Twin Flames - How We Manifest Union

In this article we will dive deep into how we co-create our sacred unions with our energy, belief systems and not to say the least, our imaginative faculty.

As we come out of the higher dimensional exalted state of consciousness and divine love activation and into the power struggle of opposing egos and trauma, working to integrate the dissolving ego, anchoring the higher dimensional energies and striving to find balance, it becomes an unconscious playground, for the human parasite, the ego, our ancestral patterns and programs and the toxicity of the popular culture matrix.

We start seeing the other as the problem to why things are not working out, we start pointing the finger and blaming one another for our lack and in this place of focusing on what is wrong, not working and what is lacking in the other, in ourselves and our union, we get tunnel-vision, failing to see the bigger picture of what is going on. It helps to know what may actually be going on and so we will point that out in this article and also give some real tools as to how we can shift this dynamic as we are all learning by doing, what works for us and not.

One of the hardest things we face is our inherited narcissistic traits from growing up on the planet of orphans where nobody really had a parent, but parents with a deeply wounded inner child with an aching emotional body and severe lack of spiritual maturity and accountability, this was the condition for all volunteer souls coming into earth,

we did not actually have parents, but children in grown up bodies and we in turn, became children in grown up bodies,

throwing tantrums like a baby not getting their way,

hoping to find the loving parents we do deeply missed in our partners, failing to be our own divine mother and father,

failing to heal and raise our own wounded inner child and failing to stop abandoning ourselves in our own time of need.

Giving into our own fears, rejecting our own selves and our partners in the process, abandoning our true selves, our path of heart and succumbing to the negativity that challenges our incarnation, our enlightenment and our divine blueprint.

What stands in our way, eventually ends up being nothing, but ourselves, blocking our own path to enlightenment by envisioning the worst case scenarios and thus creating just that. This is the reason for almost every sacred union failing to come to full fruition. We allow the third dimensional challenges to create so much smoke and mirrors, we are no longer able to see the fifth dimensional reality making it's way through us and to us.

The baggage of our ancestral bloodlines is so heavy and difficult to unload and sort through and clear, many seek back to an easier previous partnership due to the sense of comfort as we know the patterns and outcomes quite well as opposed to the sacred union, which few have yet had to experience on this planet at this time,

we revert to old familiar bad habits, addictions and try to escape what has been shown and made itself to be known through the lucidity first experienced in the initial stages of the union.

All that light experienced in the fifth dimensional vibrations of the initiations of the sacred union lights up all the darkness that was hidden in our unconscious and it is no longer possible to hide from what needs healing and each others presence accentuates and amplifies the imbalances and our awareness of them.

It is something that feels so painful and is so hard to make sense of and find lucidity beyond clarity, that many try to escape it by any means necessary and available to them, but no matter how hard we try to run from ourselves, as the sacred partner is also ourselves, what is there, eventually catches up with us and has to be transmuted into light. This is not a relationship, this is alchemy and certainly not for the faint of heart. You must both really have to want this and have a rich toolbox to deal with yourselves and reality and the more tools you have the easier you can make it on one another and yourselves.

So let's take a look at the dynamics in which we co-create our union once we lose sight of our sacred partners true self and the illusions of the ancestral clearings take over and only show us the toxicity of the bloodlines and we fail to see how we ourselves are contributing to manifesting the worst case scenario by how we see things, as we see things not as they are, but as we ourselves are.

And when we are fearful or unconscious,

we produce fearful and unconscious unions.

We have to hold the vision of our sacred partners true self in the midst of smoke and mirrors or we will see what we believe them to be. Let's say if we see our partners as lacking or toxic, we will co-create more of their perceived lack and toxicity, rather than assisting them in becoming their true self,

which is what these sacred connections are all about,

returning to our blueprint. We also have to remember that what we often see in them that annoys us, is something that is within us as well, which is why it triggers us exponentially.

What we expect to see, for good or bad, will eventually find us.

We have to stop expecting our partners to be anything, even positive, as expectations most always lead to misery.

We must allow what is to simply be and trust that they, like us, know how to bring their true self to the table. It is one great balancing act, between union and mission,

between self and the other, between third dimensional reality and the fifth dimensional anchoring, with source creative energy at the center of it all amplifying every experience both good and bad.

Everything becomes heightened due to the immense energy.

A sacred union flourishes by creativity and connection and utilizing our soul purpose, feeling fulfilled by putting our imprint on the world, that is not to deny,

But it's so vast, with so many challenges and things to clear, on so many levels of our existence, it is easy to lose the sight of what is truth and what is illusion. We have to be willing to drop our pride and ego, to lose our expectations and belief systems, our identity, our ideas of love and how it all should be,

in order to allow what wants to make it's way to us come in.

