Are you ready to serve an earth angel?

Divine Feminine embodiment is truly angelic energy. More than her beauty, her curves and physical presence. It's her embodied Christ consciousness and pure heart that makes her a divine feminine. Goddess energy is about presence, awareness and consciousness. Her heart presence truly makes her an earth angel.

The Divine Feminine finds no pleasure in the trivial and toxic interactions of the wounded feminine such as gossip, slander, drama and what celebrity is hooking up with who and other low vibrational uses of her expanding and illuminating consciousness.

She seeks to uplift and include those in her surroundings as long as it is possible. If she can improve your life as a friend and help you become a better person, she will show up from heart. Her thoughts and intentions truly make her angelic. If you have such an angel or more in your life, appreciate them, support them.

It's not easy being so sweet and gentle in a world that seeks to take advantage of the good and pure. It takes courage to choose the path of heart in a world that lacks heart. But make no mistake in no way is she weak or fragile, she also holds the feminine force of Kali, Lilith and the dark feminine in which she has learned to control and balance.

She has all this power to destroy anyone who seeks to destroy her and yet she chooses the path of heart, still she chooses compassion. I was fortunate enough to be raised by such a woman and I can truly say my mother was my first meeting with an angel, when my sister was born I was blessed to nurture and be the protector of an angel.

These girls are pure sunshine and smiles and all heart and too good for this world and will be challenged and abused throughout life and it's the divine masculines role to be protectors and raise these women up to feel safe and secure to be all they can be. Whether we are their lovers, sons, fathers or brothers, it is our role to stand in their light and support them in making the world a more loving place. In other words the true return of the matriarchy includes the masculine and demands the masculine to be warriors and not feminized spineless men. Are you ready to serve an earth angel?

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