such a truth. Who wants to be uncomfortable? Who will admit they were unhappy at their job and risk financial hardships to challenge such a truth to do something they love? How many people stay in loveless marriages with empty hearts because there is some false sense of security? How many people would rather play safe than risk failure? How many addicts would prefer to suffer the lows and highs of their drug rather than face the core root of their pain?

What is the causality to our afflictions in life and why do most prefer to stay veiled than face the hard facts…


You cannot win a war with your enemies until you recognize the true battle... Your “self”.

We have been offered a gift time and time again reflected as an outward war. Perhaps it’s time to face the true conflict. Our dissonance comes from avoiding the initial hurts and traumas of our past. Our hundred battles are our shadows in life reflected back at us in the form of conflict, of difficulty, of loss. The irony is, all act as opportunities to discover that the only thing we really need to face is ourselves. And then the even harder truth.


"Gnothi Seauton" or Know Thy Self is written on the halls of Delphi, an ancient Greek aphorism which is perpetuated to people in crisis yet what does it mean?

See through the veil of your carefully placed comforts and the people and places of which you have surrounded yourself with and ask yourself…

Is this serving me?

Am I being honest with how I feel in such dynamics?

Am I truly happy here or is it the convenience of comfort disguised as the unmasked part of my psyche that I would rather avoid?

Am I a victim? Or am I simply lacking self responsibility?

We are all born with an innate aptitude of potential and certainly great mountains to climb that would serve to draw out such greatness, but if we don’t recognize the outward enemy as our friend, the long unworn journey as our path home, the pain as the gift back to self we may never truly live in alignment with the unique gifts we were born with: our dreams unrealized.

We may never truly “know ourselves” There is no victor in a false self. No winner in a staged battle. No growth in comfort.

Seek not your external world for validation or purpose. You will always fall short. The "war" waged upon you will always end in defeat because, your not listening to the true calling of your own heart. The validation you seek in others will only stand to maintain an ensured defeat as we live in a society that demands approval. What better than to be the slave of others projections.

Or even worse... our own. Based on a false sense of self, a desire masked by a deep wound.

If we wage war within and seek to destroy our true enemy:

The causality that keeps us bound to unhealthy dynamics and a less than lived human experience. We are one step closer to our victory and we will supersede our old limitations and,

be better adept to handle any adversity that seeks to invite us a little further into our potential.

Your hardships are your saving graces if you choose to see the true villain in your fairy tale. Its easy to pass blame around like hot potato and condemn other rather than take responsibility for our own provocations that create conflict.

Let go off SELF denial and seek to become your own super hero, your own savior. Save yourself from the chains of people pleasing, comforts of luxury, back up plans, back doors, dependency, martyrdom and a well lived ordinary life.

DARE to be extraordinary, to live your dreams and discover you OWN inner draw


May your hundred battles be your hundred BLESSINGS.

May all darkness reveal your greatest LIGHT.

And may you find the self that is hidden behind the veil of adversity..


- Mary Celestine

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2020,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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