Otherwise we will be holding the door shut, while a brave new world wants to come in and make itself known to us, is kept out.

As the triggers show up we end up projecting our traumas outwards onto our partners, rather than becoming accountable for our own traumas and shortcomings. It becomes an endless vicious cycle of "he said, she said" and a hamster wheel of perpetuation of pain and loss of lucidity losing more and more touch with one another and reality and in the midst of it all,

co-creating more and more of that which we do not prefer,

by keeping our focus on only that which we do not prefer.

It is all so simple, logical and rooted in common sense, but with our wounding and glasses of fear and pain, lose all common sense, what is simple, becomes hard, what could be loving and expansive, becomes resentful and contractive.

What used to feel like a beautiful connection, ends up feeling more and more like a prison and something unwanted, not realizing what is thought, felt and spoken, is believed, created and experienced.

If we wish to shift the experience at any time, we need to shift our perception and how we view the other.

How we see our partner actually shapes how they will appear to us, no matter how hard they may be fighting to step into their true self, no matter how much they fight to find balance, if we keep seeing them as lacking, immature and unable to balance,

they will keep showing up as that to us and vice versa,

as if we see our partner as that, we most often are as well.

Even when the mirror is dirty and there is smoke, the sacred partner is still a perfect reflection to us of how we need to do work ourselves, so bring it back to self and do the work you need to do in order to shift the energy between you both.

Keep holding the vision together of how you both want to be,

not how you want the other to be, let go of expectation and allow the other to become who they are meant to be. This is the ultimate surrender and beyond unconditional love, this is divine love.

Full allowance of the other to be, feel and grow as they need to for themselves and ultimately the union. You both want the union from a soul level or you would not be experiencing it. So trust and root yourselves in trust, on your own first and then come together. We recommend doing eye gazing, exchanging breaths and meditating back to back as it will strengthen your unified field and assist in building the joined merkabah.

Making love also builds the joined merkabah and will increase the connection and the light anchored, with the strengthening of the shared unified field and merkabah you will experience increased psychic abilities and connection between you both. We encourage to try the exercise below and if anything comes to the surface be gentle and compassionate with one another and create a safe space to share whatever comes up and hold space in loving presence with one another. This one is POWERFUL!!!

I would love to finish of this article with a lucid perception of how everything that is happening within your sacred union is actually going to benefit you, as everything is truly rigged in your favor when it comes to your soul evolution as you will come to grow and evolve and mature from everything that is happening within yourself and within the union. This is soul evolution and a process of soul growth and alchemy and all that feels heavy and dark will eventually be transmuted and become light and wisdom.

Consciousness expands and we come to find our spiritual gold through the process and enter more and more into our divine blueprint becoming what we were meant to be as a soul incarnate into a human body. We find more and more our talents, gifts and traits exalt themselves in this connection, even if we try to deny them, or run away from them, they will return to us and find us,

more and more with each passing day. It may not be what we planned for ourselves or what we initially wished to do with our lives, but be more inclined towards service to humanity, this is very common as we find people are drawn to us, seeking peace, comfort and guidance through their spiritual awakening.

As we find ourselves as spiritual beacons of light and being able to offer people tools, guidance and resolve in times of darkness and need, we find more and more purpose for being and we discover that all our traumas, and perceived darkness in life, eventually will not only serve us, but come to serve others, our spiritual lead have now been transmuted into gold and our own spiritual awakening and process of alchemy is now a success.

Be sure to commend yourself for the great work you have done and celebrate your own progress and your sacred partners progress and your progress as one. So often we lose focus and touch with all the beauty and good things we have created and all the work that has been done to anchor this energy. Create space for that to be felt and shown appreciation.

Be grateful for one another and this gift from Source creator.

A good exercise is to write down what you are grateful for with yourself, your partner and your union to remind yourselves of all the good things you both have to offer one another, the union and the world. You are here to be of great use and service to the world and you are very much needed at this pivotal time in human evolution and all you need to do is to be yourself. Step into your divine blueprint and all else will follow.

Abundance will be yours for the taking as source will support you infinitely with all that is and ALL your dreams can come true if you choose to be all you can be. Divine blueprint is alignment and everything you came here for, will be yours, birthed through you and the sacred union, together, YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!!!

It's all up to you...

Article photo: Veronica Pin-Up

Model: Celestine (Mary Grey)

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