Divine Feminine Embodiment

Divine Feminine embodiment is truly angelic energy. More than her beauty, her curves and physical presence. It's her embodied Christ consciousness and pure heart that makes her a divine feminine. Goddess energy is about presence, awareness and consciousness. Her heart presence truly makes her an earth angel.

The Divine Feminine finds no pleasure in the trivial and toxic interactions of the wounded feminine such as gossip, slander, drama and what celebrity is hooking up with who and other low vibrational uses of her expanding and illuminating consciousness.

She seeks to uplift and include those in her surroundings as long as it is possible. If she can improve your life as a friend and help you become a better person, she will show up from heart. Her thoughts and intentions truly make her angelic. If you have such an angel or more in your life, appreciate them, support them.

It's not easy being so sweet and gentle in a world that seeks to take advantage of the good and pure. It takes courage to choose the path of heart in a world that lacks heart. But make no mistake in no way is she weak or fragile, she also holds the feminine force of Kali, Lilith and the dark feminine in which she has learned to control and balance.

She has all this power to destroy anyone who seeks to destroy her and yet she chooses the path of heart, still she chooses compassion. I was fortunate enough to be raised by such a woman and I can truly say my mother was my first meeting with an angel, when my sister was born I was blessed to nurture and be the protector of an angel.

These girls are pure sunshine and smiles and all heart and too good for this world and will be challenged and abused throughout life and it's the divine masculines role to be protectors and raise these women up to feel safe and secure to be all they can be. Whether we are their lovers, sons, fathers or brothers, it is our role to stand in their light and support them in making the world a more loving place. In other words the true return of the matriarchy includes the masculine and demands the masculine to be warriors and not feminized spineless men. Are you ready to serve an earth angel?

There's nothing as beautiful to me as a pure heart.

A heart that genuinely wishes to make other people's day better, with a smile, a kind word, a generous action, offering healing for the hurt, inspiration for the downtrodden, seeking to support, uplift and heal the people on their path.

The eyes reveal the soul and the energy reveals their heart. A good heart doesn't carry lower vibrations. It takes a lot of soul work to shed the low vibrations and allow the heart to open and remain open through heart based living. It's the world of the sensitive, innocent ancient child, another vibrational dimension all together.

It's not easy being an innocent soul on this planet and to choose innocence daily in a corrupted world takes tremendous courage. It leaves me in awe when I witness these beings not allow the world to make them bitter, but better. Embodying the sacred heart after their sacred heart opening activations, they radiate a certain energy that can clearly be felt.

Golden, Emerald and Pink light emenating from their heart center they heal the world around them with their energy and loving presence. Children and animals love them and people wish to be around them, but it's not always as nice for them to be around people as they take on the lower energies of wounded egos and people not caring for their energy.

The most important thing a heart centered being can do is learn to clear their energy and know their limits for interacting with 3D people so they don't get depleted and weigh themselves down or even get sick as a result of other people's lack of energetic accountability. When you have been social, always do energy work on yourself to peel of the layers taken on from interaction.

Keep your heart open, but protect it. We live in a world where people eat spirit energy as they are under possession of cultural programming and don't know how to feed their own light. So be mindful of your energy and how much you can afford to give away and be sure to replenish yourself as unlike most people we don't feed off others light, we only feed our own light.

The Divine Feminine is a Warrior of Love. Truth is her sword that cuts through all the lies and deception of this world and she pours love and truth into every cut and wound as she nurses the weak, the hurting and wounded back to life. Her intuition is her arrow and her lucid heart mind presence is her bow and she always hits the bullseye with heart and mind aligned.

Her intuition and feelings are also her compass as she receives a constant direct communication with Source intelligence through her mystical experiences and her path unfolds in alignment with the divine plan, assigned her in her divine blueprint that she has excavated through the peeling of all that she is not to become who she was meant to be by divine design.

She knows love will find a way and that her path will be shown to her every walk of the way and that the path is revealed through each step and sign she receives from the divine along the way in her daily life. Nothing is mundane and boring to Her, everything reveals itself to her as her perception is crystal clear and her intellect is pure as is her heart.

She does no harm, but she takes no shit. She walks her talk and holds herself in highest accountability for how she cocreates what happens in her holographic experience of life as she weaves her dreams into reality. She may at times seem irrational to the untrained eye and closed heart, but be sure she knows exactly what she is doing as she forges her path from heart.

As a Divine Masculine I have only one prayer, may she continue to walk in the grace of source and receive clear communication from spirit at all times through every challenge as she walks fearless full of light through the valley of darkness. May she feel the love of the divine and her sacred partner at all times as they walk in union together with Source in the center and let source be their compass as their divine union blueprint unfolds. All the Divine Masculine can do for her is to be her peace and place of healing love, truth and support. Because she is at war as much as the Divine Masculine if not even more and it is our assignment to be her sanctuary as she is ours.

Walk in truth and love.

- Ulf Haukenes

Thank you to My Earth Angel and Inspiration for this post,

Mary Celestine, for all you are and all you bring to my life,

My heart, My Soul, The Love Of My Life.

Ulf Haukenes - White Wolf Alchemy © 2020,all rights to this material to the authors,no copy, paste or reproduction allowed, only to be shared in it's entirety.​

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