Sexuality and Immortality

When Orgasm no longer is the main goal of your intimacy, But the deep connectedness experienced from slowing down until you're hardly moving, as if time stops and only the two of you exist in the whole galaxy. The two of you sharing a soul piercing gaze, your breaths and edging at the peak of orgasm over and over until you come as one, then you will experience the magic of sacred sexuality or what is called tantra. When the moment means more than the end means you will dive deeper into presence, awareness and rise in consciousness, this is when sex and intimacy becomes divine and it will not be limited to intercourse, but permeate your entire existence, your whole day and exalt your partnership and experience of love, of life and the divine.

Porn has destroyed our sexuality from a very young age as most of us had access to an adults porn stash somehow. We became performance minded, we became goal oriented, distorted and downright toxic in our sexuality. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the occasional kink, lingerie and toys as much as the next guy, but it's not nearly as satisfying with a quicky as it is with a long session of deeply connected, healing transformational love making session of sexual kung fu.

It leaves you rejuvenated, glands percolating with hormones, radiating skin and glowing eyes from an act of deep jing chi regeneration. If we become tired after sex, we are not experiencing sex to it's fullest potential, especially as men. With sexual kung fu, edging and cresting and exchanges of energy and secretions back and forth from the g-spot and the tip of the penis, a man can even ejaculate and still experience rejuvenation from my experience. Sex has become alchemy.

The body is a laboratory and if we understand the endocrine system properly and it's functions and learn how to regulate hormones and balance the body and activate our glands and work in unison with this amazing laboratory we inhabit as a vessel we can create and experience great alchemy. Sexuality is a deep part of this alchemy and the key to immortality and rejuvenation and cellular regeneration and this is why Hollywood, the music industry and popular culture seeks to distort our understanding, appreciation and use of our sexual energy and consciousness. Sexual energy is source creative energy and can be used not only to create a life, but to create our lives and manifest reality.

Two lucid co-creators with a masculine and feminine charge in polarity who places source creator at the center of their union is working with creation energy and in alignment with source creator and can manifest and co-create their reality with source creator.

This is why they experience a heart seed activation and kundalini awakening to activate them and prepare them for the power they will hold together.

If their hearts, minds and feelings are not thoroughly purified they could manifest hell on earth with their fear.

They are divinely ordained to create heaven on earth and so a great responsibility rests on their shoulders to create alchemy within themselves enough to be able to anchor heaven,

To be the bridge between heaven and earth and they create heaven in their union with their love and it radiates into the world and affects the weather, the flora, the fauna and people for miles and miles, especially when they live in different parts of the world as everything between the two points is affected by their activations and energy.

If we only knew how large we are and how big our energy is and how far the radiance of our hearts could reach we'd not feel so small as humans.

This is the basis of galactic activated humans experiencing the 15 chakras that make up a galactivated human anchored in the earth heart star chakra linked up to the soul star chakra experiencing full cosmic consciousness. But hardly anyone speaks of that in the twin flame community, as few seem to realize the true nature of true twin flames.

The author Mantak Chias work has revolutionized my life and not only made me a better lover, but a better man. And even more so has truly, deeply loving a woman and being deeply loved in return. Intimacy begins with authenticity and feeling safe enough to be who we truly are, to be present, fully and deeply engaged. We live in a day and age where we need to make tantra simple, where we need to understand the alchemy of sex and its powerful magic.

We live in a time where sex is being used as a weapon against us from an early age to distort us, We need to understand this weapon and how to not be affected by it in the way culture uses it against us. We need to connect science, spirituality and sexuality. And we need to do it now.

- Ulf Haukenes

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2020,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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